How to create a handrail to an existing stair and anchor it to a concrete wall using the wall rail tool in Advance Steel 2018

With Advance Steel 2018, you can now create a wall rail on concrete.

The wall rail tool is located on the Extended Modeling tab, Structural Elements panel. This video will show how to accomplish this.

Simply move the UCS to the face of the concrete, position the orientation of the X and Y axis accordingly, use the view on UCS tool and turn on your 2d snaps located on the Quick views category of the Advance steel tool Palette.

Create a line where you want the wall rail to be. In this video the system line of the stringer and landing was used.

Use the wall rail tool to create and customize the rail. Tweak the railing using the options located on the General, Wall Plates, Connections and Rail Segments panels. You can then save the customized railing in the library located on the Properties panel for later use.


Free webinar: how to boost productivity and shorten project life cycles when detailing stairs & railings

Discover how Advance Steel boosts productivity and shortens project life cycles when detailing stairs & railings on our free webinar!

Register today to get an insight into how the software can be utilised for architectural metalwork detailing with a particular focus on using glazed components within the stair structure.

Discover how Advance Steel boosts productivity and shortens project life cycles when detailing stairs & railings on our free webinar!

Join our technical specialist to see how we can use the Advance Steel toolset to add a glazed staircase complete with customised sections for the stringers and glazed panels for the railing components. In this masterclass we will show the key modelling techniques involved and how to get the best from the software.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session with our technical specialist.

Webinar Host: Nial Ball
Date: 30th August 2016
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM


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Advance Steel – Stairs and Railings review by CAD Digest Magazine

Advance Steel offers an extensive library of smart objects, automatic joints and specific tools for creating not only standard structures, but also stairs, railing and miscellaneous steel work. CAD Digest, one of the most popular online sources for CAD, CAM & CAE articles and testimonials, reviews the ADVANCE Steel – Stairs and Railings feature set.

For this review, the author created two sets of stairs, one straight andone spiral, describing each step of the process – drawing, editing stairs properties, adding, removing or modifying landings or handrails – highlighting the efficiency and ease-of-use of the software: “I was impressed with how easily Advance Steel creates stairs to my specification, and the ease with which I could modify their properties, along with associated components.

With Advance Steel, it is easy to create, modify and customize all types of stairs, landingsand railings. Using the software’s advanced tools, with a few clicks defining the height, the tread width and the direction, the entire stair can be created.

Other benefits of the stairs and railing feature of Advance Steel include the large library of predefined objects and the automatic creation of all necessary documents (including NC files). “GRAITEC includes a large library of stair tread types, and I had the option to define my own types and save them as templates for future use. I recommend anyone looking for an efficient way to design and document miscellaneous steel projects to consider GRAITEC’s Advance Steel Software.

Read the full article here

Advance Steel – Sheet and plate metal work

Folded plates of various shapes are widely used in various fields of steel construction: stair ramps for buildings, pipe connection, gas ducts in petrochemical industry, etc. Usually these elements are difficult to model without 3D view, also, obtaining the workshop drawings is a time consuming task.

With Advance Steel it only takes two clicks to create an element, for example, a conical shape from two CAD entities (circle, square, etc.) or between two profiles with different diameters or different sections. All necessary documents (including NC files) are created directly from the model with a simple click. All folded elements are displayed unfolded in workshop drawings which means great cost and time saving.

Below are presented some fragments of the article, to read it full please click here.

Various shapes created in no time!

Automatic tools are available to create plates of any shape. It only takes a few clicks to create a folded element.

All shapes are accepted and can be easily created using a complete set of intuitive tools.

  • Rectangular plates (with one central point, two or three points)
  • Polygonal plates (created from a polyline)
  • Any contour can be cut to get the desired shape
  • Holes can be created

Advance Steel: Automatic tools are available to create plates of any shape

Conical and twisted plates

Advance Steel: Conical and twisted plates

Just two clicks to create a wide variety of complex irregular shapes such as:

  • A conical shape from two CAD entities (circle, square, etc.) or between two profiles with different diameters.
  • Square – to circular folded elements
  • Twisted elements from two curves or splines

Easy to modify while working in 3D

Once created, the folded plate is treated as a single element.
It can be easily modified without loosing the relations between the elements.

Cut any contour

  • Create any type of contour cuts on any of the faces or on the folded line
  • Create holes of any type: round, slotted, countersink, etc.
  • Trim or split any of the joined plates

Add weld preparations
Weld preparations are frequently required for heavy plate fabrication.
With Advance Steel, any chamfer (straight or fillet) can be added to a folded plate edge for weld preparation.

