GRAITEC BIM Connect available on Autodesk Exchange for Autodesk Revit

GRAITEC BIM ConnectGRAITEC, the fastest growing global structural analysis and detailing software vendor, announces the availability of the new GRAITEC BIM Connect 2014 release as well as its availability in the Autodesk Exchange for Autodesk Revit.

With GRAITEC BIM Connect, Autodesk Revit Architecture and Autodesk Revit Structure users quickly connect their Revit models to the GRAITEC Advance suite and then optimize the design of their structures in accordance with North American and Eurocode standards and produce effective and error-free general arrangement drawings, fabrication drawings, BOMs, NC files for both steel and concrete structures.

GRAITEC BIM Connect available on Autodesk Exchange for Autodesk Revit

  From Revit Structure to Advance Design for structural analysis

Essentially based on customer experience feedback, the new GRAITEC BIM Connect 2014 release focuses on details and performance. The new release provides full bidirectional transfer to GRAITEC Advance of any kind of building, regardless of the geometry complexity, starting from the simplest geometries to the most complex ones. This is achieved even if the structure contains custom profile shapes or random solid bodies, with no shape limitation. From common element sections to curved walls with various openings, curved foundations, any hole shape in structural members, stairs, curved ramps and roofs or sloped slabs, all these are perfectly transferred and allow a smooth data transfer between Revit and GRAITEC Advance, with an immediate effect on the time spent on the projects.

GRAITEC BIM Connect available on Autodesk Exchange for Autodesk Revit

From Revit Structure to Advance Steel for Steel detailing

More than that, the entire library of the Revit families was mapped to their correspondent profiles in the Advance Steel and Concrete library, leading to an accurate profile exchange.

GRAITEC BIM Connect was also reviewed by Autodesk and is now available for free in the Autodesk Exchange for Autodesk Revit for all Revit users.
The release is also available on

For Manuel Liedot, Chief Product Officer at Graitec: “The partnership with Autodesk is key in the Graitec strategy to deliver BIM to structural engineers and detailers. Construction professionals now have powerful tools for going from structural engineering with Revit to structural analyses, design and detailing with Advance DesignAdvance Steel and Advance Concrete.

GRAITEC BIM Connect available on Autodesk Exchange for Autodesk Revit

From Revit Structure to Advance Concrete for concrete detailing


CAD Digest – review of GRAITEC Advance’s BIM Capabilities for Structural Design

CAD Digest, one of the most popular online sources for CAD, CAM & CAE articles, reviews the capabilities of the GRAITEC ADVANCE suite as a complete solution for structural design.

The author of the review, Protim Banerjee  (with 15 years of experience in construction management, structural engineering and AEC software development) provides an overview of the GRAITEC ADVANCE suite, highlighting the pros as well as the cons for compatibility and data exchange with Revit Structures 2012.

GRAITEC ADVANCE and Revit Structures have been compatible since 2006, up to the present time. This integration has allowed engineers and design offices using software solutions from both suites to run their structure calculation and drawing creation quickly, without recreating the model and with a minimal risk of errors. As an Autodesk partner for over 10 years, GRAITEC offers an application for Revit Structures – GRAITEC BIM Connect – that ensures the compatibility of Revit models with the GRAITEC Advance suite and with industry standards, such as IFC and SDNF. With GRAITEC BIM Connect, data is imported and exported between applications, using GRAITEC’s own transfer file format – GTC files. The free Revit add-on is available for download here. This add-on generates GTC files for import into GRAITEC applications, and also works as a two-way transfer.

CAD Digest – review of GRAITEC Advance's BIM Capabilities for Structural Design

“The Revit add-on allows model synchronization, a tool very useful for comparing the original model with updated ones. The changes that are alerted include member additions (appended), member modifications (modified), and member deletions (deleted); the alerts are made by color coding and by tabulating them in the synchronization dialog. You can review the changes, and then decide whether to accept them” Protim Banerjee states.

CAD Digest – review of GRAITEC Advance's BIM Capabilities for Structural Design

GRAITEC BIM Connectt is, in fact, a concept which has constantly improved since 2009. Its key features include data synchronization with the GRAITEC ADVANCE Suite, IFC Interface (Import / Export), CIS/2 Interface (Import / Export), SDNF Interface (Import / Export), PSS Interface (Import / Export). The 3D model is imported from Autodesk Revit Structure (or Autodesk Revit Architecture) to the desired GRAITEC Structural Analysis or Detailing product. To complete the model, a structural analysis and design process is run to optimize the structure, and then synchronized with the Revit Structure model to include any modifications. The implemented elements are structural elements (columns, beams, wall, slabs), custom families containing an analytical model, supports and loads.

