New and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

GRAITEC, an international BIM and CAD software developer for AEC, and Autodesk® Platinum Partner in US and across Europe, is delighted to announce the launch of its new GRAITEC Advance Suite 2017, providing the very best modeling and design software solutions to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction market.

GRAITEC has continuously strived to provide first-rate advancements for innovative software solutions to its valued customers, and the recent launch of its new and upgraded product range for 2017 is no exception, proving they are still top of their game in terms of providing top-level Construction, AEC and Building Design software solutions worldwide.

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC CEO enthuses:Our 2017 product range introduces practical functionality across all products to address the daily needs of our customers, whilst helping us meet the growing demands of our expanding markets. Providing our customers with more choice, better value and improved technological solutions to everyday challenges is a key part of our commitment.Mr Guillemard continues:BIM is also challenging software developers to rethink the way their technology is applied to project design challenges and accessed across globally dispersed teams. GRAITEC is constantly improving how we engage with our customers and continually pushing the technology boundaries to deliver real value to our users and this is reflected in the 2017 product range.

Mr Guillemard concludes:This year we decided to include a preview version of our highly anticipated range of Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers. We wanted to introduce the structural market to the next-generation structural technology that is making it possible to transition to a connected BIM workflow, and use BIM data to provide a high-degree of automation across structural design to detailing cycles, all without having to radically change what they are already doing. It is clear that customer are expecting more from their software and their loyalty will lie with technology that works harder to deliver what they need. We are confident our new range of Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers will set new standards for future BIM technology.”

Advance Design 2017

New and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

GRAITEC’s flagship Finite Element Design and Analysis solution, Advance Design, has been enhanced to include full integration with the new GRAITEC Advance BIM Designer collection. The Steel Connection BIM Designer, Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers and the Steel Structure Designer integration enables advanced structural BIM workflows and next-gen process automation across disciplines and multiple platforms including Revit®. With a committed focus on improvements in managing steel projects, further updates include the use of Excel to enable tabular access and grid control as a way to easily modify the properties of structural elements, the ability to enable or disable structural objects for calculation, new load groups added to the Moving Load Generator and the possibility to create a rigid element with a single click without having to manually define a rigid section or material, resulting in a highly simplified workflow.

Commencing with the 2017 version, North American users can benefit from a set bundle comprising Advance Design 2017 and Advance Design America 2017. Advance Design America includes the same expert structural analysis and design software, in-line with North American norms and standards. Users are able to install and use either Advance Design or Advance Design America. For further information, please contact one of our GRAITEC offices.

Advance Workshop 2017

Advance Workshop: Steel fabrication production management softwareNew and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

After the successful launch of Advance WorkshopSteel Fabrication Management Information System last year, the rapid uptake and high demand has seen GRAITEC accelerate development to significantly improve native interoperability with Tekla and Advance Steel. Through embedding its BIM linking software – BIM Connect – advanced connected BIM workflows can be supported and connected to the fabrication process whilst Advance Steel users benefit from an extended profile management, which links directly with Autodesk® Advance Steel databases.

A wider range of CAM Manufacturer’s new machine ranges are supported, whilst provision for smart phone integration can enable cost-effective rapid delivery and tracking of production, using bar codes. The support of Unicode characters and new languages expands the natural market for the product. Users can also manually tweak planning sequencing to improve project management. Additional features comprise new algorithms for importing irregular plate shapes, advanced waste-reduction nesting calculations, stock optimization, material traceability and Time Reader reports for utilization analysis, plus many new features to assist sales and management.

PowerPack for Revit® 2017

PowerPack for Revit Dynamic vertical application provided by GRAITEC for Autodesk Revit users

The GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Revit® 2017 is compatible with both Autodesk® Revit® 2016 and 2017 and comes with a range of tools dedicated to improving and speeding up the user’s daily experience when using Revit® software. New to this version, the BIM Data Link tool, which links Revit® and Excel, introduces new ways to share and reuse project data whilst uniquely retaining any colours, formatting, filtering and sorting applied in either platform. Two additional exciting new tools, highly requested by users of the PowerPack for Revit® are the Numbering tool and Impact Views Manager.

New and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

The Numbering tool is incredibly powerful as it can be applied to any Revit® category or family detected in the active project, allowing the created numbering to be further used for tagging everything from rooms to doors and windows to MEP services to grids and everything in between. The numbering tool breaks the traditional boundaries, enabling combinations of active type parameters, prefixes and suffixes as well as grouping to be applied together with user interactive selection sequences or predetermined context sensitive algorithm-paths.

The Impact Views Management tool enables complex views to be created which display both the active elements together with any hidden ‘impact-elements’ or load-bearing elements which may, for example, be above and/or below a selected slab. More unlike traditional workarounds which create static views that do not update, views created with the Impact Views Manager remain connected to the model and update to reflect any changes.

Additional, notable MEP tools include Pipe Opening which detects all clashes between MEP services and Structural elements and allows openings to be applied in all instances on the fly or globally, based on user preferences. The tool monitors all clashes and manages the relationship throughout the project. Other MEP tools include a variety of pipe tags for naming and thickness. Enhancements have also been made to a number of existing tools such as the Family Manager, with the option to add network folders and many more.

GRAITEC is an Autodesk® Platinum Partner in Europe and America and continuously develops its PowerPack to provide significant value to its Revit® customers worldwide.

PowerPack for Advance Steel 2017

PowerPack: Productivity set of tools, templates and connections for Autodesk Advance SteelNew and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

Compatible with Autodesk® Advance Steel 2017, the GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Advance Steel introduces a wide selection of exclusive joints, tools and utilities for Advance Steel users. The PowerPack now includes new profiles for worldwide Cold Rolled systems manufacturers with a range of intelligent parametric Cold Rolled joints that automatically adapt to the selected suppliers preferences for purlins, apex-ties and anti-sag systems. These joints combine the functionality of over 15 individual joints to simplify the process of adding cold rolled systems to your projects, or even switching suppliers. Users are also able to select folded or flat plate cleats, stays or sleeves between two purlins. Other improvements can be seen in the commands to export parts to ACIS models and the folded plate extender which adds plates and folds along any selected edge of a plate.

