GRAITEC ADVANCE 2012 Version is released!

1st multi-platform version for the GRAITEC Structural BIM suite


GRAITEC Advance 2012 is released!


NEW CAD SYSTEM for Advance Steel




NEW DESIGN CODES including timber design for Advance Design


GRAITEC Advance, aims primarily to improve the productivity of its users, help them reduce design errors and increase the quality of project documentation. The GRAITEC Advance suite is for the most demanding professionals and its ergonomics are designed to make it easy to learn and use.

The Advance suite is based on the implementation of a digital model (BIM / Building Information Model). This technology associates each real object to its virtual equivalent in the digital model and users have the opportunity to simulate the behavior of the real structure and automate many processes. With open BIM standards, Advance can also be used with the Autodesk Revit suite for the structural analysis and design and document creation of models created in Revit.

Version 2012 represents a key milestone in the development of GRAITEC. In fact, the new Advance Steel software architecture allows it to work without an AutoCAD license. This innovation frees up AutoCAD licenses for other uses in the design offi ce. In addition it offers an economic advantage to companies without AutoCAD licenses or that do not have updated AutoCAD licenses.

Major investments were made to simplify usability and improve the performance of our solutions. GRAITEC also continues to introduce new design codes to meet the productivity and quality demands required by a market increasingly more international.


2 thoughts on “GRAITEC ADVANCE 2012 Version is released!

  1. Yeah! This is a wonderful news not to be obliged to have an AutoCAD license to be able to use Advance Steel!
    My boss is going to save money while investing in Advance Steel seats!!

  2. Indeed great news!
    Without the need of an AutoCAD license, the seat price drops significantly while the functionalities are still the same, getting in the end a cheaper product with amazing features!
    Good job guys! Congratulations!

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