GRAITEC launches next-gen Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers with its 2017 R2 product release

GRAITEC, an international BIM and CAD software developer for AEC, and Autodesk® Platinum Partner in US and across Europe, is excited to announce the international availability of it Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers, integrated with Revit®, among the mid-term R2 release of its Advance 2017 products.

GRAITEC launches next-gen Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers with its 2017 R2 product release

Carl Spalding, GRAITEC Product Strategy Director comments:Some of the key features of the GRAITEC Advance 2017 R2 range of products sees the implementing of user wish list requests, supporting more international and regional standards and the introduction of new reinforcement BIM solutions to support the migration to BIM of the concrete sector.

Carl, adds:The new Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers represent the first in a series of next generation technology that redefine how BIM data will be utilized more frequently to automate intelligent downstream processes, what we tend to refer to as ‘information-driven industry-automation’. Years of industry knowledge and real-world experience have been embedded directly into the technology. This enables extremely complex tasks to be automated, such as creating a 3D rebar cage designed to the regional codes and based on the actual FEM results or producing detailed design reports, views and drawings, all to local standards. Being multi-platform, the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers offer a state-of-the-art BIM solution for reinforcement that is flexible enough to be adopted at any stage of the design process, supporting both simple and complex workflows, and bridging the workflow gap between structural engineers and technicians.

Advance BIM Designers: Apps for Structural Design, Modeling and Documentation

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers is a collection of apps dedicated to streamlining structural BIM workflows, automating traditional design and modeling processes and speeding the production of technical documents.

Already available in the Advance BIM Designers Collection are:

All have been enhanced in 2017 R2 introducing functionality based on user feedback.

    New to the Advance BIM Designer Collection are:

  • Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers (for Autodesk® Revit®, Advance Design, Arche and standalone/OMD)
  • Steel Connection Designer (for Advance Design & OMD)

Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers 2017 R2

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | RC Column DesignerGRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | RC Beam DesignerGRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | RC Footing Designer

The Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers are an innovative rebar detailing and modeling solution which utilize engineering BIM data, and work to numerous international standards, automate the design and creation of 3D rebar cages and produce related documentation – design reports, drawings and schedules – for common concrete Column, Beam and Footing elements.

1. 3D rebar cages to US / EU codes
GRAITEC Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers 2017 R2
2. Design Reports
GRAITEC Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers 2017 R2
3. Detailed drawing views
GRAITEC Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers 2017 R2

Another unique feature of the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers is its multi-platform compatibility – seamlessly integrating with Autodesk® Revit®, Advance Design, GRAITEC OMD and even operated as a standalone platform – offering a practical solution that simplifies the workflow between structural engineers and technicians. Discover more…

Steel Connection Designer 2017 R2

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Connection Designer 2017

Introducing a new addition to the GRAITEC Advance BIM Designer Collection, the Steel Connection Designer – for quick and easy design of a large variety of steel connections and integrated into Advance Design. Welded and bolted Moment End Plate, Apex and Haunch connection types are supported, simple to create and extremely detailed. Using the new ‘enable weld’ option quickly converts the joint to fully welded with verifications completed according to EN 1993-1-8 standards.
Discover more…

Steel Structure Designer 2017 R2

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Structure Designer 2017

The Steel Structure Designer works on both Advance Design and Autodesk® Advance Steel enabling an extensive range of building definitions to be configured in seconds. Several new options and commands have included to adjust the position of the reference axis in relation to elements, to accommodate both analysis and detailing, connecting all elements at the nodes. This also applies for purlins, side rails, roof bracings and side bracings. Users can now control the precise set-out positions of openings by aligning the frame elements to a reference point or system line. Finally new parameters have been introduced for a more accurate control of purlin and side rail distribution.
Discover more…

Stair and Railing Designer 2017 R2

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Stair & Railing Designer 2017GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Stair Designer 2017

Fast and flexible stair and railing modeling for Autodesk® Advance Steel. New options have been included for anchors and connector types, when detailing with straight or curved concrete support elements. When designing standard handrails, there is a new option to create the top handrail in a single element (polybeam) for accurate documentation, set-out and scheduling.
Discover more…

All product downloads are available from the GRAITEC customer portal here. A free trial can be accessed here and GRAITEC apps and add-ons are also available as a free trial or to buy from the GRAITEC store.