Advance BIM Designers Collection 2017

Advance BIM Designers: Apps for Structural Design, Modeling and Documentation

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers are a collections of apps dedicated to streamlining structural BIM workflows, for automating the traditional design and modelling processes and the production of technical documentation, and are capable of working on multiple platforms. In this release GRAITEC expands its Advance BIM Designers Collection to include Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers and Foundation BIM Designers, both of which are available as a preview-release and expected to be commercially available after the summer.



Structural BIM Designers

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Structure Designer 2017

Steel Structure Designer 2017

New and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

The Steel Structure Designer allows the user to quickly configure complete steel structures in a wide variety of shapes and is fully compatible with Autodesk® Advance Steel and GRAITEC Advance Design. The 2017 version now enables curved roofs to be created in either direction, with purlins that automatically align to the curvature of the roof – a notoriously tricky task to manage manually. This version also sees the introduction of a library feature, with save/load options, and predefined building configurations that instantly create structural buildings complete with bracing, railings, floor beams, platforms, door and window openings, and cladding in a few seconds.

With options for controlling all aspects of setting out or designing a steel structure including column placement, floor management, bracing types, gables walls, openings, and even side rails and roofing systems, including cladding – which is instantly trimmed to the area and around openings and should alone save hours – and the ability to save and load your designs on the fly adding to the library, the Steel Structure Designer is a powerful building configurator that reduces modelling time to a fraction of the time compared with standard modelling practices.

Steel BIM Designers

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Stair & Railing Designer 2017

Stair & Railing Designer 2017

New and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

Steel Railing Designer 2017 (formerly Ball Post Railing Designer) is fully compatible with Autodesk® Advance Steel 2017 and sees enhancements to the existing Ball Post Railing systems, whilst introducing new railing types including standard railing and wall railing. One of the new key features of the Railing Designer is the ability to now place any railing along a simple line or polyline or even by fixed points, rapidly expanding the flexibility and capability of the system. The Ball Post module supports various user-defined or manufacturer-specific ball post railing systems, with the flexibility to create and modify kickrails, post lengths, handrail parameters, distance between posts, connections and more applies in all cases. The wall mounted railings will be a welcome feature by many users.

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Stair Designer 2017

Steel Stair Designer 2017

New and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

New to the collection is the Steel Stair Designer which introduces the ability to configure Balanced and Saddled Stairs systems. These new additions to the BIM Designers Collection offer a glimpse of expected future capability and offer new levels of productivity for Autodesk® Advance Steel users. Traditionally, these are very complex or time-consuming stair configurations. Options for the balanced stair include single, double or central stringers from plate, flat or sections, automatically calculated winders with manual override, multiple tread types and complete control over the fixing. Equally applicable to the saddled stair: users can switch between double support stringers from section profiles, to saw-tooth plate stringers with cantilevered treads.

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Connection Designer 2017

Steel Connection Designer 2017 **Preview-Release**

New and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

New to the BIM Designer Collection, the Steel Connection Designer is an interactive connection designer for calculating common steel connections including Base Plate, Moment End Plate and Apex Haunch to Eurocode EC3. Supporting international design codes, the Steel Connection Designer is compatible with Advance Design 2017 and available as a preview release. With the ability to manage and calculate bolted and welded joints, and with fully detailed design reports that include the calculation formulas and reference to the design code, the Steel Connection Designer introduces a higher degree of accuracy.

Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Reinforced ConcreteGRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | RC Column DesignerGRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | RC Beam DesignerGRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | RC Footing Designer

RC Column Designer / RC Beam Designer / RC Footing Designer 2017 **Preview Release**

New to the BIM Designer Collection, and introducing radical changes including a high-degree of automation to traditional structural workflows, the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers for Columns, Beams and Footings are compatible with, and integrated in Autodesk® Revit® 2016 and 2017, GRAITEC Advance Design and also available as a standalone solution.

New and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

Working to EC2 standards, the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers enable a truly connected and automated structural BIM workflow, leveraging both BIM data and multi-platform integration:

  • Multi-platform integration: One platform that works across Revit® and Advance Design and as a standalone solution
  • Use FEM results to design 3D rebar: FEM engineering results are utilized to produce design-driven 3D cages based on the defined assumptions and can be instantly updated as the project develops
  • Detailed Design Reports: Fully detailed customizable design reports can be produced from any platform at a single click which include detailed calculation formulas with references to the code for rapid validation
  • Documentation: Country specific, user configurable templates enable fully dimensioned and annotated drawing views and sections to be produced automatically, complete with bar schedule and the option to also create a drawing sheet

The Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers can be applied at any stage of the process to support multiple workflows from completely isolated process to a fully connected BIM. For example, the reinforcement generator which uses the FEM results to calculate the rebar, can be used to simply generate rebar cages based on user input. Equally, the user can apply estimated forces and use the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers to produce the reinforcement cages for the entire project’s columns, beams and footings.

Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers have been localized for Europe and are available as a preview-release, expected to be commercially available after the summer.

If you would like try out the preview-release of the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers please contact your local GRAITEC office or click here to request access.

BIM Connect 2017

GRAITEC BIM ConnectNew and Updated 2017 Software Solutions Now Available from GRAITEC Group

This powerful, free plugin for Autodesk® Revit® from GRAITEC provides bi-directional, intelligent Structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) model sharing, including the transfer of FEM results data, between GRAITEC engineering and fabrication solutions (Advance Design, Arche, SuperSTRESS, Advance Workshop, etc) and Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® Advance Steel products.

BIM Connect 2017 is fully compatible with Revit® 2016 and 2017 and comes with improvements to synchronization control, retaining materials when section changes, definitions of circular sections by the radius or diameter and more. Important enhancements see improved transfer method of efforts from Advance Design to Revit® as well as ways to manage stacked walls, which are no longer exported from the Revit® model, creating seamless structural BIM workflows.



