The next-generation BIM for reinforced concrete in Revit®


header2Structural engineers and structural technicians, get ready to harness the power of engineering BIM data and connected structural workflows to automate reinforced concrete design, calculation and detailing directly from Revit®. The next-generation BIM technology for reinforced concrete in Revit® has arrived, GRAITEC Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers. The question is are you ready? Here’s what you need to know…

Old habits die hard

In an age where BIM is driving benefit-proven change across the industry, it is still surprising that the workflow between structural engineers and designers is mostly stop-start, with little or no connected workflow. There are always exceptions, but at best it seems there is an initial transfer of model geometry, and in some cases material property data, from one party (or product) to another. This appears to be used to get the project started and, more often than not, a one-off one-way process, ill repeated thereafter. It seems for reinforced concrete there is still a tendency to favor communication of design changes and sharing of project properties using digital 2D or printed documentation – arguably a liability constraint or necessary to avoid jeopardizing the integrity of the digital model. Continue reading


BIM Breakfast with Autodesk in Prague

On 5th of November companies Graitec and Autodesk organized an event for leading architectural and engineering companies focused on BIM. The event took place on the premises of the ancient Brevnov monastery in Prague.

Mr. Patrik Minks, Autodesk Territory Sales Executive, opened the event with short summary of the terminology and benefits of BIM in the construction industry. Mr. Miroslav Vyčítal, main site manager at SKANSKA, introduced the audience to the construction company’s experience in the implementation of BIM processes in their projects in Czech Republic. On projects of customers using Advance Steel and Advance ConcreteMr. Tomáš Huml, Graitec Local Product Manager, demonstrated the exchange data between individual professions, with focus on steel and concrete constructions. The participants appreciated the international know-how in the field of BIM delivered by Graitec.

Mr. Miroslav Kohout, Graitec country manager, highlights:Succeeding in the strong competition on the market means for our customers the sophisticated implementation of modern technology with the support of the GRAITEC professionals.

GRAITEC is preparing similar events in other European countries.

BIM breakfest with Autodesk in Prague BIM breakfest with Autodesk in Prague

Graitec Bridge Information Modelling

Bridge engineering is moving towards BrIM (Bridge Information Modelling) and looking to capitalise on the potential time and monetary savings already being realised through use of BIM in Construction. This brief overview shows how models can be transferred between disciplines (Design and Analysis in Advance Design through to Situational representation in Autodesk Revit to a Detailed version in Advance Steel) – using a single model from Analysis to Build.

GRAITEC Advance 2013 – Official release of Advance CAD 2013

Launched at the end of February 2013, BIM GRAITEC ADVANCE is the global CAD / Analysis & Design solutions for the construction engineering field. Advance CAD is part of the GRAITEC structural BIM solution and a newcomer in the GRAITEC Advance suite.

GRAITEC’s Advance CAD is fully compatible DWG® CAD software. It provides its users a simple, natural and economical solution to the frequent requirements of drawing creation and modification. Advance CAD creates all 2D entities (lines, poly-lines, arcs, circles, polygons, etc.) and associates all desired colors, line styles and shading. Concepts such as “layers”, “snap points”, “windows” are available as well as all navigation features (zoom, pan, orbit, etc.). Advance CAD can also create and handle 3D solids (cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc.) and perform Boolean operations.

GRAITEC Advance 2013 – Official release of Advance CAD 2013

In the complete 2D/3D CAD environment of the software, you can find all the common CAD tools and features, several innovative features meant to enhance user productivity, but also 3D modeling tools for drawing 3D solids, functions that allow face editing for 3D elements, all these wrapped up in a user-friendly, simple and intuitive interface.

The user interface is designed to get you familiarized fast with all the software elements and functionalities: quick access toolbar manager, ribbon tabs, customizable menus, keyboard shortcuts, auto-completion of commands, selection filters. It also offers you the possibility to customize general settings such as display, paths/files, user preferences, crosshairs or profiles.

GRAITEC Advance 2013 – Official release of Advance CAD 2013

Advance CAD provides full compatibility with AutoCAD®, using most of the same file formats including those for drawings (.DWG files), commands, line types, hatch patterns, and text styles. Advance CAD reads and writes .DWG files in their native format without data loss, from AutoCAD® 2012 and going all the way back to Version 2.5, including AutoCAD LT®. Because Advance CAD uses Autodesk® DWG™ format as its native file format, no conversion is required.

Advance CAD offers users all the professional 2D and 3D modeling tools and functionalities and at the same time it is cost effective.

You can download the DWG sample files from here.

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ADVANCE Steel 2013 reviewed by AEC Magazine

AEC Magazine

AEC is the online presence of AEC Magazine, UK’s number 1 journal for decision makers in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. AEC Magazine has a bold agenda that reflects the evolutionary nature of this fast-moving sector with its proliferation of software and hardware technologies and the collaborative working practices that are integral to today’s design and engineering workflow.

