Graitec Launch – New Advance Workshop Console

The Workshop Console is a fantastic new tool that is now part of the Advance Workshop family. The new console adds additional sought after functionality which will be of great benefit to Steel fabrication and structures companies looking to improve tracking, control and productivity.

mobile console advance workshop Graitec

Essentially the new console gives you the ability to save and monitor production activities that form part your daily workflow through a simple tool based on a QRcode/Bar-code management system.

Deployment options are flexible allowing companies to install the console in the best way that suits their existing IT structure. Advance Workshop Console can be installed directly on a server that then acts as a remote application for mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Alternatively, it can also be installed directly on a local PC installed close to your existing work centers.

Advance-Workshop-QR-console-mobile-steel-Graitec.jpg (650×488)

The main features and benefits of console are:

  • Useable on mobile device
  • Useable on Personal Computer
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Use with 2D bar-code or QRCode
  • Production time registration with worker name
  • Product registration elements such as parts, assemblies and nesting
  • Discharge of stock items such as bolts and screws
  • Association of welding materials to assemblies for traceability
  • Printing of drawings/labels directly from reading the bar-code

An industrial PDA is used for tracking materials, Parts, EN1090 weld material and workshop personnel identification.

The QR code is readable from an in-house PDA via a program installed on the server to link the GRAITEC Advance Workshop database. You then just scan the code to see its contents. The QR code can include text, an address on the server, a storage address for plans and the content can then be transferred, printed. It is free to use.

With all these advantages and ease of use, using QR code for tagging is increasingly of interest to more and more industrial companies for reading and collection of critical information, collecting the data required for EN1090 processes or even the time recording of operators, welders.

About GRAITEC Advance Workshop

Advance Workshop: Steel fabrication production management software

GRAITEC Advance Workshop is a purpose-built, easy-to-use Steel Fabrication Management Information System (MIS) designed to give steel fabricators complete control over every stage of production. Manage stock, traceability, labour and CNC processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs – ultimately optimizing your total business performance.

GRAITEC Advance Workshop manages CNC Machinery and individual workforce alike making it adaptable to the needs of steel fabricators of all sizes and maturity. Read more…

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