GRAITEC reports 40% growth for 2014

Paris, France, February 26th 2015 – GRAITEC, international BIM, CAD solutions software developer, Autodesk Platinum Partner in seven countries across Europe and global Autodesk reseller, reports a turnover of 47.2 million Euros for the fiscal year ending December 31st 2014. This represents a growth in turnover of over 40% compared with 2013, with an EBITDA ratio of 7.5%. This increased revenue was achieved through organic growth and planned strategic acquisitions.

 GRAITEC Group : CAD and Analysis Software for the Construction Industry

Key 2014 facts

-> Autodesk Platinum Partner status across Europe offices:

  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Romania

-> Four strategic acquisitions

  • United Kingdom: MicroCAD – Autodesk Gold VAR
  • Italy: ERA3 – Fabrication MIS software developer
  • France: HPC-SA – Thermal analysis and solar simulation software developer
  • Poland: Robobat – Autodesk Gold VAR and Robot analysis software specialists

-> Unrivalled growth

  • 94% in the USA
  • 90% in the United Kingdom
  • 30% in the Czech Republic

-> GRAITEC PowerPack released – extension for Autodesk® Advance Steel

-> Two new cutting-edge technologies

  • Advance Workshop – Fabrication management software (MIS)
  • ArchiWIZARD – Thermal simulation software

-> Now operating from 26 offices globally


GRAITEC continues its role as an ambitious player in the AEC market and is set to be a key worldwide Autodesk BIM partner. Thanks to the European reach of theAutodesk Platinum agreement, signed in 2014, covering UK, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania, GRAITEC has already secured a number of large multi-national contracts with several enterprise customers looking for an independent, fully proficient supplier to implement BIM to optimize their costs and improve service quality across their offices.

With access to a unique portfolio of combined Autodesk and internal technology, together with a full range of professional support and customer success services, GRAITEC has established an exclusive blueprint for successfully delivering quality solutions and services that meet the demanding needs of both multi-national organizations and local businesses alike. With the demand for BIM increasing rapidly across Europe, Architects, Engineers, business owners and contractors in the AEC sector looking for a partner with a successfully proven track record, will find GRAITEC perfectly positioned to manage and fulfil their BIM implementation, software and service needs.

Simultaneously GRAITEC continues its success with Advance Steel, recording a 33% increase in product sales compared to 2013, since Autodesk acquired the software in November 2013. More so, the release of the GRAITEC Advance PowerPack – a powerful extension adding increased functionality and performance to Autodesk® Advance Steel – is a clear indication of GRAITEC’s commitment to the steel sector. Combined with the strategic acquisition of ERA3’s Steel Fabrication Management MIS Software, GRAITEC continues to provide the structural steel industry with purpose-built, innovative technologies and expert customer success services, ensuring GRAITEC remains a leading authority in this field.

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC CEO adds:The strategy of GRAITEC is to become a global leading BIM provider, combining Autodesk and GRAITEC technologies in order to deliver real benefits to customers and support the acceleration of BIM adoption around the world. Fiscal year 2014 with +40% growth shows we are already headed in the right direction.

GRAITEC Acquires HPC-SA & Thermal Simulation software ArchiWIZARD

GRAITEC is pleased to announce the acquisition of HPC-SA (High Performance Computing – Simulation Acceleration), and its award winning thermal simulation software ArchiWIZARD. The acquisition was closed on Thursday October 23rd in Toulouse (France). Financial details have not been disclosed.

GRAITEC Acquires HPC-SA & Thermal Simulation software ArchiWIZARD

This acquisition of a widely recognized, award winning cutting edge building performance and simulation software, including thermal, natural lighting, solar gains and renewable energy (Photovoltaic & Thermal), is another step towards GRAITEC’s ultimate goal of providing market leading BIM solutions for the construction industry and perfectly complements GRAITEC’s growing portfolio of BIM technology.

Established in 2003 to promote very high performance simulation of wave propagation in areas as diverse as high definition computer images, electromagnetism, optics, acoustics and thermal radiation, HPC-SA quickly established themselves as industry specialists and went on to release ArchiWIZARD software, based on their RayBooster engine, (a real-time 3D energy simulation tool).

ArchiWIZARD software platform evaluates real-time energy efficiency projects in direct connection with the 3D digital model. Incorporating raytracing technology, ArchiWIZARD uses the RayBooster engine to perform solar gain calculations (radiative intake, solar panels) and lighting calculations both daylight and artificial.
This use of raytracing can take into account all masks in the most natural way (3D description) and extremely accurately creating a digital BIM model that can be used and reused throughout the building design cycle to optimize building performance.

The HPC-SA Research and Development team will join the GRAITEC effort in designing and developing innovative software solutions contributing to BIM adoption by construction professionals around the world.

Régis Lécussan, HPC-SA CEO, comments:”The ambition of HPC-SA is to become the global leader in thermal simulation around BIM, having been a pioneer since 2009. We were immediately attracted by the vision and strategy of GRAITEC to become a leading global provider of engineering construction. Integrating into GRAITEC Group means HPC-SA will quickly reach its goals of growth and development in France and abroad.

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC CEO, adds: “the strategy of GRAITEC is to become a global leading BIM provider, combining Autodesk and GRAITEC technologies for delivering real benefits to customers and accelerating BIM adoption around the world. The acquisition of HPC-SA, and their leading thermal simulation software, will significantly contribute to achieving this strategy enabling GRAITEC to expand their services and reach new customers“.


