Designed with GRAITEC software, Centre Pompidou was awarded at RIBA 2012

Designed with GRAITEC software, Centre Pompidou was awarded at RIBA 2012

RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Awards have been running continuously since 1966 and are judged and presented locally. No matter the shape, size, budget or location, RIBA Award winning-schemes set the standard for great architecture all across the country. Although more than 50 buildings in the UK won the RIBA Award, only 9 in the EU have won, including Centre Pompidou, calculated with GRAITEC Advance Design.

The Centre Pompidou Metz is a museum of modern and contemporary arts designed by architects Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines and located in Metz, France. The Centre Pompidou-Metz is a branch of Pompidou arts center of Paris, and features temporary exhibitions from the large collection of the French National Museum of Modern Art, the largest European collection of 20th and 21st century arts. The museum is one of the largest temporary exhibition spaces in France with 5,000 m2 divided between 3 galleries, a circular shaped restaurant, a theatre, and an auditorium.

Designed with GRAITEC software, Centre Pompidou was awarded at RIBA 2012The Centre Pompidou-Metz is a large hexagon structured round a central spire reaching 77 meters high, with three rectangular galleries weaving through the building at different levels. The great nave covers 1,200 m² and provides flexibility for the exhibition of large artworks, with the ceiling rising progressively from a height of 5.70 to 18 meters.

The roof is a 90 meters wide hexagon with a surface area of 8,000 m². The roof structure is composed of sixteen kilometers of glued laminated timber, which intersect to form hexagonal wooden units resembling the cane-work pattern of a Chinese hat. The roof’s geometry is irregular, featuring curves and counter-curves over the entire building, and in particular the three exhibition galleries. The entire wooden structure is covered with a white fiber-glass membrane and a coating of Teflon, which has the distinction of being self-cleaning, protects from direct sunlight and also is transparent at night, thus offering viewers a spectacular and unique overview.

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How Advance Steel can help your business profitability

In 2010, an article written on stated that the ultimate aim of specialized steel detailing software is to increase a company’s bottom line profit. But in 2012 what was a concern for steel fabrication businesses, steel engineering companies and even self-employed steel detailers has now become a fact. Those who have the most competitive steel detailing software solution are the ones that are the most profitable on such a dynamic market.

In short, investing in a steel detailing software helps you save time, optimizes your resources and reduces costs with materials and labor. A good example is given by one of our customers, Nial BALL from Westbury Park Engineering which worked with ADVANCE Steel for a boat mold structure (35-40 m long steel structure for fiberglass bouts). He states: “With three days to go before ‘D Day’ our TWO men arrived on site with the pre-fabricated assemblies and in TWO days the structure was erected and we were home in time for tea with a day to spare. Thanks to ADVANCE Steel, we knew the structure would fit long before we arrived on site.”

Stairs and platforms for Arcelor Mittal Steel Plant, Galati, RomaniaOff course, not all projects can be finalized in two days using just two men, but reducing the time spent on a very complex project from maybe three months to three weeks is not that bad either. Gheorghe CEPRAGA, engineer at UZINSIDER ENGINEERING, has been working with ADVANCE Steel at his most recent project – assembly of new elements (stairs, railings and platforms) on an existing structure in the ArcelorMittal steel plant. For him,the decision was clear: I have been working with AutoCAD, especially in 3D view, for a very long time now. I think it is safe to say that it would have been very difficult for us to model the entire structure in AutoCAD. Without ADVANCE steel, the execution would have taken too long”.

Can it be that simple? Sometimes, time saving leaves room for errors. Not a problem because ADVANCE Steel drastically increases productivity and drawing quality even for the most complex and unusual projects, while reducing the risk of errors.

Bregenzer Festival Stage, Bregenz, Austria

For the Bregenz festival in Austria, Bregenzer Festspiele fascinated with a spectacular stage engineering, resulting in the biggest sea stage in the world (17m long, 15m wide and 15m high),portraying Jean Paul Marat, one of the leaders of the French Revolution. The construction of the head was connected to a steel construction which was already located at the sea stage.