Greg Corke, Managing Editor for AEC Magazine, offers a first look at GRAITECs first release for this year: ADVANCE Steel 2013. For version 2013, the software remains focused on quality and enhanced efficiency: “Having done a major re-write last year, the 2013 release is about improving user productivity. GRAITEC has focused on four main areas — user interface, raw performance, modeling enhancements and drawing issue and re-issue.

Advance Steel 2013 reviewed by AEC Magazine

The start page is new, offering users a quick look at recent projects, videos, tutorials, FAQs and others. For the interface however, the biggest change is found in the tool palette, from which many of the model manipulation commands are found. In terms of performance, the graphic engine has been optimized, new viewing modes are available and the general speed has been improved. “GRAITEC has placed a big emphasis on performance and 64-bit support means there are now no limitations on model size, providing the workstation has enough system memory.

The modeling process has been improved thanks to new intelligent tools made ​​available to users. This reflects directly to the production and quality of the drawings, which are now “less manual”on the way these are updated or referenced.

While the performance improvements will no doubt be welcomed with open arms, it is the workflow enhancements that will arguably have the biggest impact — particularly when it comes to minimizing the amount of manual re-work required on re-issued drawings”, Greg Corke concluded.

Click here to read the full review 

GRAITEC Group reports +20.3% organic growth for 2012 and +125% profitability

GRAITEC, an international developer of 3D BIM Design-Build and Structural Design software for the construction industry, reports a turnover of 30.8 million Euros for the fiscal year ended December 31st, 2012. GRAITEC revenue organically increased by +20.3% compared to 2011. The Advance BIM suite had a +30% increase in turnover and Advance Steel had a +54% in turnover compared to 2011.

Key 2012 figures:

GRAITEC over performed the initial forecast of 29M€ for 2012:

  • Turnover of 30.8 M€, an increase of 20.3% compared to 2011.
  • The consolidated EBITDA increased +125% compared to 2011 reaching 5.4 M€.
  • 74% of the turnover international

GRAITEC Advance software results:

  • Advance Steel increased +54%
  • Advance Suite increased +30%
  • BIM Structural CAD Solutions +45%
  • Advance Suite represents more than 50% of Graitec Revenue

GRAITEC Advance is the complete BIM software solution, from design to detailing, intended for the international market.

Region Focus

Western Europe, in a difficult context for construction, GRAITEC grew in 2012 by 24% in Western Europe.

  • GRAITEC Germany led the Western European growth at Graitec with 21% increase in turnover. Each and every solution sold by GRAITEC Germany performed in 2012, from Advance Steel that registered a +26% growth, to the special performance of Advance Bridge 175% growth, and adopted by the key regulation organization in the industry. The Structural Analysis business, after a difficult 2011, is back on track and showed in 2012 a strong dynamism with 84% increase in turnover.
  • GRAITEC France, in a context of leadership and high maturity, delivered expectations, a solid 2012 with a turnover growth of 13%. GRAITEC France continues to reinforce its strong market leadership in the Structural Analysis solutions market. However, the 3D Structural BIM CAD became more and more strategic and represented 50% of Graitec France Growth.
  • GRAITEC Italy (B&B), exceptional performance of the Italian subsidiary based in Noale and acquired in 2011. In less than a year, GRAITEC Italy B&B has positioned Advance Steel as the standard solution for the steel market, with 245% growth in revenue and almost 150 licenses delivered to exclusively new customers.
  • GRAITEC UK had a great 2012 with an increase of 42% of the Advance Steel turnover, and the creation of a new sales office in the Midlands. The business indicators are showing an over 70% new business ratio and an initial attached rate of 97%.
  • Adris, as a dedicated Autodesk reseller, has over performed the industry standards with 32% growth in turnover and an improvement of its margin rate. Adris not only got certified in several fields, but reached the Autodesk UK Top 3 ranking and is leading the European VAR community in growth.

Eastern Europe, in a difficult context for construction, GRAITEC had some fantastic performances particularly in Russia with 64% growth.

  • GRAITEC Czech Republic (AB Studio) has shown a great capacity to sustain its level of activity and business, as leader of the AEC industry in Czech Republic. AB Studio continues to reinforce the presence of GRAITEC solutions in the Eastern Europe region and delivered +39% growth with the Advance BIM suite.
  • GRAITEC Romania delivered a solid performance in 2012 growing the business by 24%. The complete Advance BIM suite is offered to the Romanian market and every solution performed in 2012.
  • GRAITEC Russia continues to gain market share on the market and establish year after year Advance Steel as the standard solution for the Steel construction industry. The growth achievement is impressive (+64%) and the contribution of GRAITEC Russia is more significant year after year.