About HPC-SA
HPC-SA was founded in 2003 by Professor Bernard LECUSSAN, researcher at the ONERA, and two of his former doctoral students, with the desire to market products and services from their accumulated high performance raytracing expertise.The HPC-SA team is composed of researchers, engineers and computer scientists specialized in raytracing calculations, the Monte Carlo method and 3D interactive interfaces.We are experts in modeling simulations that implement raytracing. The creatingof Raybooster, an embedded raytracing acceleration library in 2004, resulted in establishing many strategic partnerships with other software authors over the years and to the development and first release of Archiwzard in 2008. HPC-SA went on to release a further version of ArchiWIZARD in 2011 and an enhanced version of their Raybooster in 2013. For more information please visit or

GRAITEC will be participating in the SAIE 2014 exhibition

The GRAITEC Italy team is pleased to announce that they will be participating in the SAIE EXPO exhibition in Bologna, on 22–25 October 2014.

GRAITEC will be participating in the SAIE 2014 exhibition

The SAIE EXPO is an opportunity for professionals to meet the major international and national software houses, as well as producer and service companies, and to understand and acquire the tools currently driving an unprecedented growth in design methods.

Graitec will be presenting its new solution, GRAITEC will be participating in the SAIE 2014 exhibition, a management tool for carpentry production companies.

Moreover, GRAITEC will be presenting Advance Steel 2015, the solution for structural detailing and fabrication, and Advance Design 2015, a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures.

This event will also be an opportunity to follow a number of free product presentations organized by the GRAITEC Italy team.

Come see us, to be part of the GRAITEC BIM Revolution.

Pavilion 32, Booth A90
SAIE 2014 – Bologna, Italy
22–25 October 2014

Alessandro Bettiolo, Managing Director of GRAITEC Italy, stated: Graitec’s strategy is to become a global leading BIM provider, combining Autodesk and GRAITEC technologies in order to deliver real benefits to customers and to accelerate BIM adoption around the world.

GRAITEC Acquires Robobat Polska

GRAITEC, an international software developer of BIM, CAD and structural analysis solutions across the AEC sector, and global Autodesk Reseller is pleased to announce the acquisition of Robobat Polska, based in Poland. The acquisition was closed on Thursday October 2nd in Krakow (Poland). Financial details have not been disclosed.

GRAITEC Acquires Robobat Polska

The acquisition of an Autodesk Gold partner will reinforce the position of GRAITEC on in the BIM market and strengthen its direct sales network in central Europe. It will also significantly reinforce the Autodesk partnership.

A predominant player on the Polish market and historically focused on AEC* and BIM*, Robobat will continue to sell and support Autodesk BIM solutions including Advance Steel and Advance Concrete, as well as GRAITEC complementary BIM software and flagship structural analysis software Advance Design. This acquisition will also allow International Robot Structural Analysis users to benefit from the experience of a strong structural analysis specialist operating for more than 25 years in this market.

The Robobat Research and Development team will join the GRAITEC effort in designing and developing innovative software solutions contributing to BIM adoption by construction professionals around the world.

Robobat customers will benefit from the strength of a strong international partner and will be able to access international support in multiple languages, and countries, delivered by an experienced company with over 330 professional employees worldwide. They will also be able to access GRAITEC’s range of structural BIM solutions including powerful add-ons that compliment Autodesk technology.

Andrzej Niznik, Robobat Polska CEO comments:this is fantastic news for Robobat Polska customers. They will keep getting the best in class service from the Robobat Polska local team, but they will also benefit from the GRAITEC product portfolio extension and from the robustness and resources of an international group“.

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC CEO adds:the strategy of GRAITEC is to become a global leading BIM provider, combining Autodesk and GRAITEC technologies for delivering real benefits to customers and accelerating BIM adoption around the world. The acquisition of Robobat Polska, leading Autodesk partner in Poland which is the biggest central Europe country, will significantly contribute to achieving this strategy. Robobat and GRAITEC also have a long common history in Europe and I am totally convinced that the synergy between our 2 companies will be extremely positive for customers wanting to benefit from BIM for increasing competitiveness“.


About Robobat Polska
Founded in 1989, ROBOBAT Polska is devoted to supporting the adoption of BIM by delivering a comprehensive service including software solutions for the design process, project workflow and analysis, to integrated hardware solutions, data management, customized training and engineering project assistance. Robobat Polska is an Autodesk Value Added Reseller with a Gold tier status and has 6 Autodesk recognized specializations in Consulting, Product Support, Structural Engineering, Process Plant, MEP System Engineering and Simulation. The company is an Autodesk Authorized Training Center and member of Autodesk Developer Network with Preferred Industry Partner status in Structural Engineering.
For more information, please visit

* AEC – Architecture Engineering Construction
* BIM – Building Information Modeling

Be Part of the BIM Revolution

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to experience the newly-released Graitec & Autodesk 2015 versions!

Attend our presentation on 14 October 2014 starting at 13.00 at Ramada Sofia Hotel – Maria Luiza 131 Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria

Graitec Workshop - Register now
GRAITEC Workshop
Autodesk Advance Steel: 3D modeling software for steel detailingAdvance Design: BIM software for FEM structural analysis including international Eurocodes

Autodesk Advance Concrete: Concrete design and detailing software

Why Advance Steel 2015?
– Increased Productivity with the automatic 3D modeling tools
– Precise and automatic creation and updating of construction documents
– BIM and collaborative work
Why Graitec Advance Design 2015?
– Powerful modeling system dedicated to engineers
– Advanced analysis features
– Latest versions of Eurocodes implemented
– “Result Memory” technology
– BIM and Collaborative work
Why Advance Concrete 2015?
– Efficient structural 3D modeling
– Unique reinforcement modules
– User customizable
– BIM and collaborative work

The GRAITEC Advance suite team will be exhibiting at Metalcon International 2014

The GRAITEC Advance suite team is pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at Metalcon International 2014 in Denver, Colorado, on October 1-3, 2014.

GRAITEC at Metalcon International 2014

The GRAITEC Team will be demonstrating Advance Steel 2015, the powerful and user-friendly 3D structural steel detailing and fabrication software that automatically creates drawings, BOMs and NC files, and that communicates with Autodesk® Revit® among other systems.

GRAITEC will also be demonstrating Advance Design 2014, a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete, Steel and Timber structures according to the latest versions of North American codes.

