Important notice about your StruCad license

Still not made a decision about your StruCad upgrade?

You may have only upgraded some of your StruCad licenses?

You do have options!

We are aware that StruCad users are faced with some tough decisions regarding software upgrades over the coming months. StruCad is a very good system and we respect your investment in it. We at GRAITEC believe  Advance Steel is a highly competent modern 3D modelling CAD system developed for the steelwork industry that will serve all your needs for many years to come.

We would like to help StruCad users protect their investment in StruCad by offering a sensible solution to upgrade their software to  Advance Steel.

Our StruCad upgrade offer:

  •  Advance Steel professional license
  • 12 months software maintenance and suppor
  • Training (tailored StruCad-Advance Steel transition course)
  • No time restrictions for your continued use of StruCad
  • Upgrade any of your StruCad licenses, whether they are up to date with maintenance and support or not
  • We will upgrade any StruCad license i.e. StruCad Full, StruCad Lite etc to an Advance Steel Professional license with no limits!
  • Maintenance and support on-going costs some 50% less than our competitors and the price is fixed for a minimum of three years!
  • Training – dates to suit your requirements
  • Flexible payment terms with finance option

With 10,000 clients around the world. GRAITEC UK alone have over 800 clients using their software, with 200 + clients investing in  Advance Steel, a number which is continually expanding in the UK. GRAITEC’s Advance Steel solution guarantees a future proof investment for all your steel detailing and 3D modelling requirements.


-> To view our Advance Steel 2012 videos CLICK HERE

-> To view client projects CLICK HERE


What our customers are saying: 

“Blows other software providers out the water”
Builders Beams, David May

“A project that could have taken four weeks can now be completed in a week”
Rob Miller, IAC Ltd

“Productivity gain will double using Advance Steel”
Mark Simmen, RS Construction

“Using Advance Steel will increase productivity in every area”
Joe Bennett, Roltech Engineering LTD

“Using Advance Steel will increase productivity in every area”
Joe Bennett, Roltech Engineering LTD

“Using Advance Steel will prevent drawings bottle necking the company”
Michael-John Varrall, MJV Design

More info about our StruCAD offer


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