Custom Connections: Ready to harness the full power of Advance Steel?

Custom Connections: Ready to harness the full power of Autodesk Advance Steel?Advance Steel already comes with a comprehensive library of parametric connections that can be readily adapted to suit a wide variety of standard situations. But where you have a more specific or complex need or want to combine several connections together to create a bespoke connection, the power of creating you very own intelligent Custom Connections library in Advance Steel delivers a whole new level of performance. Why not create your very own intelligent Customer Connection libraries and learn how to:

  • Convert standard elements, such as beams, plates, special parts, folded plates, bolts, welds, features, weld preparations, etc. to intelligent Customer Connections.
  • Combine several parametric joints together to create unique multi-joint situation saving the result to your Custom Connection library for reuse.
  • Build your own bespoke connections from scratch, defining and controlling the parameters of each element, using Advance Steel intelligent ‘bricks’

Learn how to get more performance from your Advance Steel by downloading your free copy of GRAITEC ‘Custom Connections’ tutorial from GRAITEC Advantage customer portal now!


Autodesk White Paper: Exploit your AutoCAD investment with dedicated tools for structural steel detailing

Steel detailing organizations face a difficult business environment with tight schedules, slim margins, and intense competition, more so with Building Information Modeling (BIM)

becoming an expected practice and sometimes a prerequisite for new business!

Autodesk White Paper: Exploit your AutoCAD investment with dedicated tools for structural steel detailing

This Autodesk White Paper explores how Autodesk® Advance Steel enables a more seamless BIM workflow and gives you that competitive edge!

Download Autodesk Advance Steel White Paper    Download your Autodesk Advance Steel free trial


Agricultural Buildings Show – 3rd April 2014

Discover the ‘best kept secret’ within the construction industry by meeting the Graitec UK team at the Agricultural Buildings Show 2014

Just 20 minutes of your time now will save you countless time and money in the future!

Graitec UK are excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Agricultural Buildings Show at The Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground, Lincolnshire, UK, on Thursday 3rd April. You’ll find us on Stand number 15.

Meet James Flatt and Aleck Giles and see how our easy to use, affordable, steel detailing system can add value to your business whilst meeting necessary new legislation plus saving you time and money in the process.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you are unable to attend the show, send an email to and we can arrange a telephone call and/or meeting at your offices.

Agricultural Buildings Show Venue 
Thursday 3rd April 2014
The Epic Centre,
Lincolnshire Showground,
Lincolnshire, UK

Are you ready for BrIM?

Join our free online Bridge Information Modelling webinar on Thursday 6th March from 12:00-12:30

Steel-Glass façade for the most inclined Tower of the world

Steel-Glass façade for the most inclined Tower of the worldThe façade of the Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi was constructed by Waagner-Biro Stahlbau AG with Advance Steel, the 3D-Software for steel constructions.

The spectacular skyscraper “Capital Gate” was created directly to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, the biggest area for trade shows and events in the Middle-East. The Capital Gate is 160m high and has an impressive inclination up to 18 degrees. Therefore it is more inclined than the leaning tower of Pisa that has only an inclination of 4 degrees. In the Guinness Book of Records the Capital Gate is already listed as the most leaning tower of the world. The building was erected between 2007 and 2010. It consists of 40 levels and is used as an office complex. In the 16th upper floors a five-star-Hyatt Hotel is located.

Waagner-Biro AG from Vienna was responsible for the modeling, construction, detailing and assembly of this extraordinary and organic formed steel-glass-facade of the Capital Gate. The tower has a polygonal foundation and the facade is one degree per level sloped and twisted. At the most inclined part the facade leans out more than 24m over the ground floor. The main-load bearing structure consists of a diamond structure.

Waagner-Biro Stahlbau AG

More than 720 diamond elements were field-assembled by triangle sections with the glass and finally mount complete to the main structure. Each of those large-sized elements called “Diamonds” covers two levels and consists of 18 triangular areas and 33 single rods. For the entire facade 23.760 single bars and 12.960 glass panels were used. Because of the complex free formed surface each triangular glass panels and each single bar is unique. All in all more than 1.200 tons of steel and 24.000m2 glass was used for this extraordinary facade.