We believe that our visitors will particularly appreciate the link (developed with Steelway, the leading Canadian manufacturer of steel building systems) between Metal Building Software Inc (MBS) and the Graitec BIM (Advance Steel, Advance Design and Revit) which provides the possibility to handle and detail complex PEB structures in an efficient way and give access to this market to the BIM.

GRAITEC Acquires ERA3 (Italy)

GRAITEC, an international software developer of BIM, CAD and structural analysis solutions across the AEC sector, and global Autodesk Reseller is pleased to announce the acquisition of ERA3, based in Italy, and its well established Fabrication Information Management software E3Workshop and E3DSTViewer.

This strategic step for GRAITEC builds on an already strong position in the steel market place offering steel customers, with or without 3D steel detailing software, an integrated fabrication management solution to manage all aspects of production, be it NC-automated or manually carried out procedures.

GRAITEC Acquires ERA3 (Italy)

GRAITEC continues to strengthen its dominant position in Construction technology solutions across Europe and the ambition of both companies is to provide superior manufacturing management software for steel construction, and also expand development to address the worldwide market. This acquisition sees Graitec establish itself as one of the only software players able to provide a global solution for steel fabricators and detailers, addressing their detailing challenges with Advance Steel®, and now E3Workshop for optimized fabrication management and an end-to-end streamlined workflow.

For 4 years, ERA3 Italy has been developing, installing and customizing its software for fabrication and workshop management to meet the needs of its customers in an extremely competitive and time sensitive market sector. Working with all leading CNC machines providers and all compatible with all major 3D Steel detailing software systems, ERA3 software is available in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French (soon German) and has been used successfully by customers in these respective regions.

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC CEO, comments:The acquisition of ERA3 allows the Group to strengthen its leading position in the steel market. Being able to deliver fabrication management software that goes one step deeper, addressing time, labor and cost challenges faced by all steel related companies not only compliments our wide customer base but also provides a solution to all steel manufacturing businesses, whether they use 3D software or not, who need easy and quick tools to optimize production.

Mauro De Paolis, founder and CEO of ERA3 Italy, adds:Our management team is excited about the opportunity to join a global technology leader like GRAITEC, and we have high expectations about this powerful combination. Like ERA3, GRAITEC shares our passion for innovation and reliability, so we are absolutely thrilled with this opportunity. We will continue on our innovation path and to increase investment in our core products, professional services, and go-to-market channels. Our customers will be supported by a team of steel software professionals that is unmatched in the industry.

Founded in 1986, GRAITEC is a leading global AEC solutions developer and provider, delivering dedicated localised BIM software technology and services to construction industry specialists to maximise productivity, efficiency and performance with a high level of expertise in structural engineering, fabrication and detailing. Used by more than 40,000 professionals worldwide, GRAITEC solutions helps in creating outstanding projects: Coeur Défense tower, Stade de France stadium, Cairo Subway, Düsseldorf International Airport, Băneasa Shopping City in Bucharest, Milano Fair, etc. The GRAITEC Group employs more than 210 highly qualified construction specialists working in 14 locations and subsidiaries (France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Singapore, India, Canada and USA). GRAITEC also delivers its solutions with the support and collaboration of more than 40 international Value Added Resellers.
For more information, please visit

About ERA3
Founded in 2011, ERA3 is an innovative company based on the talent and experience of its members in the software development, steel construction, engineering and workshop management. Over the years, ERA and its research team have brought several innovations to the industrial sector of the steel structures with some real technological milestones for the industry. ERA3 offers advanced software products and services for the steel construction Companies providing an added value to the customers and a set of complete solutions for an efficient production management of steel structures.
For more information, please visit

Graitec International User Contest Winners

We are delighted to announce you the prize list of the winner of the International User Contest.


This competition was opened to all users who completed a project using one or more software proposed by GRAITEC. Participating projects will be evaluated based on specific criteria, such as project size and type, technical sophistication, social importance, innovation, testimonial used metrics, etc.



   Advance Design category   

Project: Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé à Paris
Design office: OMNIS Bâtiment (Neyron) for the modeling and all the reinforced concrete calculations of the hull
Architecture office: Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Projet manager & Engineering design : VP&Green

Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé à Paris         Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé à Paris

  Autodesk® Advance Steel category  

Project: Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) – Waagner-Biro Stahlbau AG (Vienna)
Client: ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre)
Architecture office: RMJM Dubai

Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi         Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi

  Autodesk® Advance Concrete category  

Project : IQ Ostrava in Ostrava, Czech Republic – ARPS (Projet, Ing. Pavel Němeček)
Architecture office : Studio acht, Ing. Václav Hlaváček
Contracting authority : CTP Invest

IQ Ostrava in Ostrava         IQ Ostrava in Ostrava

Thanks to all the participants and hope to see you in the next edition!

Graitec announces Advance Design 2015

Advance Design: BIM software for FEM structural analysis including international EurocodesGRAITEC, European BIM software developer for the construction industry, announces the release of Advance Design 2015 dedicated to structural engineering.

Advance Design® is specifically dedicated to structural engineers who require a professional and easy-to-use BIM solution for structural FEM simulation and optimization according to specific design standards (Concrete, Steel or Wood).

Advance Design 2015 is articulated around 3 main subjects:

  • Concrete deflection calculation: new options for the reinforced concrete design according EC2
  • New starting screen for easier use
  • The implementation of the new NTC2008 Italian codes
  • And also: numerous improvements and adjustments

ADVANCE DESIGN 2015: concrete deflection calculation

Graitec announces Advance Design 2015

When designing a reinforced concrete structure, engineers must check limit deflections, especially on beams and floors. This is achieved by taking into account the cracked inertia of the reinforced concrete section. However, in FEM calculation, this leads to specific modelling and iterative processes which are tedious and time-consuming tasks for engineers.
Advance Design 2015 now automatically performs concrete deflection calculation based on theoretical or real reinforcement computed by the software.

