Video: Direct link between Advance Steel and BIM – Review from AceCAD

GRAITEC and AceCAD offer a direct link so that a 3D model done in Advance Steel can be successfully imported in BIMReview and then StruMIS.
This movie demonstrates how users may take advantage of this link by exporting the Advance Steel model to a *.gtcx file format and how this fully detailed model is imported and can be viewed & manipulated like any other BIMReview model.
As you can see with this movie, GRAITEC Advance Steel is fully BIM compliant allowing easy and seamless data sharing with BIMReview for easy project collaboration.


AceCad collaborates with GRAITEC for True BIM

Following our mutual longstanding development work with GRAITEC, AceCad Software is delighted to announce a new model link to the GRAITEC platform.

This new model link connection enables the round tripping of information from GRAITEC products into BIM Review and StruM.I.S with feedback into the GRAITEC authoring product. Thus a true circle of information can be completed to the benefit of all in the construction supply chain and facilitates true Building Information Modeling (BIM).

AceCad collaborates with GRAITEC for True BIM

This alliance will allow greater flexibility with our mutual clients for data sharing, facilitating amongst many other exciting possibilities – Entity Face Clash Detection and 4D Planning and Progress Feedback with StruM.I.S. Furthermore, this development will offer an easy and adaptable multiple data sharing system enabling significant time savings through labour and error minimization.

Alexandre Tartas, GRAITEC Group COO commented: “We are very pleased with our recent development venture with AceCad as it provides improved flexibility to our reciprocal clients in data sharing and the multi model merging process; it will save users valuable time handling and managing key operational data through multiple fabrications solutions. This partnership will enhance our products functionality and will strengthen our position in the dynamic and ever changing AEC market providing increased competitive advantages.”

Technical Director for AceCad Software, Mr Simon Inman, commented: “This great achievement is once again a result of our longstanding partnership with GRAITEC. This exciting collaboration will reinforce our continued outstanding relationship and it will prove to be beneficial to our mutual clients in delivering exceptional business efficiencies.”

About AceCad Software
Established in 1986 AceCad Software Ltd, a member of the international RDS Group is a leading supplier of advanced software solutions to the international construction industry, delivering sustainable and advanced competitive advantages to our valued international clients. AceCad develops a range of software for BIM collaboration, design to construction project management and dedicated steel work fabrication. AceCad products have consistently transformed its customers’ business in the construction supply chain. With core business areas in the AEC Building and Construction and Industrial, Process and Plant sectors, AceCad has international operations in ten countries and provides software to customers around the world.

AceCad acknowledges that Advance Steel works with StruM.I.S

AceCad, IT software developer of supply chain solutions for Steel Building Structures, acknowledges that the Advance Steel Kiss export as the format to interface with StruM.I.S.

The KISS standard (“Keep It Simple, Steel”) was developed under the auspices of FABTROL Systems, as a solution for the problems caused by incompatible data formats and it can be used to transfer fabrication-related data between CAD and fabrication management software applications.  For more information about the KISS file format, visit:

Advance Steel has been certified by FABTROL since September 2007 ( for its ability to exchange data using the KISS file format. Our customers can use KISS files to transfer data from the model and the bill of materials between Advance Steel and StruM.I.S.

AceCad acknowledges that Advance Steel works with StruM.I.S

StruM.I.S (steel fabrication management information system that harnesses the information flow and work processes throughout the steelwork contract between departments, suppliers and clients) acknowledges its compliancy with Advance Steel output through the KISS file format. Other formats include: CIS/2, CSV, PDMS, DSTV CAD.

AceCad acknowledges that Advance Steel works with StruM.I.S