In order to realize the complex and challenging project in cost and on schedule, the 3D-CAD Software Advance Steel was used for planning. Thanks to its extensive 3D-tools it was easy to model the sculptured surface with nodes, rods and joints between them. Advance Steel processes the entire 3D model data, accelerates all document creation and insures all-around drawing consistency. An in-house programming on top of Advance Steel created all workshop documents (assembly drawings, GA-drawings, BOMs, NC-files) automatically from the 3D model.

Steel-Glass façade for the most inclined Tower of the world

Mr. Gert Weimann, head of engineering and construction department at Waagner-Biro AG, explains: “The project Capital Gate was a big challenge for us especially concerning the geometry, construction, detailing and assembly. Advance Steel increased the productivity in engineering and in the participated departments by more than 50% due to its 3D abilities and its possibilities of a comprehensive programming“.

About Waagner-Biro Stahlbau AG
Waagner-Biro is an international company for steel constructions and has its headquarters in Vienne, Austria. The company was founded in 1854. More than 1.000 employees work for Waagner-Biro in 16 offices in Europe, in South-East Asia and in the Arabic countries. Waagner-Biro is specialized in steel-glass-technology, bridge constructions, stage constructions and special mechanic engineering. Some of their main references are the cupola of the Reichstag in Berlin, the YAS-Marina Project in Abu Dhabi, the new airport terminal in Baku (Azerbaijan) and the Sony-Center in Berlin.

CAD Digest review of ADVANCE Steel 2012 – Connections & Joints

CAD Digest, one of the most popular online sources for CAD, CAM & CAE articles and testimonials, reviews ADVANCE Steel, not as a design tool, but as a solution for accelerating the design process. James Finkel, author of the review (with experience in mechanical engineering, programming, custom design engineering, QA and software testing) explains why ADVANCE Steel is a powerful tool for all types of projects.

ADVANCE Steel introduces three versions of the software, depending on the scope and versatility of the project: Standard, which is a “light version”, limited to 10 tons of steel, Professional, which has no limits to the weight of the steel and can be tested for free as a 30-day Trial Version (this being the version used by James Finkel for his review), and Premium, which also includes the multi-user technology. Each of the available packages has been created to meet users’ business needs, depending on key software selection criteria: ease-of-use, interoperability, drawing output and, of course, cost.

For this review to be as accurate as possible, the author requested the assistance of Benoit Lalonde, a GRAITEC technician from our offices in Canada, in creating a model with a large variety of joints: beam-beam, beam-column, column with four beams of unequal sizes, plate work, column-to-concrete footers, and beam-to-wall connections. The creation of the model was the first step in determining the capability and efficiency of the software in handling unusual or complex requests.

Concerning input and output of data, ADVANCE Steel 2012 offers many solutions – use built-in CAD tools or import the model from AutoCAD or Revit and, as a result, generate reports in plain text, Word documents, XML, Excel spreadsheets, and so on, and issue a full suite of the projects’ drawings.

Advance Steel - Generating reports in Excel from drawings

Throughout the modeling process, users are provided with an extensive library of smart objects, libraries of customizable automatic joints (more than 300 joints), customizable drawings, and generation of all detail drawings required by fabrication shops. ADVANCE Steel provides all the necessary tools to create, save and reuse simple or complex custom connections. “This flexible software handles a wide range of steel design situations”, states the author.

Advance Steel - Selecting joints, which can be customized

Regarding operability and features, James Finkel tested the customization of joints, the stress at joints, generation of reports and defining new and more complex shapes. His conclusion was that ADVANCE Steel 2012 offers a full-featured structural steel design system, with a wide range of output formats, according to customer needs. “Starting from an AutoCAD model, Revit, or working within the CAD supplied within the software, users have a wide array of tools for joint construction with point and click for individual or multiple joints. The software has an equally wide array of output formats and features”, James Finkel declares.

Creating new shapes in Advance Steel

Read here the full article

Discover how you can easily create a gutter formed from a folded plate with Advance Steel!