Process: Successive design steps are performed, with concrete inertia being automatically calculated at each iteration. Concrete inertia is actually given by interpolation between a fully cracked state and a non-cracked state, in accordance with article 7.4.3 from EN1992-1-1.
Graphical results and reports allow for a quick and easy post-processing of all intermediate values: cracked inertia, non-cracked inertia, interpolated value, deflection for each mesh…

ADVANCE DESIGN 2015: New starting screen for easier use

Graitec announces Advance Design 2015

In order to simplify (for the new users) the first steps with Advance Design, the 2015 release comes with a brand-new starting wizard from where the user can access many types of information:
Several project samples for each type of structure: the user can open the models he is interested in to see how to model, define the main assumption, assign design templates…

Several other help tools are available: online videos, Graitec Web pages, quick access to the documentation, software configuration… All those tools are specific to each country, depending on the configuration settings.


ADVANCE DESIGN 2015: entering the Italian market

Graitec announces Advance Design 2015Advance Design 2015 now features the NTC 2008 Italian codes for:

  • Actions combinations automatic generation
  • Seismic loads
  • Climatic loads (Wind & Snow)
  • Reinforced concrete design
  • Steel members design.

ADVANCE DESIGN 2015: and also…

The 2015 version brings a number of new features and adjustments based on feedback from thousands of users:

  • New solver option for improved torsor calculation on walls using T6-Q9 elements
  • Uniform diagrams for linear support actions for easier post-processing
  • Improved export of a meshed model through a .TXT file format
  • Update of the SRSS modal summation method for faster seismical analysis on simple models.

Advance Design 2015 is part of the GRAITEC Advance 2015 Suite that also consists of GRAITEC Advance BIM Connect 2015 and Advance CAD 2015.

  • GRAITEC BIM Connect 2015 allows sharing and synchronization with Autodesk Revit® 2015 models.
  • Advance CAD 2015 is a 2D / 3D CAD software that enables engineers and detailers to modify or create DWG drawings. The 2015 version brings many functional enhancements such as new toolboxes, angular dimensions on dynamic blocks, new dimension styles… as well as improved performance.


GRAITEC is exhibiting at NASCC 2014

NASCC 2014 : Discover Advance Steel

Advance Steel solution for structural detailing and fabrication will be launched at NASCC in Toronto on March 26-28.

On site, GRAITEC team is available to describe the great benefits of Advance Steel on your business, join us at NASCC 2014

This event is also the opportunity to follow live presentation organized :

Thursday, March 27
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Room 712

Visit Graitec at booth #1215

Agricultural Buildings Show – 3rd April 2014

Discover the ‘best kept secret’ within the construction industry by meeting the Graitec UK team at the Agricultural Buildings Show 2014

Just 20 minutes of your time now will save you countless time and money in the future!

Graitec UK are excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Agricultural Buildings Show at The Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground, Lincolnshire, UK, on Thursday 3rd April. You’ll find us on Stand number 15.

Meet James Flatt and Aleck Giles and see how our easy to use, affordable, steel detailing system can add value to your business whilst meeting necessary new legislation plus saving you time and money in the process.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you are unable to attend the show, send an email to and we can arrange a telephone call and/or meeting at your offices.

Agricultural Buildings Show Venue 
Thursday 3rd April 2014
The Epic Centre,
Lincolnshire Showground,
Lincolnshire, UK

Autodesk acquires Advance Steel and Advance Concrete

GRAITEC Advance Steel, Advance Concrete, AutodeskGraitec SA and Autodesk, Inc. have signed a definitive share purchase agreement allowing Autodesk to acquire Advance Steel and Advance Concrete product lines. This acquisition is expanding Autodesk’s BIM portfolio for structural engineering. The transaction is expected to close during the 4th 2013 quarter.

Until the completion of the transaction and importantly thereafter, GRAITEC will continue to sell Advance Steel and Advance Concrete, as before, as well as all the related services (maintenance, training, hotline) with its subsidiaries and resellers. Moreover, GRAITEC continues its development process, sales and technical support for the entire range of existing products.

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GRAITEC announces the release of the new BIM Structural version: GRAITEC Advance 2014

GRAITEC, European software developer and vendor for modeling and drawing creation for the construction industry, announces the release of the GRAITEC Advance 2014 suite.

GRAITEC Advance 2014

Designed for structural engineers and professionals in the construction industry, GRAITEC Advance Structural BIM solution provides a complete environment for the development, design and production of all drawing and materials for steel, concrete, and wood structures.

GRAITEC Advance is a unique solution provider in the BIM field since it allows users to complete the entire structural process in a consistent environment, from finite elements analysis, to design according with the latest norms (Eurocodes, ACI, AISC…) and automated documentation production required for the fabrication: drawings, bills of materials and NC files.

GRAITEC Advance consists of three main structural software solutions: Advance DesignAdvance SteelAdvance Concrete, completed with Advance CAD.
The “BIM GRAITEC” main characteristic feature is related to its capability to perform structural analysis and fabrication documents under the same concept. More than 10000 users, working daily with GRAITEC Advance, are involved in the design process of various structures such as towers, stadiums, civil engineering works, industrial buildings, stairs, etc.

For Francis Guillemard, CEO of the GRAITEC Group: “An accelerated growth of over 30% in the last two years and more than 10000 new users who joined our community means that GRAITEC Advance is the reference of the BIM Structural field. An innovative, technology, that helps engineers and construction professionals, to design and build their projects within time constraints and increasingly stringent quality.


Advance Steel Release 2014


Advance Steel® is specifically designed for steel professionals who require an easy-to-use 3D, powerful structural steel detailing software for automating drawing production, BOMs and NC files.

Among all new functionalities of version 2014, two major developments stand out: significant enhancement of tapered beams in Advance Steel and the continuous investment in the ergonomics and ease of use refinements of Advance Steel.