Advance Design 2017 R2

Advance Design: BIM software for FEM structural analysis and design according to international codes

This version of GRAITEC Advance Design 2017 includes enhancements to ensure Advance Design works seamlessly with GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers, including the automatic transfer of geometry to BIM Designers. Settings can now be customized for local areas – set your own country, language and standards – to simplify the transfer of project information (project name, address, user data) from Advance Design together with any elements designed using Advance BIM Designers. A new addition to the Advance Design ribbon is the Bill of Materials button which automatically calculates an estimated quantity of materials and costs for your project.
Discover more…


Advance Workshop 2017 R2

Advance Workshop: Steel fabrication production management software

A new Fast Order Input table offers a quick and simple way to create new orders by entering data (eg; section, material, length, name and cut type) directly into a tabular format or copy directly from an Excel spreadsheet, to create standard parts. Advance Workshop performs error checking and transforms the list into an order ready to be sent to production. To assist with internal management, it is now possible to manually add, remove or adjust planning stages as well as change, rename or replace all part and assembly names from the Edit Order function. Additional fields have been added to the ‘New Order’ dialog to ensure the most precise information is collated and orders can now be easily filtered for quick loading and referencing.
Discover more…


PowerPack for Advance Steel

PowerPack: Productivity set of tools, templates and connections for Autodesk Advance Steel

The PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel already encompasses a wide selection of exclusive joints, tools and utilities for Advance Steel users, and earlier this year, introduced a range of new profiles for worldwide Cold Rolled systems manufacturers with a range of intelligent parametric Cold Rolled joints that automatically adapt to the selected suppliers preference for purlins, apex-ties and anti-sag systems. This range has been expanded. A new single command for 2017 R2, enables the creation of NC files in Advance Steel and exports them in an SMLX file which transfers seamlessly into Advance Workshop.
Discover more…


PowerPack for Revit

PowerPack for Revit Dynamic vertical application provided by GRAITEC for Autodesk Revit users

Delivering more tools for architects, MEP and structural engineers, the 2017 R2 version includes improvements to the Numbering wizard with position tolerances that enhance the way elements positions such as grids are managed. The Pipe Openings tool for automatically inserting an opening where MEP elements interest structural elements, includes advanced searching and sorting. The rebar copy tool supports differing size elements, and the Bending Detail command now creates multi-rebar tags for rebar sets with multiple spacing in one single operation. Whilst ‘Clean and Refresh’ updates bending details to reflect changes in Revit® project. The Family Watermark Manager can manage multiple families at once, the Category Visibility tool can be used to switch on and off the visibility of either all categories or any elements in the current selection of the project. 3D View for each level creates views only for selected levels.
Discover more…


Carl Spalding, GRAITEC Product Strategy Director concludes:Following on from the successful release of the GRAITEC 2017 product range, we wanted to ensure this version delivers everything our customers have been asking for, taking into account feedback and requests. Another consideration is looking to the future and the considerable shift by the whole AEC industry, moving away from manual and 2D processes – either through influence from external forces, newly available technology or downsizing within organisations. This is where GRAITEC products, apps and add-ons can significantly enhance customers’ working environments – introducing new, innovative, time-saving, BIM-centric technologies which provide solutions specifically designed to automate workflows and procedures.


Graitec Bridge Information Modelling

Bridge engineering is moving towards BrIM (Bridge Information Modelling) and looking to capitalise on the potential time and monetary savings already being realised through use of BIM in Construction. This brief overview shows how models can be transferred between disciplines (Design and Analysis in Advance Design through to Situational representation in Autodesk Revit to a Detailed version in Advance Steel) – using a single model from Analysis to Build.

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GRAITEC Advance 2013 – Official release of Advance CAD 2013

Launched at the end of February 2013, BIM GRAITEC ADVANCE is the global CAD / Analysis & Design solutions for the construction engineering field. Advance CAD is part of the GRAITEC structural BIM solution and a newcomer in the GRAITEC Advance suite.

GRAITEC’s Advance CAD is fully compatible DWG® CAD software. It provides its users a simple, natural and economical solution to the frequent requirements of drawing creation and modification. Advance CAD creates all 2D entities (lines, poly-lines, arcs, circles, polygons, etc.) and associates all desired colors, line styles and shading. Concepts such as “layers”, “snap points”, “windows” are available as well as all navigation features (zoom, pan, orbit, etc.). Advance CAD can also create and handle 3D solids (cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc.) and perform Boolean operations.