This movie shows how you can easily create rectangular & polygonal plates for the all the different sides of a gutter and then use an automatic tool to get a gutter formed from a folded plate.
As a result, this gutter can be automatically displayed unfolded in the modeling as a preview but also within NC files and workshop drawings for fabrication.

Footbridge construction: Interview with LEGRAND

Advance Steel Testimonial: Footbridge construction: Interview with LEGRANDFounded in 1956, LEGRAND is involved in the field of railway engineering, metalwork and signage industries throughout France for over 50 years.
In 1981, LEGRAND chose to diversify its client base and its business activities by creating a Steel Construction Department in the Quincieux site (Dpt 69). This department includes its own design office which is equipped with a modern and recently renewed IT infrastructure.
Currently, LEGRAND employs about 200 people.

Jean-Sébastien COURIVAUD, Design Office manager and Jean-Charles MASBOEUF, Draftsman, report their satisfaction of the Advance Steel software.

 Advance Steel Testimonial: Footbridge construction: Interview with LEGRAND

How did your drawing software equipment evolve within your Design Office?

J-S COURIVAUD: Ten years ago, we switched from the drawing board to the use of AutoCAD® in 2D, and then we realized the projects were becoming more and more complex. So we have equipped the Design Office with 3D CAD software dedicated to the steel construction industry in which 30 people are working at the Quincieux site. We initially started with Prosteel before choosing Advance Steel. After a personalized demonstration, it was clear that Advance Steel would provide us with significant productivity savings through the automatic detailing and the quality of the final drawings.
Today, we have 4 Advance Steel licenses to deal with our footbridge and highway bridge projects.

What are the advantages of Advance Steel compared to the software you were previously using?

Advance Steel Testimonial: Footbridge construction: Interview with LEGRANDJ-S COURIVAUD: The main saving concerns the drawing time creation which is extremely fast with Advance Steel. In addition, a permanent link exists between the 3D model and all the generated documents using the integrated AS document manager, which facilitates the overall project management.

J-C MASBOEUF: Our footbridges typically include curved elements such as lower arches supporting the steel structure and the bridge deck. Advance Steel knows how to manage these kinds of elements without affecting the global performances of the software.

How have you customized Advance Steel to match your work methods?

J-S COURIVAUD: Customized drawing styles have been created to produce drawings perfectly corresponding to our presentation criteria (dimension styles, line thickness, dimensions, etc.) and they can be directly launched from a dedicated toolbar that we have also created on our own.

Advance Steel Testimonial: Footbridge construction: Interview with LEGRANDJ-C MASBOEUF: We extended the Advance Steel catalogs with steel profiles used for our bridges. We also added new anchors that secure the structure on concrete abutments.
With the help of the GRAITEC technical support, we configured Advance Steel to work with our fabrication machines at the workshop so that the unfolding of folded plates can be obtained by the criteria of the machines (value of the plate elongation, folding radius, plate thickness, etc.).

Can you give us a description of the footbridge project you recently built with Advance Steel?

J-C COURIVAUD: The construction is a pedestrians/cycles footbridge (access to Anonnay between Peaugres and Davézieux on the RD820). This steel footbridge with 40.30m straight span consists of a mixed steel/wood frame and a concrete floor on HEA 200 beams spaced every 3.40m.

The supporting structure is made up of 2 tapered glue-laminated arches 48cm apart and braced with steel parts. The latter are associated to the level of the deck with 2 lateral steel beams of constant height and connected vertically by two transverse V shaped steel stays (welded plates steel profile stays). The total weight of the structure is 32 tons.

How did you collaborate with the other companies working on this project?

Advance Steel Testimonial: Footbridge construction: Interview with LEGRANDJ-C MASBOEUF: We exported the entire Advance Steel 3D model to the ACIS format and we sent the electronic file to MATHIS, the company in charge of the wooden railing of the bridge. For their part, they completed the 3D model by precisely positioning the overall handrail and other wood laths between the steel posts in inverted V, which required specific and precise cuts at the ends of the wooden elements. Then, this completed model was sent back to us and I could import all the wooden parts in my Advance Steel model to automatically produce overall drawings representing the steel structure, the concrete bridge abutment and all the wooden elements.