GRAITEC North America, 2012 shows an increasing contribution of the North American operations, the sales and technical organization controls the business and delivers over expectations. GRAITEC North American operations grew by 54% in 2012 with an impressive +108% for Advance Steel. The growth, market share and customer acquisition has been massive in 2012 but it is only the beginning for GRAITEC and we have great prospects for the future.

GRAITEC ASIA Pacific is definitely ramping up with 87% growth in 2012. Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and India are leading the GRAITEC growth in this region. GRAITEC reinforces its investment in the region, creating GRAITEC India to drive the Indian operations and offer proximity and local support to our customers.

2013 Outlook

GRAITEC wants to continue its market share acquisition as a global player of the BIM and Design-Build industry. GRAITEC will reinforce its international development, with new offices in USA and probably Brazil and the consolidation of the Asia Pacific operation through GRAITEC offices in India and Singapore supporting our resellers. The GRAITEC strategy remains to acquire customers and market share proposing the full 3D BIM GRAITEC Advance suite. Advance Steel will continue to drive the growth of our 3D BIM Design-Build solutions and consolidate its market leadership in growth and new business. The European Construction forecast is concerning and taking this factor into consideration we will target 15% turnover growth in 2013 and an operational profit up 40%. To support this growth, GRAITEC will recruit approximately 20 new employees who will contribute to the expansion of the company. A new release of the 3D BIM Advance suite is planned during Q3 2013 to better address some key markets and the requests of our customers.

Francis GUILLEMARD, CEO of GRAITEC, comments:
2012 was a fantastic achievement for GRAITEC. In a very difficult economic environment, GRAITEC has delivered very solid growth month after month. In 2012 we focused on our organic growth and decided to make a pause in our process of acquisition. This makes our performance even more remarkable. Our BIM Structural CAD solutions are clearly driving both the internationalization and the growth of GRAITEC. They benefit from a very unique positioning on the market and give the expected answer to the new challenges of the construction industry, such as Design-Build or BIM processes. In this field GRAITEC is definitely acquiring new market shares faster than any competitor.
The GRAITEC solution Advance Steel grew by more than 54% in 2012, this is an amazing success considering the Advance Steel growth rate in 2011 was 40%. This exciting growth in a traditionally slow growing market is positioning Advance Steel as the leading solution in growth, on the market. In 2012 we sold close to 1200 commercial licenses to more than 700 customers, 6 new users join the Advance Steel community every day. It’s important to notice that the vast majority of those users are new users we migrate from 2D solutions to the benefits of 3D, BIM and Design-Build.
In 2013 GRAITEC will continue its growth, and continue its international expansion driven by Asia Pacific and North America. GRAITEC is also actively working on potential new strategic acquisitions to reinforce its technical leadership or support new markets penetration. I rely on our strategy, teams and solutions to make of 2013 a great milestone in the GRAITEC history.

Graitec Group people

Advance Steel Release of Version 2013

Advance Steel Release of Version 2013GRAITEC announces the release of version 2013 of its flagship 3D structural steel detailing software for automating drawing production: Advance Steel.

Advance Steel is specifically designed for steel professionals who require an easy-to-use 3D structural steel detailing software for automating drawing production. Advance Steel is based on the implementation of a digital model (BIM / Building Information Model) and automates the creation of drawings, BOMs and NC files. Advance Steel drastically increases productivity and drawing quality, while reducing the risk of errors. The software also allows users to communicate information in the digital model to all project stakeholders.

The improvements in Version 2013 are organized in the following categories:

  • Enhanced ergonomics and ease of use
  • New productivity tools
  • Availability in new markets: Australia, India, Brazil


Independent of the AutoCAD platform since Version 2012, Advance Steel improves its ergonomics and ease of use by providing a new user interface element, the “palette”, which contains animated buttons and tooltips. New features, such as direct access to workshop drawings with a simple right-click in the model or the improved capabilities of working with joint groups, further enhance the simplicity of this new version.


Advance Steel has many new innovations: first, the ability to create custom connections allowing users to define, store and reuse custom connections in their projects and thus easily adapt to all types of situations.

For Olivier RASQUIER, Steel detailer at Ets J-C FASSLER (France) and Version 2013 beta user: “Until now, I was frequently creating my connections “manually” because my projects are all specific. With Advance Steel 2013, I can create my own custom connections and save them in my library. I can then easily reuse them in my new projects because they automatically adapt to new situations: changed profile orientation, different section etc. I can also clone them and create slightly different ones, as nothing is fixed anymore.

Advance Steel Release of Version 2013

Version 2013 also adds new connections for cold rolled profiles (anti-sag and tie rod systems, trimmer cleats, and eaves beam connections) for faster and more efficient drawing creation.