CAD Digest – review of GRAITEC Advance's BIM Capabilities for Structural Design

“GRAITEC has carefully conceived the overall BIM process with the use of its GTC file format. The concept of cross section mapping and synchronization of changes is certainly very innovative. GRAITEC scores good points when it comes to the software design”, Protim Banerjee concludes, stating also that the GRAITEC ADVANCE suite covers all aspects of structural BIM workflow.

CAD Digest – review of GRAITEC Advance's BIM Capabilities for Structural Design

You can read the full review here.


Established in 1903, Peddinghaus Corporation is the acknowledged global leader providing innovative machine tool technology for structural steel and plate fabrication. From Anvils and Bench Vises to Technologically Advanced Structural and Plate Fabrication Systems, Peddinghaus has served the Steel Construction, Heavy Plate Fabrication, and related Metal Working Industries for more than 100 years.

Being committed to the industry for such a long time, Peddinghaus turned to GRAITEC’s ADVANCE Steel, because of its ability to automatically generate bills of materials and NC files. With ADVANCE Steel, there is a direct link from the model to the Peddinghaus machine tool. Basically, CNC machines can be programmed by advanced design software, enabling the manufacture of products that cannot be made by manual machines, even those used by skilled designers or engineers. Modern design software allows designers to simulate the manufacture of their ideas. There is no need to make a prototype or a model. This saves both time and money, while providing the most accurate, productive, and profitable parts or products.

ADVANCE Steel creates all fabrication drawings and offers a large selection of tools for automatic detail creation, dimensions, annotations, and accelerates the creation of general arrangement drawingsfabrication drawingslist of materials and NC files: complete library of structural elements, parametric and customizable connections, wizards for miscellaneous steel (stairs, railing), materials library, sections, bolts, and others.

Needless to say, the advantages of combining computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer aided designing (CAD) are many: reduced cycle time and non-production time, jobs can be set up more quickly, improved accuracy, reduction of scrap and lower scrap rates.

GRAITEC ADVANCE 2012 Version is released!

1st multi-platform version for the GRAITEC Structural BIM suite


GRAITEC Advance 2012 is released!


NEW CAD SYSTEM for Advance Steel




NEW DESIGN CODES including timber design for Advance Design


GRAITEC Advance, aims primarily to improve the productivity of its users, help them reduce design errors and increase the quality of project documentation. The GRAITEC Advance suite is for the most demanding professionals and its ergonomics are designed to make it easy to learn and use.

The Advance suite is based on the implementation of a digital model (BIM / Building Information Model). This technology associates each real object to its virtual equivalent in the digital model and users have the opportunity to simulate the behavior of the real structure and automate many processes. With open BIM standards, Advance can also be used with the Autodesk Revit suite for the structural analysis and design and document creation of models created in Revit.

Version 2012 represents a key milestone in the development of GRAITEC. In fact, the new Advance Steel software architecture allows it to work without an AutoCAD license. This innovation frees up AutoCAD licenses for other uses in the design offi ce. In addition it offers an economic advantage to companies without AutoCAD licenses or that do not have updated AutoCAD licenses.

Major investments were made to simplify usability and improve the performance of our solutions. GRAITEC also continues to introduce new design codes to meet the productivity and quality demands required by a market increasingly more international.

Advance Steel 2011 compliant with AVEVA PDMS

GRAITEC announces the compliancy of Advance Steel with AVEVA PDMS. This technology partnership will allow interoperability between the two software products and will increase productivity of engineers by offering an integrated solution from design to fabrication.

Advance Steel 2011 compliant with AVEVA PDMS

Advance Steel 2011 successfully completed the validation and testing with AVEVA PDMS through AVEVA’s OpenSteel interface. OpenSteel supports tightly integrated 2-way exchange of intelligent data with Advance Steel that includes modification and updating of the PDMS model. The combined solution reduces design time, rework and project cost by streamlining collaboration between 3D plant layout and steelwork detailing.

Part of the GRAITEC Advance BIM solution, Advance Steel is specifically designed for structural engineers and steel detailers who require professional and easy-to-use BIM software dedicated to structural detailing , miscellaneous steel modeling and automatic creation of drawings, BOMs and NC files. Advance Steel drastically increases productivity and drawing quality, while reducing the risk of errors.

AVEVA PDMS is the most powerful and productive 3D plant design software available, PDMS is the solution of choice in most of the world’s power and plant industries. It supports projects of all sizes, from the smallest upgrade to new-build installations of unlimited complexity, and offers valuable collaboration opportunities and an extensive pool of skilled users.

AVEVA PDMS                 Advance Steel 2011

Advance Steel 2011 compliant with AVEVA PDMSAdvance Steel 2011 compliant with AVEVA PDMS

Example of a pylon model shared between AVEVA PDMS and Advance Steel 2011.

For Paul Cooper, VP Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at AVEVA: “This agreement demonstrates AVEVA’s continued commitment to interoperability. The AVEVA OpenSteel interface has been developed to enable effective integration between PDMS and 3rd party steel detailing applications and we are delighted to welcome GRAITEC into our global partner network.