To conclude, what is your general impression of Advance Steel?

J-S COURIVAUDAdvance Steel allowed us to definitively move on to 3D design which gave us new opportunities and solutions to architects complex requirements. Also, the produced documents perfectly match the needs of the workshop and our clients.

J-C MASBOEUF: Once adapted to our needs, Advance Steel has proved to be very easy to use simultaneously allowing us to deal with projects even more and more complex and atypical.

Get the workshop drawings of a truss – Video

This movie shows a truss (created with the Advance Steel automatic macro) and explains how to run the numbering, control which parts are shop-welded, and then start the creation of single part and assembly drawings of the truss.

Important notice about your StruCad license

Still not made a decision about your StruCad upgrade?

You may have only upgraded some of your StruCad licenses?

You do have options!

We are aware that StruCad users are faced with some tough decisions regarding software upgrades over the coming months. StruCad is a very good system and we respect your investment in it. We at GRAITEC believe  Advance Steel is a highly competent modern 3D modelling CAD system developed for the steelwork industry that will serve all your needs for many years to come.

We would like to help StruCad users protect their investment in StruCad by offering a sensible solution to upgrade their software to  Advance Steel.

Our StruCad upgrade offer:

  •  Advance Steel professional license
  • 12 months software maintenance and suppor
  • Training (tailored StruCad-Advance Steel transition course)
  • No time restrictions for your continued use of StruCad
  • Upgrade any of your StruCad licenses, whether they are up to date with maintenance and support or not
  • We will upgrade any StruCad license i.e. StruCad Full, StruCad Lite etc to an Advance Steel Professional license with no limits!
  • Maintenance and support on-going costs some 50% less than our competitors and the price is fixed for a minimum of three years!
  • Training – dates to suit your requirements
  • Flexible payment terms with finance option

With 10,000 clients around the world. GRAITEC UK alone have over 800 clients using their software, with 200 + clients investing in  Advance Steel, a number which is continually expanding in the UK. GRAITEC’s Advance Steel solution guarantees a future proof investment for all your steel detailing and 3D modelling requirements.


-> To view our Advance Steel 2012 videos CLICK HERE

-> To view client projects CLICK HERE


What our customers are saying: 

“Blows other software providers out the water”
Builders Beams, David May

“A project that could have taken four weeks can now be completed in a week”
Rob Miller, IAC Ltd

“Productivity gain will double using Advance Steel”
Mark Simmen, RS Construction

“Using Advance Steel will increase productivity in every area”
Joe Bennett, Roltech Engineering LTD

“Using Advance Steel will increase productivity in every area”
Joe Bennett, Roltech Engineering LTD

“Using Advance Steel will prevent drawings bottle necking the company”
Michael-John Varrall, MJV Design

More info about our StruCAD offer

How Advance Steel can help your business profitability

In 2010, an article written on stated that the ultimate aim of specialized steel detailing software is to increase a company’s bottom line profit. But in 2012 what was a concern for steel fabrication businesses, steel engineering companies and even self-employed steel detailers has now become a fact. Those who have the most competitive steel detailing software solution are the ones that are the most profitable on such a dynamic market.

In short, investing in a steel detailing software helps you save time, optimizes your resources and reduces costs with materials and labor. A good example is given by one of our customers, Nial BALL from Westbury Park Engineering which worked with ADVANCE Steel for a boat mold structure (35-40 m long steel structure for fiberglass bouts). He states: “With three days to go before ‘D Day’ our TWO men arrived on site with the pre-fabricated assemblies and in TWO days the structure was erected and we were home in time for tea with a day to spare. Thanks to ADVANCE Steel, we knew the structure would fit long before we arrived on site.”

Stairs and platforms for Arcelor Mittal Steel Plant, Galati, RomaniaOff course, not all projects can be finalized in two days using just two men, but reducing the time spent on a very complex project from maybe three months to three weeks is not that bad either. Gheorghe CEPRAGA, engineer at UZINSIDER ENGINEERING, has been working with ADVANCE Steel at his most recent project – assembly of new elements (stairs, railings and platforms) on an existing structure in the ArcelorMittal steel plant. For him,the decision was clear: I have been working with AutoCAD, especially in 3D view, for a very long time now. I think it is safe to say that it would have been very difficult for us to model the entire structure in AutoCAD. Without ADVANCE steel, the execution would have taken too long”.