GRAITEC Advance 2013 – Official release of Advance CAD 2013

In the complete 2D/3D CAD environment of the software, you can find all the common CAD tools and features, several innovative features meant to enhance user productivity, but also 3D modeling tools for drawing 3D solids, functions that allow face editing for 3D elements, all these wrapped up in a user-friendly, simple and intuitive interface.

The user interface is designed to get you familiarized fast with all the software elements and functionalities: quick access toolbar manager, ribbon tabs, customizable menus, keyboard shortcuts, auto-completion of commands, selection filters. It also offers you the possibility to customize general settings such as display, paths/files, user preferences, crosshairs or profiles.

GRAITEC Advance 2013 – Official release of Advance CAD 2013

Advance CAD provides full compatibility with AutoCAD®, using most of the same file formats including those for drawings (.DWG files), commands, line types, hatch patterns, and text styles. Advance CAD reads and writes .DWG files in their native format without data loss, from AutoCAD® 2012 and going all the way back to Version 2.5, including AutoCAD LT®. Because Advance CAD uses Autodesk® DWG™ format as its native file format, no conversion is required.

Advance CAD offers users all the professional 2D and 3D modeling tools and functionalities and at the same time it is cost effective.

You can download the DWG sample files from here.

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Ease of use, Power and BIM… the key words of the Graitec Advance 2013 release

GRAITEC, European software developer for modeling and drawing creation for the construction industry, announces the release of the GRAITEC Advance 2013 suite.

Driven by sustainable development challenges, the increasing complexity of projects, time constraints and smaller budgets, construction professionals have no other choice than to make the leap to innovation. GRAITEC, a player in dynamic innovation, dedicates a signifi cant portion of its Research & Development investments in Digital Modeling or BIM (Building Information Modeling), in particular in its GRAITEC Advance suite.

This technology associates each real object to its virtual equivalent in the digital model and offers users the ability to simulate the behavior of the real structure, to automate the creation of technical documentation of their projects, to maintain consistency through the changes to the project and facilitate technical collaboration with all project stakeholders.

GRAITEC Advance has more than 15,000 users and 7 new users join the community every day. The uniqueness of GRAITEC Advance is to offer a solution that is very effi cient because it is dedicated to building professionals: design, calculation and creation of fabrication drawings, easy training, and provides a rapid return on investment, usually from the fi rst project.

The GRAITEC Advance suite consists of software products dedicated to the BIM structure: Advance DesignAdvance Concrete and Advance Steel and Advance CAD, a new drawing tool that completes the suite.

Version 2013 has many improvements and strengthens its position: simplicity and power.

  • Simplicity because Advance Steel and Advance Concrete work as well as standalone as they do on AutoCAD, the choice is the user’s. In addition to the economic advantage, this innovation allows the release of AutoCAD licenses for other uses within the design office. Simplified installation, getting started faster, optimized interface, in short simplicity.
  • Power because of features such as custom connections in Advance Steel, advanced management of bar marks in Advance Concrete or “Capacity Design” calculation in Advance Design bring greater efficiency to users.

For Francis Guillemard, CEO of the GRAITEC Group:In 2012, the GRAITEC Advance suite saw sustained growth of 35% in a market where the average growth rate was 8%.
The user community has almost doubled in 3 years. It is truly a sign that the profession is looking for solutions that offer the best compromise of Power/Simplicity and obviously at a low cost. This positioning ensures the growth of GRAITEC Advance. We contribute to the democratization of BIM in construction and make it very practical for our users.

Advance Steel 2013: The best ease of use / power compromise

Advance Steel 2013: The best ease of use / power compromise

Independent of the AutoCAD® platform since Version 2012, Advance Steel 2013 improves its ergonomics and ease of use by providing a new user interface element, the “palette”, which contains animated buttons and tooltips.

It has many new innovations: first, the ability to create custom connections allowing users to define, store and reuse custom connections in their projects and thus easily adapt to all types of situations.

The new release also adds new connections for cold rolled profiles. Many other features are also available such as the option to create welding lines in drawing and a new recognition technology of “notable points” that applies to manual dimensions that are updated automatically by Advance Steel 2013.

Advance Concrete 2013: CAD platform freedom

Advance Concrete 2013: CAD platform freedom

Advance Concrete 2013 main focus is to offer users the freedom to use Advance Concrete with or without AutoCAD. Advance Concrete 2013 includes its own graphics engine allowing the user to select the desired CAD platform.

