Export Advance Steel to Navisworks Freedom

Navisworks Freedom enables all construction professionals to review integrated models and data, in order to gain better control over project outcomes, using integration, analysis, and communication tools to help resolve conflicts, and plan projects before construction or renovation begins.

Advance Steel offers bidirectional interoperability with Navisworks and allows the integration of data for a whole-project review and also effective collaboration. Advance Steel models can be exported into Navisworks Freedom software for multidiscipline collaboration, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis, enabling specialists to work more closely and efficiently with other project stakeholders to help reduce the risk of unexpected issues at the job site.

Ultimately, Navisworks Freedom is a free QA tool that can assist in many areas.

  • The user can collaborate with engineers and architects who can view and approve the 3D model;
  • Fabricators can view the model parts and assemblies via. iPad or laptop on the shop floor to analyse and validate complex items in 3D;
  • Installers can quickly locate parts and assemblies on site in relation to compass orientation, grids and levels. The installer can zoom into complex areas and see exactly how the items are assembled reducing the need for complex paper documentation.
  • The 3D design samples can be shared through Navisworks Freedom to better market services to potential client.

To see the full demo, please follow this link


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