Can it be that simple? Sometimes, time saving leaves room for errors. Not a problem because ADVANCE Steel drastically increases productivity and drawing quality even for the most complex and unusual projects, while reducing the risk of errors.

Bregenzer Festival Stage, Bregenz, Austria

For the Bregenz festival in Austria, Bregenzer Festspiele fascinated with a spectacular stage engineering, resulting in the biggest sea stage in the world (17m long, 15m wide and 15m high),portraying Jean Paul Marat, one of the leaders of the French Revolution. The construction of the head was connected to a steel construction which was already located at the sea stage.

Although, ultimately, the best steel detailing software is the one that addresses the business’ needs and issues, ADVANCE Steel can efficiently accelerates the design phase (either single or multi-user mode) by offering an extensive library of smart and efficient objects, automatic joints and specific tools for creating standard structures, stairs, railing and miscellaneous steelwork. For the renovation and extension of  TIGNESPACE Center, a sports complex equipped with modern multipurpose structures, Thierry Depollier, Eng, at Ets BOUCHET states: “The ability of ADVANCE Steel to work in realistic mode together with 3D navigation have greatly facilitated our work and have improved the efficiency of our weekly meetings with the other disciplines. It is worth mentioning that the fabrication of the welded beams at workshop was simplified with the high-quality drawings automatically created “.

Renovation and extension of the TIGNESPACE center

Functionality-wise Advance Steel detailing software has everything you would expect from a specialist structural steel detailing package. Ultimately, what makes ADVANCE Steel special is its accessibility to any type of company which is interested in investing in steel detailing software.

Webinar “Discover Advance Steel 2012” planned for May 3rd 2012

Steel detailers, Structural Engineers: 
Discover Advance Steel 2012: The Powerful and Affordable Steel Detailing Software

on Wendsday, May 3rd, 2012 from 9:00 to 9:30 am CET or 5:00 to 5:30 pm CET

Register online to this webinar

Advance Steel® is specifically designed for professionals who require an easy-to-use 3D structural steel detailing software that automates the production of drawings, BOMs and NC files.

Advance Steel® is part of the GRAITEC structural BIM solution, automating the entire structural design process, from engineering design to detailing and fabrication.

Advance Steel TOP 5 benefits:

Advance Steel: BIM software for structural steel engineering, detailing and fabrication

1 – More Productivity with the flexible and efficient 3D modeling automatic tools: complete international catalogs, library of parametric joints, single or multi-user mode, etc.

2 – Short learning curve: reduces new employee ramp up time

3 – Specific features for miscellaneous steel and sheet metal: automatic functions for all type of stairs and railings, automatic tools for sheet metal creation, folded and twisted plates, etc.

4 – Precise and automatic creation and updating of construction documents: BOMs automatically created from the 3D model, revision control, revision clouds, drawing presentation template, automatic drawing scaling, paper formats and views, etc.

5 – BIM and collaborative work: DXF / DWG / Revit imports, multi-user technology, interoperability with major industry leading detailing / fabrication / engineering / MRP packages (CIS/2, SDNF, DSTV, KISS, etc.), etc.

Advance Steel: Professional Steel Detailing Software Solution for AutoCAD

Historically based on the AutoCAD® platform, Advance Steel® 2012 allows users to use their software with or without AutoCAD®. In fact, the product includes its own graphics engine, and the user can select the desired CAD platform. Regardless of the selected platform, all the essential functionality of the software is retained, as well as DWG® compatibility.
This major change has also allowed GRAITEC to simplify the user interface by focusing on and organizing the industry specific functionality of the software.
Another major impact for users: the overall cost of the solution and the ease of installation and deployment. The return on investment for the current version is improved by 30%.

Advance Steel: Effective use of Joint Tables

Watch this video tutorial on how to set up joints to be configured automatically so you don’t need to constantly adjust settings.