Although, ultimately, the best steel detailing software is the one that addresses the business’ needs and issues, ADVANCE Steel can efficiently accelerates the design phase (either single or multi-user mode) by offering an extensive library of smart and efficient objects, automatic joints and specific tools for creating standard structures, stairs, railing and miscellaneous steelwork. For the renovation and extension of  TIGNESPACE Center, a sports complex equipped with modern multipurpose structures, Thierry Depollier, Eng, at Ets BOUCHET states: “The ability of ADVANCE Steel to work in realistic mode together with 3D navigation have greatly facilitated our work and have improved the efficiency of our weekly meetings with the other disciplines. It is worth mentioning that the fabrication of the welded beams at workshop was simplified with the high-quality drawings automatically created “.

Renovation and extension of the TIGNESPACE center

Functionality-wise Advance Steel detailing software has everything you would expect from a specialist structural steel detailing package. Ultimately, what makes ADVANCE Steel special is its accessibility to any type of company which is interested in investing in steel detailing software.

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE Design

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE DesignThe Jean BOUIN Stadium is a 20000 seater stadium, home to the Stade Français rugby team. More specifically, it hosts the Stade Français office, various sports facilities, reception halls, boxes and shops.

Main challenges of the project:

  • The control of the strain bracing is complex, with strain ground pressure in the infrastructure (5 blocks separated by expansion joints), and wind strain in the superstructure (3 blocks separated by expansion joints). The tilted north side also produces strains in the bracing system. Finally, the bracing is provided by shear walls in the basement and by shear walls and the portal frames in the superstructure bearing in mind the necessity to manage the interface between steel framework and concrete stand.
  • Stands are organized on several levels and are covered by an ultra high performance fiber concrete net (BFUHP).
  • The roofing is supported by a steel framework canopy.
  • The North stand, to a large extent, is based on an infrastructure, with 3 levels of basement (up to 10m of depth) which goes well beyond the stand area.
  • The structure is based on piles, peripheral walls in the infrastructure are “Parisian walls” (piles + thrown concrete) and the last basement is tanked.

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE Design

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE DesignAdvance Design solution:

  • The conception of a 3D finite element model makes it possible to tacklesome of the project difficulties. In addition to the “traditional” calculation method, it allows the taking into consideration of the strain of bracing in the calculations, which remains difficult to integrate by other methods, given the complexity of the project.
  • The relative stiffness between hanging frames and walls make allowances for the strain spreading of these elements.
  • Simplification of the interface steel framework/stand concrete due to a more complete modeling from the beginning of the project. The structure has been modeled with precision and speed thanks to imported dxf files. Wind loads have been analyzed in a wind tunnel study and the lists of values from the study have been imported as text files from Excel

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE Design

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE DesignFor a project as big and complex as the Jean Bouin Stadium, with interfaces between different materials and numerous loadcases, a global 3D finite element model becomes virtually essential for facingtime constraints and optimization. Advance Design places itself as an ergonomic and reliable tool from the modeling to the results post-processing step.” Mr Laurent Mahé, Civil engineer – CTE Strasbourg

Another winning performance at the Allianz Arena!

Congratulations Chelsea!

The magnificent Allianz Arena, opened in 2005, is home to both major Munich clubs, Bayern and TSV 1860. GRAITEC’ software was used in the design of the arena.

Allianz Arena Munchen

After a construction period of 951 days, the modern Allianz Arena was officially opened to the public.

This was a challenging construction, and another demonstration that GRAITEC continues to provide cutting edge software solutions that allow our customers to be efficient and competitive in the market.