Many other features are also available such as the option to create welding lines in drawings. This function is based on recognition technology of “notable points” that updates automatically when the model is changed which also applies to manual dimensions that are updated automatically by Advance Steel 2013. These innovations provide greater efficiency in terms of modeling and document creation for fabrication and assembly, and significantly increase user efficiency.

Advance Steel “Professional” and “Premium” versions come with an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows users with computer programming skills to enhance and customize the software.


Version 2013 has been adapted for the Australian, Indian, and Brazilian markets.
Besides translation, the following software configurations are implemented: initialization of software settings according to local usage, enriched libraries (profiles, bolts, cladding, etc.), and drawing style configuration that meets local requirements.
Advance Steel 2013 has also been enhanced with specific connections for the Australian market.

Lantek expands its technological partnership base with GRAITEC

Lantek, a world leader in sheet metal and structural steel manufacturing solutions, and GRAITEC, specialists in BIM (Building Information Modelling) are collaborating to integrate their software solutions to provide a seamless design and manufacturing solution for the structural steel industry. Furthermore, the partnership will allow both companies to expand and consolidate their businesses in new markets.  

Lantek expands its technological partnership base with GRAITEC  Lantek expands its technological partnership base with GRAITEC

Lantek develops and markets world class CAD/CAM/MES/ERP software solutions for the sheet metal and structural steel industry and, with the announcement of the signing of a collaborative agreement with GRAITEC, aims to develop its extended technical innovation programme. The alliance will enable both companies to offer clients a single, integrated and technologically advanced system. The partnership signifies the start of a professional relationship for the two companies, enabling them to consolidate their position in the sheet metal and steel construction industry at an international level.

Lantek expands its technological partnership base with GRAITEC

GRAITEC  is a pioneer in the development and marketing of software dedicated to structural design and engineering for the construction industry.

It has more than 25 years of experience in this market, 12 branch offices dotted around Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, a team of 260 employees and more than 40,000 users worldwide.

With a turnover of more than 25 million Euros in 2011, GRAITEC is currently the only supplier able to offer a complete and integrated range of design and structural analysis solutions for the steel, concrete and wood construction industries.

GRAITEC offers innovative BIM technology, which increases productivity and safety through automation, integrated design and process control. Its software has the capacity to intelligently exchange data, making collaboration between professionals in construction design and those in the construction sector simpler and more flexible by facilitating sound, intelligent and fluid communication.

Lantek expands its technological partnership base with GRAITEC

As part of the collaborative agreement, the two companies are working on a bi-directional integration process between the GRAITEC Advance BIM software and the Lantek Steelworks solution. This will bring together both technologies, by sharing the models designed in GRAITEC Advance Steel. As a result, a structural steel project will be able to be managed in Lantek Steelworks and its progress fed back into Advance Steel, providing users with a flexible and simple management process. The benefit is a more powerful and rapid solution, which makes it possible to dynamically generate and manage structural project information, substantially reducing the time and resources spent on design and construction.

As part of the collaboration the two companies will coordinate the innovation process and reserve the necessary technical and human resources to achieve their goals in such a way as not to affect their normal product development schedules. As part of this process, Lantek has implemented a training programme for its technical team in GRAITEC’s products to speed up and effectively manage the integration.

Lantek intends to integrate with all structural design software applications on the market,” says Alberto Martínez, CEO at Lantek. “This initiative enables Lantek, once again, to manifest its desire to develop integral, dynamic and ultra-efficient solutions which are at the forefront of technology and adapted to the needs of users, enabling them to increase their competitive edge“.

GRAITEC, just like Lantek, is an innovative and flexible company which focuses on globalisation and technical collaboration in order to enrich its solutions, particularly within the framework of structural construction,” says Alexandre Tartas, managing director at GRAITEC.

We are very pleased about this initiative, as it means working with a company renowned in the industry. It allows us to enhance our Advance Steel solution from a functional and technical point of view, and gives us the means to respond efficiently to the challenges which face companies and structural engineers.

In addition, the partnership between the two companies will give them both the opportunity to tap into new fast-emerging markets and increase their presence in other countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Asia for GRAITEC, and Canada and Romania, Eastern Europe for Lantek.

CAD Digest – review of GRAITEC Advance’s BIM Capabilities for Structural Design

CAD Digest, one of the most popular online sources for CAD, CAM & CAE articles, reviews the capabilities of the GRAITEC ADVANCE suite as a complete solution for structural design.

The author of the review, Protim Banerjee  (with 15 years of experience in construction management, structural engineering and AEC software development) provides an overview of the GRAITEC ADVANCE suite, highlighting the pros as well as the cons for compatibility and data exchange with Revit Structures 2012.