Advance Steel for StruCAD users

Advance Steel for StruCAD users

Advance Steel, the alternative solution to StruCAD

GRAITEC Products: CAD and Design Software for the Construction Industry

  • Proven track record with more than 10,000 seats worldwide: Trusted market confidence
  • Rapid adoption rate resulting in +50% growth in licenses in 2011: Tried and tested solution
  • Increased functionality / productivity: Tools for all market sectors: BIM, Structures, Off-shore, Bridges, Architectural, Sheet-metalwork,…
  • Works as a standalone application or with AutoCAD: Flexibility for users to choose platform to that suits them – no need to have AutoCAD
  • Low initial financial outlay: Best value system on the market
  • Lower on-going cost of ownership: Premium support & maintenance less than half the price of other systems
  • Easy to use and short learning curve: 5 day foundation training course; 3-days transition training from Strucad, includes full training manual
  • Quick and easy deployment: Set up company drawing borders in minutes
  • Interoperability: DSTV NC files in all versions, IFC, SDNF, CIS2, Graitec BIM, KISS, PSS, …
  • Support and Helpdesk service rated 98% excellent or good by our users: Dedicated team ready to help you by phone, email or remote assistance

Advance Steel 2012 videos

Advance Steel 2012 – Easy and efficient modelling tools
Advance Stel 2012 – Easy  and efficient modelling tools
Advance Steel is a complete 3D BIM steel detailing software providing automatic and user-friendly tools for creating the 3D model of your building in the best time.
From the creation of the portal frames to the generation of all cladding profiles, Advance Steel comes with numerous easy-to-use tools for purlins, side rails, automatic connections, stairs, railings and much more!
Advance Steel 2012 – Navigation through a 3D model
Advance Stel 2012 – Navigation through a 3D model
See how user-friendly and powerful Advance Steel 2012 is to navigate through a complex pedestrian bridge (model courtesy of PKD, Czech Republic).

Customer Projects

Advance Steel CIS/2 interface Advance Steel CIS/2 interface
Coke oven gas desulphurization done by
Hutni projekt Frydek-Mistek a.s with Advance Steel
New Valenciennes stadium done by
ETI with Advance Steel
Advance Steel CIS/2 interface Advance Steel CIS/2 interface
U2 “360° concert” stage done by
Stageco with Advance Steel
Steam cracking furnaces done by
Heurtey Petrochem with Advance Steel

AceCad acknowledges that Advance Steel works with StruM.I.S

AceCad, IT software developer of supply chain solutions for Steel Building Structures, acknowledges that the Advance Steel Kiss export as the format to interface with StruM.I.S.

The KISS standard (“Keep It Simple, Steel”) was developed under the auspices of FABTROL Systems, as a solution for the problems caused by incompatible data formats and it can be used to transfer fabrication-related data between CAD and fabrication management software applications.  For more information about the KISS file format, visit:

Advance Steel has been certified by FABTROL since September 2007 ( for its ability to exchange data using the KISS file format. Our customers can use KISS files to transfer data from the model and the bill of materials between Advance Steel and StruM.I.S.

AceCad acknowledges that Advance Steel works with StruM.I.S

StruM.I.S (steel fabrication management information system that harnesses the information flow and work processes throughout the steelwork contract between departments, suppliers and clients) acknowledges its compliancy with Advance Steel output through the KISS file format. Other formats include: CIS/2, CSV, PDMS, DSTV CAD.

AceCad acknowledges that Advance Steel works with StruM.I.S

More doors open to Advance Steel

With the shocking Strucad announcement, Strucad users are now faced with a difficult decision – or is it?
For anyone involved in Structural Steelwork, the way GRAITEC UK sees it, there is a clear and easy choice, Advance Steel 2012!

