Another success story: customer in Canada thrilled to work with Advance Steel

A recognized and expanding company in the manufacturing of steel structures and wrought metals situated in Quebec (Canada), Pro-Mec Elite Inc., has chosen GRAITEC Advance Steel 2012 as its steel detailing software.

Pro-Mec Elite Inc. was using AutoCAD and Inventor so far to do all their studies. They recently decided to move to a 3D BIM solution in order to gain productivity with their drill-line from Ficep and analyzed all software available on the market.

After an extensive review of several software packages such as TEKLA Structures, SDS/2, and StruCAD, they found that Advance Steel is much easier to use and with the advantage to be based on AutoCAD.

GRAITEC Inc. had different meetings with Pro-Mec Elite Inc to answer their expectation and demonstrate that Advance Steel is the right solution for the type of structures they are daily doing.

Therefore Pro-Mec Elite Inc. decided to purchase 2 seats of Advance Steel (with the potential to acquire 4 additional licenses as 6 detailers are working the company) and followed the training 2 weeks ago in the office of GRAITEC Inc (Montreal).

Already, after only 1 week using Advance Steel, they noticed a significant time gain in the realization of drawings and are very satisfied with the software and customer service at GRAITEC.

More information on Pro-Mec Elite Inc. website:

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