Advance Concrete 2013 provides greater control and better coordination with the “External drawing technology” allowing the user to place each new view and each new layout in a separate DWG. This results in smaller DWG files and better performance.

A new bar mark management functionalities is also available.
Version 2013 also improves user efficiency and productivity thanks to the new, redesigned Ribbon arrangements and the new Graitec tool palettes.

Advance Design 2013: High simulation exigency and Eurocode expertise

Advance Design 2013: High simulationexigency and Eurocodeexpertise

Advance Design 2013 goes further than ever in helping engineers to optimize the design of concrete, steel and timber structures according to the Eurocodes and North American codes.

Among the many new functionalities in regards to Eurocodes: major 3D climatic generator improvements for EC1 (more accurate wind parameters definition, better management for isolated roofsadditional fields for CsCd calculation), several improvements on the EC2 engine (possibility to place real reinforcement on linear and planar elements, new slab punching verification, availability of a detailed design report including a reinforcement sketch for concrete beams, etc.), EC3 engine improvements (accurate lateral torsional buckling calculation considering intermediate restraints and load application point,buckling check for circular hollow sections of class 4, new joints and improved user interface for the steel connection module, etc.), EC5 improvements (residual area in case of fire verification, improvement of deflection check in the detailed report, etc.).

One main new functionality is dealing with the “Capacity design” implementation helping users to optimize members design according to seismical requirements (especially for EC8).

Advance CAD 2013: NEW!!

Advance CAD 2013: NEW!!

Advance CAD is a new comer in the Graitec Advance suite. It is a fully compatible DWG® CAD software. It provides its users a simple, natural and economical solution to the frequent requirements of drawing creation and modification. With a modern easy-to-use interface, Advance CAD creates all 2D entities (lines, polylines, arcs, circles, polygons, etc.) and associates all desired colors, line styles and shading. Concepts such as “layers”, “snap points”, “windows” are available as well as all navigation features (zoom, pan, orbit, etc.). Advance CAD can also create and handle 3D solids (cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc.) and perform Boolean operations.

Graitec BIM Connect 2013: A smooth BIM connector to Revit

With GRAITEC BIM Connect, Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013 and Autodesk Revit Structure 2013 users quickly connect their Revit models to the GRAITEC Advance suite and then optimize the design of their structures in accordance with U.S. and Eurocode standards, produce effective and error-free general arrangement drawings, fabrication drawings, BOMs, and NC files both for steel and concrete structures. Release 2013 provides key improvements such as extended profile mapping and ACIS solids transfer.

GRAITEC: Download the GRAITEC Advance Trial Version

Advance Steel Release of Version 2013

Advance Steel Release of Version 2013GRAITEC announces the release of version 2013 of its flagship 3D structural steel detailing software for automating drawing production: Advance Steel.

Advance Steel is specifically designed for steel professionals who require an easy-to-use 3D structural steel detailing software for automating drawing production. Advance Steel is based on the implementation of a digital model (BIM / Building Information Model) and automates the creation of drawings, BOMs and NC files. Advance Steel drastically increases productivity and drawing quality, while reducing the risk of errors. The software also allows users to communicate information in the digital model to all project stakeholders.

The improvements in Version 2013 are organized in the following categories:

  • Enhanced ergonomics and ease of use
  • New productivity tools
  • Availability in new markets: Australia, India, Brazil


Independent of the AutoCAD platform since Version 2012, Advance Steel improves its ergonomics and ease of use by providing a new user interface element, the “palette”, which contains animated buttons and tooltips. New features, such as direct access to workshop drawings with a simple right-click in the model or the improved capabilities of working with joint groups, further enhance the simplicity of this new version.


Advance Steel has many new innovations: first, the ability to create custom connections allowing users to define, store and reuse custom connections in their projects and thus easily adapt to all types of situations.

For Olivier RASQUIER, Steel detailer at Ets J-C FASSLER (France) and Version 2013 beta user: “Until now, I was frequently creating my connections “manually” because my projects are all specific. With Advance Steel 2013, I can create my own custom connections and save them in my library. I can then easily reuse them in my new projects because they automatically adapt to new situations: changed profile orientation, different section etc. I can also clone them and create slightly different ones, as nothing is fixed anymore.

Advance Steel Release of Version 2013

Version 2013 also adds new connections for cold rolled profiles (anti-sag and tie rod systems, trimmer cleats, and eaves beam connections) for faster and more efficient drawing creation.