Advance Steel 2012 offers:

– Proven track record with more than 10,000 seats worldwide

  •  Trusted market confidence

– Rapid adoption rate resulting in +50% growth in licenses in 2011 – 

  • Tried and tested solution

– Increased functionality / productivity 

  • New tools for all market sectors: BIM, Structures, Off-shore, Bridges, Architectural, Sheet-metalwork…

– Works as a standalone application or with AutoCAD – 

  • Flexibility for users to choose platform to that suits them – no need to have AutoCAD

– Low initial financial outlay 

  • A fantastic GRAITEC UK ‘Switch-offer’

– Quick and easy deployment

  • Set up company drawing borders in minutes

– Interoperability 

  • DSTv NC files in all versions, IFC, SDNF, CIS2, Graitec BIM, KISS, PSS…

– Support and Helpdesk service rated 98% excellent or good by users  

  • Dedicated team ready to help you by phone, email or remote assistance

The GRAITEC UK branch has never received so many phone calls and enquiries from people looking for an alternative solution to Strucad, and the feedback from those that have already moved to Advance Steel was “easy to use” and “very capable”.

If you have been affected and would like to see more about Advance Steel why not visit or contact one of the Graitec UK team on 0844 543 8888 or email your enquiry to

The versatility of Advance Steel can help you realize projects out of the ordinary!

With Advance Steel, our users can create amazing projects.  Our American users understand this and have created incredible structures with it.  Tuckerman Steel Fabricators Inc. were able to harness the power of Advance Steel to create their latest project, something special that was launched on 11/11/2011 and captured on video.  Check it out at Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum-Launching 11 11 2011!

The project shown is a steel barge supporting a 3 story building consisting of shops, a museum, and restaurants, including ballast compartments, stair wells, elevator compartments, watertight doors, gangway support platforms and pile guides. The barge had to be pre-fabricated in panels – deck panels, bottom panels, bulkheads, side panels, and very often panels that included over 150 parts. Accordingly to Ilko Dimitrov, Project Manager at Tuckerman Steel Fabricators Inc., Advance Steel increased the productivity and the accuracy of the drawings: “The software was very helpful in detailing the panel drawings and all the interior framing and stairs as well”.

Also, the designers of the barge noticed that Advance Steel is very well designed to optimize drawing layout by eliminating empty spaces between members, and has the option to create running dimensions from left to right and vice versa, and the option to switch between absolute and relative or both types of dimensions. The scaling of objects is very easy. Placing labels, part marks, material type and basically all necessary information is very handy. Creating and updating BOM is fast and accurate.

Tuckerman Steel Fabricators, Inc. based in Boston, MA is incredibly proud of the results obtained with Advance Steel.  The week after they were trained on Advance Steel they were able to model and detail the entire barge.  They were able to meet their fabrication and shipping deadlines without any errors!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another success story: customer in Canada thrilled to work with Advance Steel

A recognized and expanding company in the manufacturing of steel structures and wrought metals situated in Quebec (Canada), Pro-Mec Elite Inc., has chosen GRAITEC Advance Steel 2012 as its steel detailing software.

Pro-Mec Elite Inc. was using AutoCAD and Inventor so far to do all their studies. They recently decided to move to a 3D BIM solution in order to gain productivity with their drill-line from Ficep and analyzed all software available on the market.

After an extensive review of several software packages such as TEKLA Structures, SDS/2, and StruCAD, they found that Advance Steel is much easier to use and with the advantage to be based on AutoCAD.

GRAITEC Inc. had different meetings with Pro-Mec Elite Inc to answer their expectation and demonstrate that Advance Steel is the right solution for the type of structures they are daily doing.

Therefore Pro-Mec Elite Inc. decided to purchase 2 seats of Advance Steel (with the potential to acquire 4 additional licenses as 6 detailers are working the company) and followed the training 2 weeks ago in the office of GRAITEC Inc (Montreal).

Already, after only 1 week using Advance Steel, they noticed a significant time gain in the realization of drawings and are very satisfied with the software and customer service at GRAITEC.

More information on Pro-Mec Elite Inc. website:

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Advance Steel 2012: CAD platform freedom

Advance Steel® is specifically designed for steel professionals who require an easy-to-use 3D structural steel detailing software for automating drawing production.


 Choice of graphical platform and improved ergonomics 

Historically based on the AutoCAD® platform, Advance Steel 2012 allows users to use their software with or without AutoCAD®. In fact, the product includes its own graphics engine, and the user can select the desired CAD platform. Regardless of the selected platform, all the essential functionality of the software is retained, as well as DWG® compatibility.