Secure modeling

At any moment it is possible to check if the created plate can be developed into one sheet of material. This insures a correct modeling – very important as Advance Steelcreates automatically the workshop drawing directly from the model.

The unfold representation can be displayed also during modeling.

Advance Steel: The unfold representation can be displayed also during modeling

Accurate drawings created automatically!

Advance Steel automatically creates workshop drawings of all folded plates! All necessary information is included:

  • The unfolded representation
  • Folding line
  • Bending direction
  • Folding angle
  • Dimensions

Bend allowance calculation

The end-user can control the bend allowance calculation when getting automatic workshop drawings with the representation of the part unfolded.

Advance Steel: Bend allowance calculationThere are different available choices:

  • By inner contours
  • By outer contours
  • By pure median line
  • By DIN
  • By table

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Architectural/Miscellaneous Steelwork Webinar

Register online to Architectural/Miscellaneous Steelwork WebinarAre you a Steel Fabricator or Steel Detailer?
Do you detail steelwork such as stairs and railings?

In our next free webinar, discover how to gain productivity and reduce errors with Advance Steel for Architectural Metalwork, from the comfort of your own desk!

Friday, July 27, 2012 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM BST

During this webinar, we will create:

– Platforms
– Stairs, railings joints etc
– 26+ drawings with 73 parts
– 20 Assy drawings 1x Ga
– Full material lists

all in just
45 minutes! How long would this normally take?

Join us for this FREE Webinar on 27 July, 12pm-1pm

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

How Advance Steel can help your business profitability

In 2010, an article written on stated that the ultimate aim of specialized steel detailing software is to increase a company’s bottom line profit. But in 2012 what was a concern for steel fabrication businesses, steel engineering companies and even self-employed steel detailers has now become a fact. Those who have the most competitive steel detailing software solution are the ones that are the most profitable on such a dynamic market.

In short, investing in a steel detailing software helps you save time, optimizes your resources and reduces costs with materials and labor. A good example is given by one of our customers, Nial BALL from Westbury Park Engineering which worked with ADVANCE Steel for a boat mold structure (35-40 m long steel structure for fiberglass bouts). He states: “With three days to go before ‘D Day’ our TWO men arrived on site with the pre-fabricated assemblies and in TWO days the structure was erected and we were home in time for tea with a day to spare. Thanks to ADVANCE Steel, we knew the structure would fit long before we arrived on site.”

Stairs and platforms for Arcelor Mittal Steel Plant, Galati, RomaniaOff course, not all projects can be finalized in two days using just two men, but reducing the time spent on a very complex project from maybe three months to three weeks is not that bad either. Gheorghe CEPRAGA, engineer at UZINSIDER ENGINEERING, has been working with ADVANCE Steel at his most recent project – assembly of new elements (stairs, railings and platforms) on an existing structure in the ArcelorMittal steel plant. For him,the decision was clear: I have been working with AutoCAD, especially in 3D view, for a very long time now. I think it is safe to say that it would have been very difficult for us to model the entire structure in AutoCAD. Without ADVANCE steel, the execution would have taken too long”.

Can it be that simple? Sometimes, time saving leaves room for errors. Not a problem because ADVANCE Steel drastically increases productivity and drawing quality even for the most complex and unusual projects, while reducing the risk of errors.

Bregenzer Festival Stage, Bregenz, Austria

For the Bregenz festival in Austria, Bregenzer Festspiele fascinated with a spectacular stage engineering, resulting in the biggest sea stage in the world (17m long, 15m wide and 15m high),portraying Jean Paul Marat, one of the leaders of the French Revolution. The construction of the head was connected to a steel construction which was already located at the sea stage.

Although, ultimately, the best steel detailing software is the one that addresses the business’ needs and issues, ADVANCE Steel can efficiently accelerates the design phase (either single or multi-user mode) by offering an extensive library of smart and efficient objects, automatic joints and specific tools for creating standard structures, stairs, railing and miscellaneous steelwork. For the renovation and extension of  TIGNESPACE Center, a sports complex equipped with modern multipurpose structures, Thierry Depollier, Eng, at Ets BOUCHET states: “The ability of ADVANCE Steel to work in realistic mode together with 3D navigation have greatly facilitated our work and have improved the efficiency of our weekly meetings with the other disciplines. It is worth mentioning that the fabrication of the welded beams at workshop was simplified with the high-quality drawings automatically created “.

Renovation and extension of the TIGNESPACE center

Functionality-wise Advance Steel detailing software has everything you would expect from a specialist structural steel detailing package. Ultimately, what makes ADVANCE Steel special is its accessibility to any type of company which is interested in investing in steel detailing software.