Many other features are also available such as the option to create welding lines in drawings. This function is based on recognition technology of “notable points” that updates automatically when the model is changed which also applies to manual dimensions that are updated automatically by Advance Steel 2013. These innovations provide greater efficiency in terms of modeling and document creation for fabrication and assembly, and significantly increase user efficiency.

Advance Steel “Professional” and “Premium” versions come with an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows users with computer programming skills to enhance and customize the software.


Version 2013 has been adapted for the Australian, Indian, and Brazilian markets.
Besides translation, the following software configurations are implemented: initialization of software settings according to local usage, enriched libraries (profiles, bolts, cladding, etc.), and drawing style configuration that meets local requirements.
Advance Steel 2013 has also been enhanced with specific connections for the Australian market.

AEC Day 2012 – Presentation of BIM GRAITEC Advance suite

AppliCAD was founded in 1994 by a team that decided to penetrate the Windows based CAD/CAM market after experience in UNIX-CAD/CAM with SUN Workstation for 4 years. The company started its business with Plant Design Management Software and expanded the product line. Presently, AppliCAD is highly committed to offering customers the best solutions for their requirements. Thereby, it is recognized as The Best Design Technology Expert in Thailand.

AEC Day 2012 – Presentation of BIM GRAITEC Advance suite

With over 15 years of experience, AppliCAD Thailand is a “GRAITEC ADVANCE Authorized Reseller” enriching our Value Added Reseller program. It provides mechanical solutions, architecture engineering and construction solutions, rapid prototype and 3D scan solutions and also plant solutions for a wide range of customers in Asia Pacific.

For the 2012 AEC Day, AppliCAD presented the BIM GRAITEC Advance suite as a complete solution for architects, engineering offices, detailers and fabricators which require global CAD / Analysis & Design solutions.  AppliCAD highlighted the GRAITEC Transfer Center (GTC) which allows all the models created with GRAITEC software to be synchronized, with no data loss and no need for data reentry. The GTC is an important step in creating and handling a BIM (Building Information Model).

The main subject of the presentation, however, was ADVANCE Steel and Concrete software, as an advanced modeling and detailing system, easy to use, time saving and cost effective.

You can watch the presentation below, and although it is in Thai, the above summary describes its content.

Another winning performance at the Allianz Arena!

Congratulations Chelsea!

The magnificent Allianz Arena, opened in 2005, is home to both major Munich clubs, Bayern and TSV 1860. GRAITEC’ software was used in the design of the arena.

Allianz Arena Munchen

After a construction period of 951 days, the modern Allianz Arena was officially opened to the public.

This was a challenging construction, and another demonstration that GRAITEC continues to provide cutting edge software solutions that allow our customers to be efficient and competitive in the market.

Some facts on the Allianz Arena:

  • The Allianz Arena opened in 2005
  • Graitec software was used in the design
  • A total of 66,000 seats
  • A total base of 120m x 83m
  • A roof area of 38,000m²
  • A facade of 26,000m²
  • 120,000m³ of concrete
  • 22,000 tonnes of Steel

Other stadium projects completed using Graitec’s Advance Steel: 

Great feedback from one of our clients in UK

Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow is one of Scotland’s leading Structural and Civil Engineering Consultancies. The Company has 25 skilled Engineering staff working with the latest technology and within a Quality Management framework, providing a high standard of service, professionalism and flexible response to requirements. With Associates based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, the Company can call on approximately 35 technical staff to address the challenges of larger scale commissions throughout the whole of the UK.

Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow has been working with GRAITEC software for several years now and their response for the support and consulting services they received was rated: EXCELLENT.

Alistair Crawford, Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow spokesperson, declares: “GRAITEC support is the standard by which I judge other companies. Whilst many have improved over the years I still consider GRAITEC to be the level they should aspire to. Having a dedicated UK call and support centre is also a good ace to have up your sleeve.

GRAITEC offers its users a wide range of servicesto optimize productivity: complete service maintenance, phone, fax and E-mail based technical support, interactive live web support, general and custom training, special project assistanceand consulting services, CAD/design projects, custom software development and many others.

You can visit our Support  page for more information, or take a look at GRAITEC Advantage to see all the services included in our maintenance contract.

Here are some of the projects done by Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow:

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Graitec UK continue to expand adding a 3rd state of the art training suite in Southampton

Due to an ever increasing demand in customer training on our specialist CAD/CAE design technology, we have added a brand new state-of-the-art training room to help support the growing amount of customers on our courses. Last year Graitec UK achieved a 25% growth and this new training room is just one of the steps we have already taken to help our customers invest in their staff and make their business more effective.