This major change has also allowed GRAITEC to simplify the user interface by focusing on and organizing the industry specific functionality of the software and the BIM integration. A “BIM Center” facilitating data exchange is available.

Another major impact for the user: the overall cost of the solution and the ease of installation and deployment. The return on investment of Version 2012 is improved by 30%.

Advance Steel 2012: Choice of graphical platform and improved ergonomics


 New automatic controls for 3D modeling 

Version 2012 also has many other improvements, the main ones are as follows:

  • Management of a preliminary reference mark to improve the traceability of elements from their creation to manufacturing
  • Option to group similar connections to manage and change them in a single operation
  • Implementation of new automatic connections (e.g., turnbuckle bracings, purlin connections with sleeves, connections between steel and concrete elements)
  • All new connections work on standard and cold rolled profiles
  • Numerous modifications in the existing connections, including in the field of metalwork.
Advance Steel 2012: New automatic controls for 3D modeling


 Extensive libraries 
Advance Steel 2012 provides libraries with lots of new and updated profiles and bolts:

  • Cold rolled profiles ( Joris IDE, Kingspan, etc.)
  • Cladding sections (Perfitec, Metecno, Corus, etc.)
  • Bolts and connectors (Lindapter, Australian bolts, etc.)


 Enhancements for high quality drawings 
Following on from previous versions, Advance Steel 2012 continues to improve the overall quality of drawings created automatically by the software:

  • Several new drawing styles delivered and ready to be used
  • Lists on drawings can be customized to include formulas (e.g. elements weight + 5%)
These new options increase user productivity and protects the production and management of documentation of their steel construction projects.

Movable overland tripper detailed with Advance Steel

Clinton Dantu, the CEO of Dantu Drafting cc. (South Africa), explains why Advance Steel was the right tool to handle this complex project and for creating all detailed drawings.

Dantu Drafting cc. is a registered company formed five years ago to meet the high demand for an independent drawing office not affiliated to any particular Consulting or Engineering firm. We entered the market with many years of experience in Materials Handling, Process plants and Heap Leach layouts. We added detailing to our résumé as we found managing the drawing work from layout to fabrication gives us the edge over any of our competitors and speeds up the completion time of the job as a whole. We have been using Advance Steel for the past four years and we are really impressed with its 3D modelling capabilities and the speed with which one can complete any project.

Movable overland tripper successfully detailed with Advance Steel

The Movable overland tripper (mot) is a hydraulic driven and steered machine. We used wheel mounted Bonfiglioli 713 c3b with brake and disengagement planetary 142:1 gearboxes. The mot will be used in Zambia at Luanshya copper mine, to feed a heap leach system. The total mass of the machine is 45 tons with a total length of 38 meters and a total height of 9 meters. The mot is needed to be an all-wheel drive machine, as it runs above a 900 wide overland conveyor over uneven terrain.

Movable overland tripper successfully detailed with Advance Steel

We used Advance Steel for this project so we could do all our layout work in 3D and still easily supply the client and designers with 2D AutoCAD® drawings from which we could all sit around a table to discuss the concept. After our meetings we could update our 3D model to suit any comments and so update our 2D AutoCAD® drawings in time for the next meeting. Having the model proved to be a great tool in getting any new parties involved up to speed with the project, just by showing them the model they would get an immediate insight in to the project. Once the mot’s concept was approved and the design was complete we could continue with creating the connections and then the shop detail drawings. With a certain amount of input we could update our shop drawings to suit our fabricators requirements.

Movable overland tripper successfully detailed with Advance Steel

Using Advance Steel for this project helped us speed up the design time for the mot as we had a constantly updated model to keep all involved with the project informed of our progress and ideas. By using Advance Steel as the 3D steel detailing application, productivity gains of over 25% were realized, compared to using regular AutoCAD®.

Movable overland tripper successfully detailed with Advance Steel

Engineering office: Dantu Drafting cc (South Africa) –
Project: Heap leach project
Client: Luanshya copper mine
Location: Muliashi Copper Mine (Zambia)