Advance Steel for StruCAD users

Advance Steel for StruCAD users

Advance Steel, the alternative solution to StruCAD

GRAITEC Products: CAD and Design Software for the Construction Industry

  • Proven track record with more than 10,000 seats worldwide: Trusted market confidence
  • Rapid adoption rate resulting in +50% growth in licenses in 2011: Tried and tested solution
  • Increased functionality / productivity: Tools for all market sectors: BIM, Structures, Off-shore, Bridges, Architectural, Sheet-metalwork,…
  • Works as a standalone application or with AutoCAD: Flexibility for users to choose platform to that suits them – no need to have AutoCAD
  • Low initial financial outlay: Best value system on the market
  • Lower on-going cost of ownership: Premium support & maintenance less than half the price of other systems
  • Easy to use and short learning curve: 5 day foundation training course; 3-days transition training from Strucad, includes full training manual
  • Quick and easy deployment: Set up company drawing borders in minutes
  • Interoperability: DSTV NC files in all versions, IFC, SDNF, CIS2, Graitec BIM, KISS, PSS, …
  • Support and Helpdesk service rated 98% excellent or good by our users: Dedicated team ready to help you by phone, email or remote assistance

Advance Steel 2012 videos

Advance Steel 2012 – Easy and efficient modelling tools
Advance Stel 2012 – Easy  and efficient modelling tools
Advance Steel is a complete 3D BIM steel detailing software providing automatic and user-friendly tools for creating the 3D model of your building in the best time.
From the creation of the portal frames to the generation of all cladding profiles, Advance Steel comes with numerous easy-to-use tools for purlins, side rails, automatic connections, stairs, railings and much more!
Advance Steel 2012 – Navigation through a 3D model
Advance Stel 2012 – Navigation through a 3D model
See how user-friendly and powerful Advance Steel 2012 is to navigate through a complex pedestrian bridge (model courtesy of PKD, Czech Republic).

Customer Projects

Advance Steel CIS/2 interface Advance Steel CIS/2 interface
Coke oven gas desulphurization done by
Hutni projekt Frydek-Mistek a.s with Advance Steel
New Valenciennes stadium done by
ETI with Advance Steel
Advance Steel CIS/2 interface Advance Steel CIS/2 interface
U2 “360° concert” stage done by
Stageco with Advance Steel
Steam cracking furnaces done by
Heurtey Petrochem with Advance Steel

Another success story: customer in Canada thrilled to work with Advance Steel

A recognized and expanding company in the manufacturing of steel structures and wrought metals situated in Quebec (Canada), Pro-Mec Elite Inc., has chosen GRAITEC Advance Steel 2012 as its steel detailing software.

Pro-Mec Elite Inc. was using AutoCAD and Inventor so far to do all their studies. They recently decided to move to a 3D BIM solution in order to gain productivity with their drill-line from Ficep and analyzed all software available on the market.

After an extensive review of several software packages such as TEKLA Structures, SDS/2, and StruCAD, they found that Advance Steel is much easier to use and with the advantage to be based on AutoCAD.

GRAITEC Inc. had different meetings with Pro-Mec Elite Inc to answer their expectation and demonstrate that Advance Steel is the right solution for the type of structures they are daily doing.

Therefore Pro-Mec Elite Inc. decided to purchase 2 seats of Advance Steel (with the potential to acquire 4 additional licenses as 6 detailers are working the company) and followed the training 2 weeks ago in the office of GRAITEC Inc (Montreal).

Already, after only 1 week using Advance Steel, they noticed a significant time gain in the realization of drawings and are very satisfied with the software and customer service at GRAITEC.

More information on Pro-Mec Elite Inc. website:

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Online Live Demo for GRAITEC Advance Steel dedicated for the Turkish market

Advance Steel key featuresFollowing an increasing interest from the Turkish market, on 9th of November 2011, starting at 10.30 EEST, a Live Demo for Advance Steel 2011 will take place. This presentation, which will be held in Turkish language, is addressing to all specialists, engineers and drafters involved in the structural engineering domain from this market.

This is for the first time when GRAITEC  holds a dedicated webinar for the Turkish market, due to a continuous economical growth during the last decade, especially in this domain.

Anyone can subscribe to this live presentation by accessing the link bellow:

Register online for Wednesday, 9 November 2011, 10:30 EEST
live demo – in Turkish

All the participants will get in touch with the use of GRAITEC Advance Steel which accelerates the design phase by offering an extensive library of smart objects, automatic joints and specific tools for modeling and detailing any kind of steel structures, stairs, railings and miscellaneous steelwork.

For more details, you can check this page (info in English) or this page (info in Turkish).