Graitec UK continue to expand adding a 3rd state of the art training suite in Southampton

Our new-look training room is based in our Southampton office, UK and is fully equipped with state of the art workstations, dual screen setup and 50″ plasma trainer screen.

As with all our training facilities, the new room is bright and spacious with full air-conditioning encouraging a productive working atmosphere.

Did you know, we can also offer Advance Steel training in Dublin too!
We believe training is an essential part of our service to our customers, and we want you to leave our training sessions, motivated, enthused and well educated.

Graitec UK continue to expand adding a 3rd state of the art training suite in Southampton

Customer Feedback: 

Chris Price, AC Steels Limited :
“Productivity should triple, allowing more time to concentrate on other areas of our business”
Paul Osborne, Fordingbridge :
“It’s excellent!”
Stuart Hall, Specialised Steelwork Limited :
“In addition to our core work we are now able to take on different types of work”

To find out more about all the courses on offer at Graitec UK, please contact a member of the team on 0844 543 8888 or

2012 GRAITEC R&D Awards

This year, GRAITEC presented the 2011 R&D AWARDS to 5 members of the R&D department in Romania. The awards were handed by Francis GUILLEMARD, CEO and founder of the GRAITEC Group, at the 2012 Kick Off, in Bucharest.

The first 2011 Development Award was received by Bogdan ZAVU (Advance Concrete Team Leader) and Emil MOGA (Advance Concrete Senior Software Engineer), for the new DWG export procedure. The DWG export procedure is a key feature of ADVANCE Concrete, which was fully rewritten, resulting in a major speed improvement.

Development Award was received by Cosmin BARBU and Diana SERBANThe second 2011 DEVELOPMENT AWARD was received by Cosmin BARBU (Advance Design Project Manager) and Diana SERBAN (Advance Design Senior Software Engineer), for Crack Analysis, taking into account real reinforcement on beams and columns. Until now, Advance Design was dealing with the required reinforcement with regards to Concrete Design. Version 2012 of the software is making a big step forward, as Advance Design is now helping the user to determine the real reinforcement section and performing EC2 crack analysis.

The engine of Arche Beam was extensively reused and adapted for this project.

TECHNICAL AWARD FOR BEST DEVELOPMENT was received by Mircea KLEPSThe TECHNICAL AWARD FOR BEST DEVELOPMENT was received by Mircea KLEPS (Advance Steel Senior Software Engineer), for the Graitec Modeler as part of the Advance Steel Standalone project. The component was first started by Mihai DOBRESCU and continued by Florin SECUIANU and Mircea KLEPS, Mircea being the one whose fingerprint was decisive for the current engine state-of-the-art status.

In the next step, the component will be used for driving Advance Concrete.

For more information on all the new features of the 2012 GRAITEC Advance suite, please visit the GRAITEC ADVANTAGE page at .

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More doors open to Advance Steel

With the shocking Strucad announcement, Strucad users are now faced with a difficult decision – or is it?
For anyone involved in Structural Steelwork, the way GRAITEC UK sees it, there is a clear and easy choice, Advance Steel 2012!

Advance Steel 2012 offers:

– Proven track record with more than 10,000 seats worldwide

  •  Trusted market confidence

– Rapid adoption rate resulting in +50% growth in licenses in 2011 – 

  • Tried and tested solution

– Increased functionality / productivity 

  • New tools for all market sectors: BIM, Structures, Off-shore, Bridges, Architectural, Sheet-metalwork…

– Works as a standalone application or with AutoCAD – 

  • Flexibility for users to choose platform to that suits them – no need to have AutoCAD

– Low initial financial outlay 

  • A fantastic GRAITEC UK ‘Switch-offer’

– Quick and easy deployment

  • Set up company drawing borders in minutes

– Interoperability 

  • DSTv NC files in all versions, IFC, SDNF, CIS2, Graitec BIM, KISS, PSS…

– Support and Helpdesk service rated 98% excellent or good by users  

  • Dedicated team ready to help you by phone, email or remote assistance

The GRAITEC UK branch has never received so many phone calls and enquiries from people looking for an alternative solution to Strucad, and the feedback from those that have already moved to Advance Steel was “easy to use” and “very capable”.

If you have been affected and would like to see more about Advance Steel why not visit or contact one of the Graitec UK team on 0844 543 8888 or email your enquiry to