Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 – Success story

Customer Project: Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 – Mazda

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015, Chichester, UK

Software used: Advance Design
Project location: Goodwood House, Chichester, UK
Artist: Gerry Judah
Architects and Engineering: CAPITA P & I
Client: Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015

Project description:
Each year, the centrepiece lawn in front of the main Goodwood House showcases a breath-taking sculpture for the annual Goodwood car show, designed by Gerry Judah, Architecture and Engineering by CAPITA P&I and Fabrication by Littlehampton Welding Ltd.

Hooman Baghi, Principal Structure Engineer: “Using Advance Design enabled us to import the model geometry using BIM swiftly and smoothly. Loads and combinations were assessed making easy dynamic analysis of this complex model. “


Video: GRAITEC Advance Workshop Customer Success Story

Company: MPL s.r.l. – Italy

GRAITEC Advance Workshop: Steel fabrication production management software

Mr. Grimaldi, Production Manager:
MPL is a steel service center where we produce beams. […] Advance Workshop allows us to control the whole workshop. The orders from us have a maximum turnaround of 3-4 hours and without this software we couldn’t handle this.It has increased our ability to action orders. We were at 5% scrap. We are now at 3%. We have saved a lot of money!

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Advance Steel Project: Skyline Plaza FFM

Skyline Plaza FFM
Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Software used: Advance Steel
Project location: Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Design Office: MDF Stahl- und Metallbau Fischer
Contracting authority: ECE
Architect: Jourdan & Müller

Project description:
The Skyline Plaza is a shopping center. It is 290m long and 150m wide and has a total area of 38.000 square meters. The building consists of several levels with 170 shops, restaurants and a public roof terrace. The facade has a curved form and is illuminated in different colors in the night.

Mr. Mario Fischer, Managing Director and construction engineer at MDF Stahl- und Metallbau Fischer: “Advance Steel was the ideal software for this ambitious project. I especially appreciate the complete and easy modelling in 3D. I use Advance Steel for a long time. The Software increaed my productivity for 60%-100%.

User testimonial: using Advance Steel on its own platform

Testimonial from Maxime Delforge (SAS BOULET BATIMENT, France), daily using Advance Steel on its own CAD platform

SAS BOULET BATIMENT is a 50-employee company located in the city of Azincourt (north of France) and which is specialized in steel construction. Maxime Delforge, in charge of the 3D modeling at SAS BOULET, explains why Advance Steel – after only few months of use – handled projects of any type and allowed for sub-contracting more efficiently the fabrication of these steel structures thanks to the high-quality drawings and NC-DSTV created automatically.

Testimonial from Maxime Delforge Testimonial from Maxime Delforge

After a demonstration which proved that the software answered positively to all company’s requests, SAS BOULET BATIMENT acquired Advance Steel in the spring of 2012. More than 6 months later, we can say that several dozens of projects have been modeled in 3D and successfully erected at site. It includes structures of all types going from renovations (like an outside roof in a school made of curved rafters connected on the top of concrete columns already in place) to the conception of industrial buildings (such as food plants) or commercial buildings (different supermarkets and warehouse supporting cold rolled Zed purlins).

Testimonial from Maxime Delforge

In addition to the possibility to model all the main steel structure (portal frames, floors, side rails), Advance Steel provides different functionalities to represent the environment (existing concrete walls, machinery, piping,etc.) and therefore to handle a global multi-material project which can also sometimes contain timber elements such as the purlins. This is very important as this is taken into consideration by the integrated clash check which prevents issues at site. It is also possible to create in 3D the gutters or other types of complex folded elements (e.g. stringer made of a folded plate for stairs) and to get their workshop drawings with the part displayed both folded and unfolded, which is highly appreciated by the workshop as it facilitates their understanding.

Testimonial from Maxime Delforge

SAS BOULET BATIMENTdoes not have an integrated workshop and therefore the fabrication is sub-contracted; this is also where Advance Steel finds its right place as it automatically creates all NC-DSTV files which can then be read by the CNC machines of the workshop.

Maxime Delforge adds: « We do not have any AutoCAD licenses at SAS BOULET BATIMENT therefore I am using Advance Steel on its own platform since my first training day, and I am very happy with it.The software allows navigation with speed in my 3D model displayed in realistic mode, the automatically created drawings correspond to the expectations of our teams at site, and the sub-contractors which fabricate our steel structures can successfully import NC files created with Advance Steel. »