Some facts on the Allianz Arena:

  • The Allianz Arena opened in 2005
  • Graitec software was used in the design
  • A total of 66,000 seats
  • A total base of 120m x 83m
  • A roof area of 38,000m²
  • A facade of 26,000m²
  • 120,000m³ of concrete
  • 22,000 tonnes of Steel

Other stadium projects completed using Graitec’s Advance Steel: 

Boat Mould Structure – Customer project

Nial Ball, Westbury Park Engineering: “This contract was something a bit unusual and was carried out for a prestigious UK based boat building company. I say boat, but I suppose technically they were ships being 35 – 40 metres long! The problem was turning a mould following manufacture in order to release the boat from the mould. Being fiberglass it isn’t such a good idea to have the mould flex and crack the finished boat deck.

The steelwork for the project was designed and built around a 3D surface model supplied by our client and converted for AutoCAD by Graitec. The strange thing about surface models is that the surface isn’t actually there, well not in a solid drawing sense, but I was able to draw a series AutoCAD construction lines from key points on the surface model using XEDGES etc. Once the construction lines were in place the remaining structure was a breeze using Advance Steel. There were no major issues and the model was completed in three days and all drawings were created within the week.”

“The client was showing some concern with less than a week before the first mould had to be turned and released that we were not on site to install the steelwork. It seems that formerly the installation took seven men and two to three weeks as the structure was fabricated on site and in situ. With three days to go before ‘D Day’ our TWO men arrived on site with the pre-fabricated assemblies and in TWO days the structure was erected and we were home in time for tea with a day to spare. Thanks to Advance Steel we knew the structure would fit long before we arrived on site, the structure could be built in manageable sub-assemblies and with bolted joints there was no need for any welding on site.”

Great feedback from one of our clients in UK

Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow is one of Scotland’s leading Structural and Civil Engineering Consultancies. The Company has 25 skilled Engineering staff working with the latest technology and within a Quality Management framework, providing a high standard of service, professionalism and flexible response to requirements. With Associates based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, the Company can call on approximately 35 technical staff to address the challenges of larger scale commissions throughout the whole of the UK.

Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow has been working with GRAITEC software for several years now and their response for the support and consulting services they received was rated: EXCELLENT.

Alistair Crawford, Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow spokesperson, declares: “GRAITEC support is the standard by which I judge other companies. Whilst many have improved over the years I still consider GRAITEC to be the level they should aspire to. Having a dedicated UK call and support centre is also a good ace to have up your sleeve.

GRAITEC offers its users a wide range of servicesto optimize productivity: complete service maintenance, phone, fax and E-mail based technical support, interactive live web support, general and custom training, special project assistanceand consulting services, CAD/design projects, custom software development and many others.

You can visit our Support  page for more information, or take a look at GRAITEC Advantage to see all the services included in our maintenance contract.

Here are some of the projects done by Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow:

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Advance Steel for StruCAD users

Advance Steel for StruCAD users

Advance Steel, the alternative solution to StruCAD

GRAITEC Products: CAD and Design Software for the Construction Industry

  • Proven track record with more than 10,000 seats worldwide: Trusted market confidence
  • Rapid adoption rate resulting in +50% growth in licenses in 2011: Tried and tested solution
  • Increased functionality / productivity: Tools for all market sectors: BIM, Structures, Off-shore, Bridges, Architectural, Sheet-metalwork,…
  • Works as a standalone application or with AutoCAD: Flexibility for users to choose platform to that suits them – no need to have AutoCAD
  • Low initial financial outlay: Best value system on the market
  • Lower on-going cost of ownership: Premium support & maintenance less than half the price of other systems
  • Easy to use and short learning curve: 5 day foundation training course; 3-days transition training from Strucad, includes full training manual
  • Quick and easy deployment: Set up company drawing borders in minutes
  • Interoperability: DSTV NC files in all versions, IFC, SDNF, CIS2, Graitec BIM, KISS, PSS, …
  • Support and Helpdesk service rated 98% excellent or good by our users: Dedicated team ready to help you by phone, email or remote assistance

Advance Steel 2012 videos

Advance Steel 2012 – Easy and efficient modelling tools
Advance Stel 2012 – Easy  and efficient modelling tools
Advance Steel is a complete 3D BIM steel detailing software providing automatic and user-friendly tools for creating the 3D model of your building in the best time.
From the creation of the portal frames to the generation of all cladding profiles, Advance Steel comes with numerous easy-to-use tools for purlins, side rails, automatic connections, stairs, railings and much more!
Advance Steel 2012 – Navigation through a 3D model
Advance Stel 2012 – Navigation through a 3D model
See how user-friendly and powerful Advance Steel 2012 is to navigate through a complex pedestrian bridge (model courtesy of PKD, Czech Republic).