ADVANCE STEEL 2014: WELDED TAPERED PLATE BEAMSOn a continuous growing market in the emerging countries that invest more and more in their infrastructure, the use of tapered elements for steel structures increased, especially for portal frames having large spans. However, without dedicated tools to complete large and complex steel projects, the design process can take longer. Advance Steel 2014 provides valuable assistance to all designers with a very comprehensive set of features: a new object, “tapered beam”, which allows the user to define elements having a variable cross section, including the possibility to combine different constraints on each segment (fixed or variable lengths, parallel flanges or not, etc.).

Moreover, the user has the possibility to define tapered elements having a hollowed cross section with many options: continuous web or flanges, automatic welding features, etc.

All automatic connections work together with this new object – tapered beam. Thus, with Advance Steel 2014 users will obtain quickly all required drawings, BOMs and NC files for these steel members.



GRAITEC continues its efforts to improve the ergonomics and ease of use of its software solutions. The Tool Palette has now a variable design: its content can be changed interactively, and a “Favorites” category can contain the frequently used commands. The same principle is used for the management of assemblies and collision checks commands which are still accessible even when the user performs other operations.

More simplification: the fusion of all features (holes, notches, cuts etc.) which can be applied on profiles, plates or concrete elements. Likewise, all functionalities used to define structural elements (portal frames, purlins, bracings, connections etc.) were grouped into a new dedicated page in the Tool Palette.


Advance Steel 2014 also provides many other features designed to extend the possibilities for design and improve user efficiency:

  • Improved BIM Interface (IFC, Revit)
  • Improved performance and functionality of integrated CAD platform
  • New automatic connections (Overlapping bolted purlin joint)
  • New special features used in the custom connections
  • Enhancements to the weld preparations
  • Possibility to define the detailing direction
  • New options for the camera presentation
  • Creation of XML DStV files for controlling welding robots, etc.

For Dennis BAK, VP-Engineering at Steelway Building Systems (Canada): “Specializing in the design, detailing and fabrication of Pre-Engineering Buildings, which extensively utilizes many types of welded tapered plate beams, we participated in the discussions and checking of the enhanced features in Advance Steel 2014. We were impressed by the number of useful plate features and true parametric connections achieved and we now believe we have the best 3D CAD software for modeling, detailing and manufacturing of welded tapered plate beams“.


Advance Concrete Release 2014


Advance Concrete® is specifically designed for structural engineers and reinforced concrete detailers who require professional and easy-to-use 3D BIM software for automating drawings creation.

With increased performance, Advance Concrete 2014 improves the user efficiency experience, especially when it is used on its integrated CAD platform. It also provides several functional changes in response to user requests.


ADVANCE CONCRETE 2014: IMPROVED PERFORMANCETwo of the key features of Advance Concrete (Multi File data storage and multi CAD platform) have been at the heart of version 2014. Performance and robustness have been brought in these two areas: the time to create new views and updating of existing views, has been largely optimized. More improvements in performance, which are very significant, are available: faster reinforcement elements renumbering in complex cases faster “3D Copy” feature which allows the users to copy the 3D reinforcement of an element in all corresponding views with its identification, symbols and associated dimension lines. Lastly, required corrections were made in Advance Concrete, with the target to deliver more stability and significantly higher robustness for Advance Concrete 2014.



Advance Concrete 2014 has many improvements in response to the feedback and different requests Graitec collected from Advance Concrete users:

  • Improved BIM exchange with Revit: all objects are now imported in Advance Concrete, without limitation in terms of geometry. Steel elements are also imported.
  • Improved modeling capabilities: evolution of the “Adjust” command for circular elements, adding new functionalities to handle the control surfaces (roofs and ramps), etc.
  • Improved functionality for reinforcement: changes in pattern recognition algorithm for the renumbering of reinforcement bars and meshes, new options for submitting bending details for bars and meshes, etc.
  • Improved localization for the Czech market (grades, symbols, labels, representation styles, etc.).


Advance Design Release 2014


Advance Design® is specifically dedicated to structural engineers who require a professional and easy-to-use BIM solution for structural FEM simulation and optimization according with specific design standards (Concrete, Steel or Wood).

Advance Design 2014 has many new features and improvements, mainly focused in two directions: BIM and the enrichment of design capabilities.


ADVANCE DESIGN 2014: BIM SIMPLIFIED EXCHANGESIn a context where all structural designers are increasingly receptive to the BIM concept and its associated gains in terms of productivity and safety, Advance Design 2014 provides a set of new features designed to facilitate the BIM exchange in the design offices structure or between the architects and the design offices. The model which is used for structural simulation by the engineer can be a variation of the geometrical model produced by the architect which, in the end, can be significantly different: the elements are coplanar, intersecting axes, the elements extremities which are to closed are merged, small details of the facade are not modeled, etc.

Advance Design 2014 offers a range of tools that allows the engineer to greatly simplify the processing of geometrical models into analytical models.

The principle: a first audit function identifies non-intersecting axes or nodes which are too close and presents an interactive list of errors. The software then provides automatic adjustment features (magnetic modes, quick projection onto a plane, axis adjustment, etc.) which facilitate the correct geometrical conversion of the models provided from different partners.

After the calculation of the structure, when the elements are optimized, Advance Steel and Advance Concrete can retrieve all changes which took place in Advance Design (synchronization mechanism) and update the assembly plans or fabrications drawings. With Advance Design 2014, the aim is to enable the engineer to save a significant amount of modeling time by reusing the information through BIM expertise, while keeping in control the necessary adjustments to achieve the analytical model.




Another development for Advance Design 2014,the enhancement and enrichment of the design engines: automatic calculation of the support rigidity based on the properties of the soil layers, considering of real transverse reinforcement for columns (Eurocode), many changes regarding the steel connection design, 2D climatic generator for a quick design study (New !), possibility to post-process results on a pre-defined grid for planar elements allowing designers to achieve full gantry and quick study, able to post-process the results of an independent grid mesh element.



Advance Design 2014 has many changes and other adjustments:

  • Extensions in the time history analysis option
  • New options for post-processing results
  • New options for reports
  • New options for the element’s display
  • Ability to export just the support reactions and reuse in another calculation

Last minute deal! 1 Day Essentials CAD Training Course in Southampton on Tuesday 23rd July

Do you need basic CAD training?CAD Training Course

This course offers users that are new to the CAD environment a fantastic opportunity to understand the fundamental principles of using a 2D CAD system.

