GRAITEC Acquires HPC-SA & Thermal Simulation software ArchiWIZARD

GRAITEC is pleased to announce the acquisition of HPC-SA (High Performance Computing – Simulation Acceleration), and its award winning thermal simulation software ArchiWIZARD. The acquisition was closed on Thursday October 23rd in Toulouse (France). Financial details have not been disclosed.

GRAITEC Acquires HPC-SA & Thermal Simulation software ArchiWIZARD

This acquisition of a widely recognized, award winning cutting edge building performance and simulation software, including thermal, natural lighting, solar gains and renewable energy (Photovoltaic & Thermal), is another step towards GRAITEC’s ultimate goal of providing market leading BIM solutions for the construction industry and perfectly complements GRAITEC’s growing portfolio of BIM technology.

Established in 2003 to promote very high performance simulation of wave propagation in areas as diverse as high definition computer images, electromagnetism, optics, acoustics and thermal radiation, HPC-SA quickly established themselves as industry specialists and went on to release ArchiWIZARD software, based on their RayBooster engine, (a real-time 3D energy simulation tool).

ArchiWIZARD software platform evaluates real-time energy efficiency projects in direct connection with the 3D digital model. Incorporating raytracing technology, ArchiWIZARD uses the RayBooster engine to perform solar gain calculations (radiative intake, solar panels) and lighting calculations both daylight and artificial.
This use of raytracing can take into account all masks in the most natural way (3D description) and extremely accurately creating a digital BIM model that can be used and reused throughout the building design cycle to optimize building performance.

The HPC-SA Research and Development team will join the GRAITEC effort in designing and developing innovative software solutions contributing to BIM adoption by construction professionals around the world.

Régis Lécussan, HPC-SA CEO, comments:”The ambition of HPC-SA is to become the global leader in thermal simulation around BIM, having been a pioneer since 2009. We were immediately attracted by the vision and strategy of GRAITEC to become a leading global provider of engineering construction. Integrating into GRAITEC Group means HPC-SA will quickly reach its goals of growth and development in France and abroad.

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC CEO, adds: “the strategy of GRAITEC is to become a global leading BIM provider, combining Autodesk and GRAITEC technologies for delivering real benefits to customers and accelerating BIM adoption around the world. The acquisition of HPC-SA, and their leading thermal simulation software, will significantly contribute to achieving this strategy enabling GRAITEC to expand their services and reach new customers“.


About HPC-SA
HPC-SA was founded in 2003 by Professor Bernard LECUSSAN, researcher at the ONERA, and two of his former doctoral students, with the desire to market products and services from their accumulated high performance raytracing expertise.The HPC-SA team is composed of researchers, engineers and computer scientists specialized in raytracing calculations, the Monte Carlo method and 3D interactive interfaces.We are experts in modeling simulations that implement raytracing. The creatingof Raybooster, an embedded raytracing acceleration library in 2004, resulted in establishing many strategic partnerships with other software authors over the years and to the development and first release of Archiwzard in 2008. HPC-SA went on to release a further version of ArchiWIZARD in 2011 and an enhanced version of their Raybooster in 2013. For more information please visit or


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