Customer Projects

Advance Steel CIS/2 interface Advance Steel CIS/2 interface
Coke oven gas desulphurization done by
Hutni projekt Frydek-Mistek a.s with Advance Steel
New Valenciennes stadium done by
ETI with Advance Steel
Advance Steel CIS/2 interface Advance Steel CIS/2 interface
U2 “360° concert” stage done by
Stageco with Advance Steel
Steam cracking furnaces done by
Heurtey Petrochem with Advance Steel

The versatility of Advance Steel can help you realize projects out of the ordinary!

With Advance Steel, our users can create amazing projects.  Our American users understand this and have created incredible structures with it.  Tuckerman Steel Fabricators Inc. were able to harness the power of Advance Steel to create their latest project, something special that was launched on 11/11/2011 and captured on video.  Check it out at Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum-Launching 11 11 2011!

The project shown is a steel barge supporting a 3 story building consisting of shops, a museum, and restaurants, including ballast compartments, stair wells, elevator compartments, watertight doors, gangway support platforms and pile guides. The barge had to be pre-fabricated in panels – deck panels, bottom panels, bulkheads, side panels, and very often panels that included over 150 parts. Accordingly to Ilko Dimitrov, Project Manager at Tuckerman Steel Fabricators Inc., Advance Steel increased the productivity and the accuracy of the drawings: “The software was very helpful in detailing the panel drawings and all the interior framing and stairs as well”.

Also, the designers of the barge noticed that Advance Steel is very well designed to optimize drawing layout by eliminating empty spaces between members, and has the option to create running dimensions from left to right and vice versa, and the option to switch between absolute and relative or both types of dimensions. The scaling of objects is very easy. Placing labels, part marks, material type and basically all necessary information is very handy. Creating and updating BOM is fast and accurate.

Tuckerman Steel Fabricators, Inc. based in Boston, MA is incredibly proud of the results obtained with Advance Steel.  The week after they were trained on Advance Steel they were able to model and detail the entire barge.  They were able to meet their fabrication and shipping deadlines without any errors!

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Another success story: customer in Canada thrilled to work with Advance Steel

A recognized and expanding company in the manufacturing of steel structures and wrought metals situated in Quebec (Canada), Pro-Mec Elite Inc., has chosen GRAITEC Advance Steel 2012 as its steel detailing software.

Pro-Mec Elite Inc. was using AutoCAD and Inventor so far to do all their studies. They recently decided to move to a 3D BIM solution in order to gain productivity with their drill-line from Ficep and analyzed all software available on the market.

After an extensive review of several software packages such as TEKLA Structures, SDS/2, and StruCAD, they found that Advance Steel is much easier to use and with the advantage to be based on AutoCAD.

GRAITEC Inc. had different meetings with Pro-Mec Elite Inc to answer their expectation and demonstrate that Advance Steel is the right solution for the type of structures they are daily doing.

Therefore Pro-Mec Elite Inc. decided to purchase 2 seats of Advance Steel (with the potential to acquire 4 additional licenses as 6 detailers are working the company) and followed the training 2 weeks ago in the office of GRAITEC Inc (Montreal).

Already, after only 1 week using Advance Steel, they noticed a significant time gain in the realization of drawings and are very satisfied with the software and customer service at GRAITEC.

More information on Pro-Mec Elite Inc. website:

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Movable overland tripper detailed with Advance Steel

Clinton Dantu, the CEO of Dantu Drafting cc. (South Africa), explains why Advance Steel was the right tool to handle this complex project and for creating all detailed drawings.