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GRAITEC will exhibit at BACE EXPO

GRAITEC will exhibit at BACE EXPO (Building Architectural Construction  And Engineering) Trade Show in Kochi, India on 24-26 May:

Come and visit us at Booth No 5.

GRAITEC will exhibit at BACE EXPO

GRAITEC continues its expansion with the opening of a new office in California, USA

GRAITEC Group : CAD and Analysis Software for the Construction Industry

GRAITEC, the fastest growing global structural analysis and detailing software vendor, announces the opening of a new sales and support office in California, USA and the appointment of Pierre M. Geoffrion as Business Development Manager.
This new office reinforces GRAITEC’s North American operations with the aim to deliver cutting-edge technology designed to help improve customers’ productivity and efficiency.

The US construction industry is a highly competitive market where the players are currently seeing their margins becoming thinner and thinner. The need for BIM technology that has a quick and reliable return on investment is critical and GRAITEC’s BIM solution perfectly fulfills this need. GRAITEC’s vision for the North American market is to become one of the key players, by offering easy to use, cost effective and powerful solutions with smart and sharp local technical support.

Alexandre Tartas, GRAITEC COO, comments: “GRAITEC continues its fast market shares acquisition. After 2 fantastic years of rapid growth in North America, we decided to extend our coverage and opened this new sales office. Pierre and his team will be able to work closely with our North American customers based in the western area. Our solutions for the North American market and business are recognized by a growing user community; this office is one step forward in our accelerated market penetration.

Pierre M. Geoffrion was promoted to Business Development Manager for the west coast office and will report to Hugo Michaud. Pierre M. Geoffrion has been with GRAITEC for over a year as Account Manager for the analysis solution in North America with great results. The new office will cover the US west coast and south west US, a large territory with some great opportunities and many challenges.

Pierre M. Geoffrion teams up with Julio Alfaro as the new Advance Steel Application Specialist. Julio Alfaro has spent over 15 years of steel detailing and was recently the drafting department manager for Metal Supply and Allied Modular Building Supply. Julio’s professional background will be a real asset for our company and our customers.

Hugo Michaud, Graitec North America Sales Director adds: “I’m very excited by this new adventure. After a 344% increase in sales in the past 3 years for Advance Steel, it is a natural milestone to complement this growth by having a local presence in the US. Strategically this local presence will make us available in all North America time zones and closer to our market.

GRAITEC at NASCC Conferences in St-Louis, USA

From April- 17th 2013 GRAITEC presented its Structural BIM Solutions “Advance Steel” and “Advance Design” at the NASCC Conferences in St-Louis, USA. The highlight was the presentation of the new 2013 versions of Advance Steel.

The NASCC takes place every year and it is the most important fair for the steel construction industries in the USA and one of the biggest fairs The Americas.

The GRAITEC team is very satisfied with the result. They had interesting discussions with GRAITEC customers and established contact with many new qualified prospects.

GRAITEC to attend the following events

GRAITEC will exhibit at India Warehousing Show 2013 in New Delhi, India on 02-04 May:

Visit us a Booth No D 41 A.

-	GRAITEC will exhibit at India Warehousing Show 2013 in New Delhi


AppliCAD, GRAITEC’s Business Partner in Thailand, will exhibit at ARCHITECT EXPO Bangkok 2013, Thailand on April 30- May 5:

AppliCAD will exhibit at ARCHITECT EXPO Bangkok 2013


GRAITEC will exhibit at BACE EXPO (Building Architectural Construction  And Engineering) Trade Show in Kochi, India on 24-26 May:

Please visit us at Booth No 5.

GRAITEC will exhibit at BACE EXPO


And in the recent past, GRAITEC exhibited at: INDIA STEEL 2013 on April 11 – 13 at Bombay  Exhibition Centre, Mumbai:

GRAITEC exhibited at INDIA STEEL 2013

GRAITEC is proud to announce International User Projects Contest!

Are you using one or more GRAITEC Advance software in designing your projects? Now it’s the time to show us, and others, how you used Advance SteelAdvance Concrete orAdvance Design in your projects!


Beside the attractive awards that we have for you, all projects will be presented on the GRAITEC website and all our social media networks. This will lead to anincreased visibility of your projects and your business.


About the contest
The contest is open to all GRAITEC customers that have completed a project using one or more GRAITEC Advance software, version 2012 or 2013. Participating projects will be evaluated based on specific criteria, such as project size and type, technical sophistication, social importance, originality, testimonial used metrics, etc.

GRAITEC is proud to announce International User Projects Contest!

Contest rules

The project submitted must have been created with at least one of the GRAITEC software products: Advance SteelAdvance Concrete or Advance Design.

For each participating project the following documents must be submitted:

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Each participant can submit more than one project. Each submitted project will be evaluated separately and has its chances of winning.


You can send us your projects to If the package intended for submitting is too big, you might consider using a free internet file transfer website, such as or to the same email address.

Deadline for submission is September 15th, 2013.


Take part and win!

Advance Steel: BIM software for structural steel engineering, detailing and fabrication1 year free maintenance or 1 free upgrade


Advance Concrete: BIM software for structural concrete engineering, detailing and fabrication1 year free maintenance or 1 free upgrade


Advance Design: BIM software for FEM structural analysis including international Eurocodes1 year free maintenance or 1 free upgrade


BONUS: Top 12 artistic photos will be part of the annual GRAITEC 2014 calendar. You can see here the projects presented in the 2013 annual calendar.

GRAITEC is proud to announce International User Projects Contest! GRAITEC is proud to announce International User Projects Contest! GRAITEC is proud to announce International User Projects Contest! GRAITEC is proud to announce International User Projects Contest! GRAITEC is proud to announce International User Projects Contest! GRAITEC is proud to announce International User Projects Contest!

For more information or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at