For Manuel Liedot, Chief Technical Officer at GRAITEC SA: “The main benefits of this AVEVA PDMS / Advance Steel compliancy is the ability to identify and avoid collisions (e.g., identifying ductwork running into structural members or railings), and the creation of an interactive and complete 3D model which can produce detailed drawings for accurate fabrication and construction of the project.

Graitec Advance suite compliant with Autodesk Revit 2012

GRAITEC Advance compliancy with REVIT 2012GRAITEC Advance compliancy with REVIT 2012GRAITEC announces the compliancy of its Structural BIM solution suite, GRAITEC Advance, with Autodesk Revit® 2012.

Specifically designed for engineering firms, design offices, detailers and draftsmen, the GRAITEC Advance suite consists of Advance DesignAdvance Concrete and Advance Steel. It provides a complete environment for designing, detailing and creating all design and fabrication documents for reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures.

In an environment where designers are subjected to increasing pressure for optimizing material and costs, reducing the design time, controlling the risks of implementation and integration of new constraints, particularly related to the environment, the response of software developers, particularly of GRAITEC, must be innovative and efficient.

As an important player of digital modeling in the field of construction, GRAITEC continues to enhance its modeling and automation tools based around the digital model, now commonly known as BIM (Building Information Modeling). This technology associates each real object to its virtual equivalent in the digital model, and thus opens the possibility for users to simulate the behavior of the real structure and automate many processes. It also allows the different players to exchange digital information, improving the traceability of information and reduce the design risks. This leads to the compatibility of Advance with Autodesk Revit® 2012.

This integration allows users of Autodesk Revit Architecture® 2012 and Autodesk Revit Structure® 2012 quickly optimize the design of their structures in accordance with U.S. standards and Eurocodes and to produce effective and error-free general arrangement drawings for reinforced concrete in addition to all fabrication drawings, BOMs, and NC files for steel construction. It also reduces the potential risk of errors with changes during the project.

According to Manuel Liedot, GRAITEC Group Product Manager: “This integration makes the work of our users easier. It allows them to automate the design, calculation, and creation of fabrication documents using data from architects or engineering firms using Revit tools.

GRAITEC Advance compliancy with REVIT 2012

Model of mixed Concrete-Steel structure imported from Revit Structure 2012 into GRAITEC Advance

GRAITEC Advance compliancy with REVIT 2012

Model of mixed Concrete-Steel structure in Revit Structure 2012

Service Pack 1 of Advance Steel 2011

Service Pack 1 of Advance Steel 2011 provides the following to end-users:

• Compliancy of Advance Steel 2011 with AutoCAD® 2012
• Various enhancements

 SP1 makes Advance Steel 2011 compliant with AutoCAD® 2012 and AutoCAD Architecture® 2012 

Advance Steel - Compliancy with AutoCAD® 2012 and Autodesk® Architecture 2012

AutoCAD® 2012 enables the quick creation of documents from a variety of modeling formats, helping to reduce manual documentation workarounds. Capture and import as-built information to jump-start your design process. Plus, you’ll find a wide range of timesaving enhancements to the features you use most. AutoCAD® 2012 delivers the powerful tools you need to participate in smooth 3D design workflows, helping drive your projects to completion more quickly than ever before.
Advance Steel - Compliancy with AutoCAD® 2012 and Autodesk® Architecture 2012
With new and expanded workflows for 3D conceptual design, model documentation, and reality capture, AutoCAD® 2012 helps design professionals maximize productivity.
To get AutoCAD® 2012 compliancy, Advance Steel users can download Service Pack 1 from the GRAITEC

 Service Pack 1 has different enhancements such as: 

  Shim plates in base plate joints can be created with or without a leveling plate.

Shim plates in base plate joints can be created with or without a leveling plate

  New option to define the front/view of profiles such as RHS in NC-DSTV files.
  Scribing within NC-DSTV files can be created as a partial line (e.g. each line longer than 20mm will be split into several lines with a length of 10mm).
  The functionality to connect railing handrails works between straight and curved railings.
connect railing handrails works between straight and curved railings  The libraries have been extended with some additional sections and bolts.

Advance Steel is compliant with Voortman machinery

Advance Steel is compliant with Voortman machineryDuring the NASCC 2011 steel conference, GRAITEC and VOORTMAN specialists had the opportunity to run a test session of the DSTV-NC files created by Advance Steel.

After the test session ended, the team could conclude the full compliancy of Advance Steel DSTV-NC files with the VOORTMAN machines.

Advance Steel is specifically designed for structural engineers and steel detailers who require a professional and easy-to-use 3D structural steel detailing software that automates the creation of workshop drawings, general arrangement drawings, reports and files for CNC machines.

VOORTMAN has developed over more than 40 years to be one of the world’s leading single source supplier of CNC-controlled machinery for the steel processing industry.