Dantu Drafting cc. is a registered company formed five years ago to meet the high demand for an independent drawing office not affiliated to any particular Consulting or Engineering firm. We entered the market with many years of experience in Materials Handling, Process plants and Heap Leach layouts. We added detailing to our résumé as we found managing the drawing work from layout to fabrication gives us the edge over any of our competitors and speeds up the completion time of the job as a whole. We have been using Advance Steel for the past four years and we are really impressed with its 3D modelling capabilities and the speed with which one can complete any project.

Movable overland tripper successfully detailed with Advance Steel

The Movable overland tripper (mot) is a hydraulic driven and steered machine. We used wheel mounted Bonfiglioli 713 c3b with brake and disengagement planetary 142:1 gearboxes. The mot will be used in Zambia at Luanshya copper mine, to feed a heap leach system. The total mass of the machine is 45 tons with a total length of 38 meters and a total height of 9 meters. The mot is needed to be an all-wheel drive machine, as it runs above a 900 wide overland conveyor over uneven terrain.

Movable overland tripper successfully detailed with Advance Steel

We used Advance Steel for this project so we could do all our layout work in 3D and still easily supply the client and designers with 2D AutoCAD® drawings from which we could all sit around a table to discuss the concept. After our meetings we could update our 3D model to suit any comments and so update our 2D AutoCAD® drawings in time for the next meeting. Having the model proved to be a great tool in getting any new parties involved up to speed with the project, just by showing them the model they would get an immediate insight in to the project. Once the mot’s concept was approved and the design was complete we could continue with creating the connections and then the shop detail drawings. With a certain amount of input we could update our shop drawings to suit our fabricators requirements.

Movable overland tripper successfully detailed with Advance Steel

Using Advance Steel for this project helped us speed up the design time for the mot as we had a constantly updated model to keep all involved with the project informed of our progress and ideas. By using Advance Steel as the 3D steel detailing application, productivity gains of over 25% were realized, compared to using regular AutoCAD®.

Movable overland tripper successfully detailed with Advance Steel

Engineering office: Dantu Drafting cc (South Africa) –
Project: Heap leach project
Client: Luanshya copper mine
Location: Muliashi Copper Mine (Zambia)

Advance Steel Project: Mugam Evi Concert Hall

Here is a great example of GRAITEC’s versatile modeling BIM software ADVANCE Steel : Mugam Evi Concert Hall

Project location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Design Office: NCA Container- und Anlagebau GmbH

Project description:
The concert hall consists of 500 tons of steel. A specific feature of the project was the creation of the whole steel construction. The construction mainly consists of three-dimensional rolled pipes. Additionally each single pipe had elliptical-shaped radii on two levels. The parts of the steel construction had to be connected in an elegant way, to give the building a perfect façade. First, the steel parts were prefabricated in the workshop of NCA Container- und Anlagenbau GmbH. The Steel parts were finally welded together, to have a smooth connection between the main bars.

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The High End Steel Detailing Solution used in the construction industry in Turkey

In October 2011, ÇEKA Ltd, a market leader in steel formworks, has chosen to use GRAITEC Advance Steel. By using GRAITEC solution for modeling and detailing the steel structures since version 7.1, ÇEKA decided to speed up the time allocated to its projects with the new integrated intelligent functionalities. Thus, the engineers feature the Multi-User solution, which allows them to work simultaneously on the same project by assuring a secure data transfer between all 10 working stations. 

GRAITEC Advance Steel - The High End Detailing Solution used in the formwork construction industry by ÇEKA Ltd. in Turkey

Zerrin Kutay, Vice President of ÇEKA Ltd.: “The market demands more and more complex formworks and faster than before. Engineering design is a critical step in our production process and Advance Steel has been an integral part of our success since we first started using 5 years ago on a limited scale. We have now decided to extend the Advance Steel to all levels of engineering design and we are confident in Advance Steel’s continuing contribution to our success in capturing market growth.”