GRAITEC ADVANCE and Revit Structures have been compatible since 2006, up to the present time. This integration has allowed engineers and design offices using software solutions from both suites to run their structure calculation and drawing creation quickly, without recreating the model and with a minimal risk of errors. As an Autodesk partner for over 10 years, GRAITEC offers an application for Revit Structures – GRAITEC BIM Connect – that ensures the compatibility of Revit models with the GRAITEC Advance suite and with industry standards, such as IFC and SDNF. With GRAITEC BIM Connect, data is imported and exported between applications, using GRAITEC’s own transfer file format – GTC files. The free Revit add-on is available for download here. This add-on generates GTC files for import into GRAITEC applications, and also works as a two-way transfer.

CAD Digest – review of GRAITEC Advance's BIM Capabilities for Structural Design

“The Revit add-on allows model synchronization, a tool very useful for comparing the original model with updated ones. The changes that are alerted include member additions (appended), member modifications (modified), and member deletions (deleted); the alerts are made by color coding and by tabulating them in the synchronization dialog. You can review the changes, and then decide whether to accept them” Protim Banerjee states.

CAD Digest – review of GRAITEC Advance's BIM Capabilities for Structural Design

GRAITEC BIM Connectt is, in fact, a concept which has constantly improved since 2009. Its key features include data synchronization with the GRAITEC ADVANCE Suite, IFC Interface (Import / Export), CIS/2 Interface (Import / Export), SDNF Interface (Import / Export), PSS Interface (Import / Export). The 3D model is imported from Autodesk Revit Structure (or Autodesk Revit Architecture) to the desired GRAITEC Structural Analysis or Detailing product. To complete the model, a structural analysis and design process is run to optimize the structure, and then synchronized with the Revit Structure model to include any modifications. The implemented elements are structural elements (columns, beams, wall, slabs), custom families containing an analytical model, supports and loads.

CAD Digest – review of GRAITEC Advance's BIM Capabilities for Structural Design

“GRAITEC has carefully conceived the overall BIM process with the use of its GTC file format. The concept of cross section mapping and synchronization of changes is certainly very innovative. GRAITEC scores good points when it comes to the software design”, Protim Banerjee concludes, stating also that the GRAITEC ADVANCE suite covers all aspects of structural BIM workflow.

CAD Digest – review of GRAITEC Advance's BIM Capabilities for Structural Design

You can read the full review here.

AEC Day 2012 – Presentation of BIM GRAITEC Advance suite

AppliCAD was founded in 1994 by a team that decided to penetrate the Windows based CAD/CAM market after experience in UNIX-CAD/CAM with SUN Workstation for 4 years. The company started its business with Plant Design Management Software and expanded the product line. Presently, AppliCAD is highly committed to offering customers the best solutions for their requirements. Thereby, it is recognized as The Best Design Technology Expert in Thailand.

AEC Day 2012 – Presentation of BIM GRAITEC Advance suite

With over 15 years of experience, AppliCAD Thailand is a “GRAITEC ADVANCE Authorized Reseller” enriching our Value Added Reseller program. It provides mechanical solutions, architecture engineering and construction solutions, rapid prototype and 3D scan solutions and also plant solutions for a wide range of customers in Asia Pacific.

For the 2012 AEC Day, AppliCAD presented the BIM GRAITEC Advance suite as a complete solution for architects, engineering offices, detailers and fabricators which require global CAD / Analysis & Design solutions.  AppliCAD highlighted the GRAITEC Transfer Center (GTC) which allows all the models created with GRAITEC software to be synchronized, with no data loss and no need for data reentry. The GTC is an important step in creating and handling a BIM (Building Information Model).

The main subject of the presentation, however, was ADVANCE Steel and Concrete software, as an advanced modeling and detailing system, easy to use, time saving and cost effective.

You can watch the presentation below, and although it is in Thai, the above summary describes its content.

Focus Magazine, June Edition: Redefining the Future of Construction with Innovative IT in Asia Pacific

Focus Magazine, a prestigious magazine aimed at promoting French businesses in Singapore and in the region, is a publication written in English, produced by the FCCS (French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore ) and distributed to the French, European and Singaporean Business Communities in Singapore. Each issue deals with a specific subject related to French businesses in Singapore or in Asia.

Focus Magazine, June Edition: Redefining the Future of Construction with Innovative IT in Asia Pacific

Last month’s edition welcomed our very own Pascal Bergougnou, Managing Director of GRAITEC Asia-Pacific in Singapore, to talk about the major changes that occurred in Asia Pacific, mainly Singapore, in recent years and his strategic move for the GRAITEC PTE subsidiary. He states: “From commercial to residential, new development to upgrade, retrofits to restorations, Asia is the engine of growth. The Singapore construction sector has enjoyed robust growth with building contracts worth 25.7 billion USD, representing an annual increase of 14% in recent years.”