 GRAITEC  is pleased to announce the acquisition of TREPCAD GmbH through its German-based company GRAITEC GmbH. The aim of both companies is the connection of TREPCAD, the software for staircase construction to Advance Steel, the 3D CAD software for steel construction, and also the worldwide development of the market segments for staircase construction. 

For 10 years, TREPCAD GmbH has been developing and distributing its software for staircase construction in the German speaking market. The company is specialized in the construction of stairs made of steel and stairs made of a combination of wood and steel. Used by more than 2600 customers, TREPCAD software is easy to use and very powerful and especially well-known by companies specialized in miscellaneous steel, schools and educational facilities.

With this acquisition, both companies want to share their expertise. Their common aim is the connection of TREPCAD Software to Advance Steel, and also the worldwide development of the market segments for staircase construction. By working together with GRAITEC’s large and competent R&D team, the innovative ideas of TREPCAD’s stair and railing solution specialists will be developed faster in the future.

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC CEO, comments: The acquisition of TREPCAD allows the Group to strengthen its leading position in the steel market by supplementing its steel CAD solution software that addresses a complementary market: the metal work companies who need easy and quick tools to generate drawings.

Norbert Schulze-Kahleyß, founder and manager of TREPCAD GmbH, adds: “Thanks to GRAITEC’s worldwide network and its powerful and important R&D Department, we are convinced we will be able to distribute our software internationally.

TREPCAD GmbH was founded in 2004 by Dipl.-Ing (FH) Norbert Schulze-Kahleyß. He started to develop the well-known software for staircase construction “TREPCAD” in 2000. Today the company has 2600 customers in the German speaking market. In 2006 TREPCAD GmbH received the “award for excellent and innovative benefits for their handcraft”. For more information, please visit

Stairs in Advance Steel

With its advanced feature set, Advance Steel supports the design of complex structures such as straight and spiral stairs, railings, cage ladders, etc. Advance Steel creates all necessary documents (including NC files) for the stair fabrication using a user selected template. The stair can be modified using numerous profile types for stringers, various connection types between the treads and the stringers. Advance Steel offers a large library of tread types and railings, but the user can also define its own tread type that can be stored in the library for future use.

Here are some examples of stairs created in Advance Steel by our customers:
Advance Steel Stairs Advance Steel Stairs Advance Steel StairsAdvance Steel Stairs Advance Steel StairsAdvance Steel StairsAdvance Steel StairsAdvance Steel Stairs
Advance Steel StairsAdvance Steel StairsAdvance Steel StairsAdvance Steel Stairs Advance Steel StairsAdvance Steel StairsAdvance Steel Stairs

Advance Steel – Stairs and Railings

With its advanced feature set, Advance Steel supports the design of complex structures such as straight and spiral stairs, railings, cage ladders, etc. Advance Steel creates all necessary documents (including NC files) for the stair fabrication using a user selected template.

Quick and easyAdvance Steel: Stairs - Quick and easy
Once the user selects 2 points, the stair with its stringer and treads (including connection to the stringer) is created.
The tread distances are calculated using a standard formula for determining the ergonomic height and length of the step.

The stair can be modified using profile types for stringers, connection types between the treads and the stringers, lower and upper landing

Instant railings
Once the stringers are selected, the railings are created using the user defined start and end points.
Railings of any type can then be modified. Features include:

  • Profile types for posts, handrail and kickrail
  • Controlled positioning of posts, top handrail, middle handrail and kickrail
  • Connection between posts and stringers
  • And more…

If the stair length and width are modified the railing is automatically updated!

Spiral stairs
Using the Advance Steel advanced tools, with a few clicks defining the height, the tread width and direction, the entire stair can be created. Various options are available:

  • Large library of tread types
  • Treads can be welded to the central post or connected by a profile or a bolted plate
  • And moreAdvance Steel: Stairs - Spiral stairs

Cage ladders
All elements of a cage ladder are inserted by two points defining the height. The number of rungs can be defined or calculated according to the distance between the rungs. The user can modify then the shape and the size of the elements.

Easy to customize 
Stairs and railings can be customized through the Properties dialog box.
The tabs of the Properties dialog box are grouped in logical categories to simplify the use of this powerful feature.
The user can modify the parameters (dimensions, treads types, connection types, etc.) to get the required structure. All modifications are visible in the model as they happen.

Automatic drawings
Once the stair is modeled, the user may select a template for the workshop drawing. Advance Steel then creates all the necessary documents (including NC files) for the stair fabrication. The drawings are automatically labeled and dimensioned. The user can customize the drawing layout using the Drawing Style Manager.

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