Ionel DRAGU, General Manager of GRAITEC Romania : “We are strongly confident about this cooperation with ÇEKA, which certainly will be the first step to our extension in the Turkish market. Moreover, we will be glad to share the success stories of ÇEKA, due to the use of Advance Steel.”

GRAITEC Advance Steel - The High End Detailing Solution used in the formwork construction industry by ÇEKA Ltd. in Turkey

About ÇEKA: 
In Turkey, the year 1976 in which ÇEKA has been established, the construction industry was not acquainted with the industrial formworks. In those years, limited number of companies which were in search of new technologies had worked with ÇEKA. 
Since then, ÇEKA is serving the growing demand by increasing the production capacity and introducing newer technologies in design & productions as well as complementary services like the sub-contracting, steel formwork rental services, along with offering products of the firms that ÇEKA represents. Within the range of limited firms, which use their own patent, technology and design, ÇEKA dwells on the design and production of more practical and more economical formworks. ÇEKA formworks, the result of 30 years of construction site experience, are designed within TS, DIN and ACI norms and been used by the constructors in Turkey and abroad. 
For more information, visit: 

Advance Steel Project: Steam Cracking Furnaces

HEURTEY Group is the World largest independent group with a presence in 34 countries. Heurtey is an expert in design & fabrication of Process Fired Heaters Refining, Petrochemical and Hydrogen Industries.

In September 2009, the HEURTEY Group won a major contract in the Petrochemicals sector on behalf of Total Petrochemicals. This contract covers the supply of two ethylene cracking furnaces for the Gonfreville plant in Normandy and is part of a modernization project of the steam cracker during next turnaround scheduled in September 2011. Heurtey Petrochem has used technology from Shaw Energy and Chemicals (Stone & Webster) to complete this turnkey contract, which includes on-site assembly work.

Advance Steel Heurtey Steam Cracking Furnaces Advance Steel Heurtey Steam Cracking Furnaces

Heurtey Petrochem Romania is the main detailing design office of the HEURTEY Group, fully involved in this project, with 30 engineers and technicians specialised in the mechanical design of furnaces and trained in the use of GRAITEC Advance Steel 3D design software.

The two furnaces, pipe rack and steel structures are prefabricated and manufactured by Beta-Heurtey, the Group’s Romanian fabrication workshop.
Delivery of the furnaces is planned for July 2011.

Location: Gonfreville Refinery, France
Design office: Heurtey Petrochem SRL Romania
Beneficiary: Total Petrochemicals
Technology: Shaw Stone & Webster

Advance Steel: 2 Steam Cracking Furnaces

Cluj Arena Stadium

Cluj Arena stadium aims to be one of the most modern stadiums in Romania. The project must be completed this autumn.
The construction is at the location of the old Ion Moina stadium. With a capacity of over 30.200 seats, the developers say this is more than a stadium: it is the biggest sports and leisure center in Romania, with a shopping and dining area as well.
The initial project underwent several changes: the total capacity of the arena has reached 44.000 m2 (from 22.000 m2) and the running track will have eight lanes, not six, as initially expected.

It is more than a stadium; it is the new landmark of the city, in which we managed to capture the passion, the emotions and most of all spirit of fair-play” Mr. Florin Dico

Construction company: Dico and Tiganas Office Design Cluj-Napoca
Design office:
Cluj-Napoca Technical University,
Dico and Tiganas Office Design Cluj-Napoca,
Bogart Construct Cluj-Napoca,
DAS Engineering Group

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Advance Steel Project: Industrial Plant

Location: East Coast, USA
Design office: Rouleau-Desaulniers

Project description:
Additional equipment supports access platforms for a new engineered wood factory. Total weight: ~340 tons. More than 1350 shop drawings prepared

The fact that Advance Steel is based on AutoCAD® made the 3D modeling of the mechanical equipment and ducting easy. This is necessary to avoid any interference between the mechanical equipment and the structural and miscellaneous elements.
Marc DESAULNIERS, Project Manager, Rouleau-Desaulniers

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