Singapore’s construction industry is set to grow significantly over the next years. But the political scenario is not as favorable as it should be. Several changes to government policies have affected the construction industry, including a 40% reduction in foreign workers by 2013. As Hubert H. Humphrey, former Vice President of the United States of America, once stated: “Asia is rich in people, rich in culture and rich in resources. It is also rich in trouble.”

Despite this, the Asia Pacific economy is showing signs of recovery from the global recession. The construction industry’s growth will be sustained by demand for public housing and other major infrastructure projects. Organizations like Build Smart Singapore and Building & Construction Authority have been extremely active to achieve higher productivity through the buildable design legislation.

With more than 13 years of experience in sales and business development across Asia, Pascal Bergougnou has a comprehensive understanding of business in Asia. After a year and a half as Managing Director for Asia Pacific, he articulated the goals of the GRAITEC Singapore subsidiary: exploring business avenues, expanding market share and penetrating into emerging markets and sectors of growth in Infrastructure and Construction.

 To see the full June edition of Focus Magazine, click here


Established in 1903, Peddinghaus Corporation is the acknowledged global leader providing innovative machine tool technology for structural steel and plate fabrication. From Anvils and Bench Vises to Technologically Advanced Structural and Plate Fabrication Systems, Peddinghaus has served the Steel Construction, Heavy Plate Fabrication, and related Metal Working Industries for more than 100 years.

Being committed to the industry for such a long time, Peddinghaus turned to GRAITEC’s ADVANCE Steel, because of its ability to automatically generate bills of materials and NC files. With ADVANCE Steel, there is a direct link from the model to the Peddinghaus machine tool. Basically, CNC machines can be programmed by advanced design software, enabling the manufacture of products that cannot be made by manual machines, even those used by skilled designers or engineers. Modern design software allows designers to simulate the manufacture of their ideas. There is no need to make a prototype or a model. This saves both time and money, while providing the most accurate, productive, and profitable parts or products.

ADVANCE Steel creates all fabrication drawings and offers a large selection of tools for automatic detail creation, dimensions, annotations, and accelerates the creation of general arrangement drawingsfabrication drawingslist of materials and NC files: complete library of structural elements, parametric and customizable connections, wizards for miscellaneous steel (stairs, railing), materials library, sections, bolts, and others.

Needless to say, the advantages of combining computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer aided designing (CAD) are many: reduced cycle time and non-production time, jobs can be set up more quickly, improved accuracy, reduction of scrap and lower scrap rates.

SSMB Magazine Anniversary Issue: GRAITEC – Providing advanced technological platforms for steel structure detailing

“Steel Structures & Metal Buildings” is an Indian journal designed to promote and encourage companies from the steel building field and to showcase the latest projects and innovations in the industry. May’s edition is a special anniversary issue, which includes industry viewpoints concerning Indian building and construction, international and Indian case studies and best structures of 2010-2012.

One of the main focuses of this issue is answering one important question: How do specialists perceive the growth of the structural steel industry in India from a technological point of view? Being one of the magazine’s “Brand to watch out for”, GRAITEC was also asked to make a statement on this matter. And who better to do so than Pascal Bergougnou, Managing Director at GRAITEC Pte, in Singapore, managing the Asia-Pacific area.

Despite its rapid growth, India, the 7th largest country in the world and one of the oldest civilizations, still has a developing economy. However, presently, India is one of the largest exporters of computer software products. It exports software solutions to over 90 countries worldwide, and “has established a good reputation as a structural steel detailing partner with many companies because of its executive support and willingness to be flexible as business needs change”, Pascal Bergougnou declares.

The Asia-Pacific region has major business opportunities as it continues to mature in BIM technologies. With the ADVANCE portfolio, GRAITEC has the opportunity and challenge to target these markets and contribute to the international development of the group in the BIM market. GRAITEC is committed to meeting clients’ needs in the growing construction-engineering sector, always promoting performance and efficiency.

Another winning performance at the Allianz Arena!

Congratulations Chelsea!

The magnificent Allianz Arena, opened in 2005, is home to both major Munich clubs, Bayern and TSV 1860. GRAITEC’ software was used in the design of the arena.

Allianz Arena Munchen

After a construction period of 951 days, the modern Allianz Arena was officially opened to the public.

This was a challenging construction, and another demonstration that GRAITEC continues to provide cutting edge software solutions that allow our customers to be efficient and competitive in the market.

Some facts on the Allianz Arena:

  • The Allianz Arena opened in 2005
  • Graitec software was used in the design
  • A total of 66,000 seats
  • A total base of 120m x 83m
  • A roof area of 38,000m²
  • A facade of 26,000m²
  • 120,000m³ of concrete
  • 22,000 tonnes of Steel

Other stadium projects completed using Graitec’s Advance Steel: 

GRAITEC becomes an Intel® Software Registered Partner

May 4th 2012, GRAITEC joins the Intel® partnership and becomes an Intel® Software Registered Partner.

GRAITEC becomes an Intel® Software Registered Partner

The key activity of GRAITEC is to design, develop and sell software products allowing construction engineers and draftsmen to optimize their productivity, minimize design mistakes and improve collaboration. The flag ship product suite, called GRAITEC Advance is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) system that automates the entire structural design and construction documentation process from engineering design and structural analysis to member optimization, detailing and fabrication.

The product suite deals with 3D modeling, Finite Element calculation, real time rendering, automatic creation and management of thousands of documents.
It therefore requires high performance from the computer it is running on, in terms of CPU and graphic usage.

The Intel® partnership will help GRAITEC build optimized software that provides better performance and better value to GRAITEC customers.

For Manuel LIEDOT, Chief Product Officer for GRAITEC: “GRAITEC is really pleased and excited to join the Intel® partnership. It will facilitate GRAITEC’s access to the right tools, techniques and support from Intel® for providing always more efficient and effective software to our customers.

GRAITEC Group announces + 19.9% turnover growth for first Quarter 2012

 GRAITEC announces 19.9% turnover growth for the first Quarter of 2012, compared to 2011.

After a very intensive 2011, the first quarter of 2012 exceeds expectations from a turnover and margin perspective for GRAITEC.

Going more into the details, the performance of GRAITEC France, USA, Russia and Germany are absolutely remarkable. The new subsidiary in Italy has also realized a superb performance with a turnover that exceeds the objectives by +34%.

The GRAITEC Advance suite has achieved during Q1 2012 an amazing growth of +43% compared to 2011: “This is a great performance that demonstrates the growth capacity of GRAITEC solutions but also their fit to the market, customer needs and BIM environment” comments Alexandre Tartas, GRAITEC COO.

GRAITEC announces +52% growth of Advance Steel for 2011Advance Steel continues on a very positive tendency growing by almost 40% during Q1, both mature markets and new markets have contributed to this success. Alexandre Tartas comments: “The impact of the Advance Steel standalone application has not been significant during Q1, due to a pretty late delivery during the quarter. We expect a real effect during Q2 and feel very optimistic since the customer feedback is absolutely amazing. GRAITEC has also registered significant sales to Strucad customers during Q1 and many contacts have been established with companies that are using this solution and are very happy to consider Advance Steel“.

GRAITEC announces +52% growth of Advance Steel for 2011 Advance Design continues to benefit from a high adoption rate especially on the French market that recognizes that GRAITEC provides the very best structural analysis solution on this market. “The quality of the solution provided such as the comprehensive international codes and the service provided by GRAITEC have highly contributed to the great Q1 result for Advance Design with 45% growth“, says Alexandre Tartas.

GRAITEC announces +52% growth of Advance Steel for 2011 Last but not least, Advance Concrete growth has been a strong contributor to the Advance suite performance, showing a 61% growth year to year. Alexandre Tartas comments: “We have spent a lot of time with our customers to deeper understand their expectations and have translated them in features to improve their Advance Concrete experience, we are proud to say the result of this work.

Alexandre Tartas concludes: “Q1 2012 has been a great success but is just a step in the GRAITEC 2012 road to 29 million Euros and it shows the Group capacity to grow. We expect to continue to enjoy such performance in 2012.

Great feedback from one of our clients in UK

Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow is one of Scotland’s leading Structural and Civil Engineering Consultancies. The Company has 25 skilled Engineering staff working with the latest technology and within a Quality Management framework, providing a high standard of service, professionalism and flexible response to requirements. With Associates based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, the Company can call on approximately 35 technical staff to address the challenges of larger scale commissions throughout the whole of the UK.

Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow has been working with GRAITEC software for several years now and their response for the support and consulting services they received was rated: EXCELLENT.

Alistair Crawford, Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow spokesperson, declares: “GRAITEC support is the standard by which I judge other companies. Whilst many have improved over the years I still consider GRAITEC to be the level they should aspire to. Having a dedicated UK call and support centre is also a good ace to have up your sleeve.

GRAITEC offers its users a wide range of servicesto optimize productivity: complete service maintenance, phone, fax and E-mail based technical support, interactive live web support, general and custom training, special project assistanceand consulting services, CAD/design projects, custom software development and many others.

You can visit our Support  page for more information, or take a look at GRAITEC Advantage to see all the services included in our maintenance contract.

Here are some of the projects done by Will Rudd Davidson Edinburgh & Glasgow:

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Graitec UK continue to expand adding a 3rd state of the art training suite in Southampton

Due to an ever increasing demand in customer training on our specialist CAD/CAE design technology, we have added a brand new state-of-the-art training room to help support the growing amount of customers on our courses. Last year Graitec UK achieved a 25% growth and this new training room is just one of the steps we have already taken to help our customers invest in their staff and make their business more effective.

Graitec UK continue to expand adding a 3rd state of the art training suite in Southampton

Our new-look training room is based in our Southampton office, UK and is fully equipped with state of the art workstations, dual screen setup and 50″ plasma trainer screen.

As with all our training facilities, the new room is bright and spacious with full air-conditioning encouraging a productive working atmosphere.

Did you know, we can also offer Advance Steel training in Dublin too!
We believe training is an essential part of our service to our customers, and we want you to leave our training sessions, motivated, enthused and well educated.

Graitec UK continue to expand adding a 3rd state of the art training suite in Southampton

Customer Feedback: 

Chris Price, AC Steels Limited :
“Productivity should triple, allowing more time to concentrate on other areas of our business”
Paul Osborne, Fordingbridge :
“It’s excellent!”
Stuart Hall, Specialised Steelwork Limited :
“In addition to our core work we are now able to take on different types of work”

To find out more about all the courses on offer at Graitec UK, please contact a member of the team on 0844 543 8888 or

2012 GRAITEC R&D Awards

This year, GRAITEC presented the 2011 R&D AWARDS to 5 members of the R&D department in Romania. The awards were handed by Francis GUILLEMARD, CEO and founder of the GRAITEC Group, at the 2012 Kick Off, in Bucharest.

The first 2011 Development Award was received by Bogdan ZAVU (Advance Concrete Team Leader) and Emil MOGA (Advance Concrete Senior Software Engineer), for the new DWG export procedure. The DWG export procedure is a key feature of ADVANCE Concrete, which was fully rewritten, resulting in a major speed improvement.

Development Award was received by Cosmin BARBU and Diana SERBANThe second 2011 DEVELOPMENT AWARD was received by Cosmin BARBU (Advance Design Project Manager) and Diana SERBAN (Advance Design Senior Software Engineer), for Crack Analysis, taking into account real reinforcement on beams and columns. Until now, Advance Design was dealing with the required reinforcement with regards to Concrete Design. Version 2012 of the software is making a big step forward, as Advance Design is now helping the user to determine the real reinforcement section and performing EC2 crack analysis.

The engine of Arche Beam was extensively reused and adapted for this project.

TECHNICAL AWARD FOR BEST DEVELOPMENT was received by Mircea KLEPSThe TECHNICAL AWARD FOR BEST DEVELOPMENT was received by Mircea KLEPS (Advance Steel Senior Software Engineer), for the Graitec Modeler as part of the Advance Steel Standalone project. The component was first started by Mihai DOBRESCU and continued by Florin SECUIANU and Mircea KLEPS, Mircea being the one whose fingerprint was decisive for the current engine state-of-the-art status.

In the next step, the component will be used for driving Advance Concrete.

For more information on all the new features of the 2012 GRAITEC Advance suite, please visit the GRAITEC ADVANTAGE page at .

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More doors open to Advance Steel

With the shocking Strucad announcement, Strucad users are now faced with a difficult decision – or is it?
For anyone involved in Structural Steelwork, the way GRAITEC UK sees it, there is a clear and easy choice, Advance Steel 2012!

Advance Steel 2012 offers:

– Proven track record with more than 10,000 seats worldwide

  •  Trusted market confidence

– Rapid adoption rate resulting in +50% growth in licenses in 2011 – 

  • Tried and tested solution

– Increased functionality / productivity 

  • New tools for all market sectors: BIM, Structures, Off-shore, Bridges, Architectural, Sheet-metalwork…

– Works as a standalone application or with AutoCAD – 

  • Flexibility for users to choose platform to that suits them – no need to have AutoCAD

– Low initial financial outlay 

  • A fantastic GRAITEC UK ‘Switch-offer’

– Quick and easy deployment

  • Set up company drawing borders in minutes

– Interoperability 

  • DSTv NC files in all versions, IFC, SDNF, CIS2, Graitec BIM, KISS, PSS…

– Support and Helpdesk service rated 98% excellent or good by users  

  • Dedicated team ready to help you by phone, email or remote assistance

The GRAITEC UK branch has never received so many phone calls and enquiries from people looking for an alternative solution to Strucad, and the feedback from those that have already moved to Advance Steel was “easy to use” and “very capable”.

If you have been affected and would like to see more about Advance Steel why not visit or contact one of the Graitec UK team on 0844 543 8888 or email your enquiry to