GRAITEC UK continues to expand: new office and training facility in Staffordshire Open

GRAITEC is pleased to announce the opening of a new office and dedicated training suite in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, UK. The additional office will complement GRAITEC’s existing headquarters in the South of England, offering the latest in design and analysis software for the construction industry.

The construction industry is a highly competitive sector and it is obvious that businesses in the UK are not just looking to survive but thrive. GRAITEC UK is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology designed to help improve its customer’s productivity and efficiency.
Making our technology and quality services more accessible, to more businesses, gives them the confidence and support they need to invest in our technology and get ahead of the game.

Carl Spalding, GRAITEC UK Managing Director

Carl Spalding, UK Managing Director comments: “This is a very exciting time for GRAITEC UK and our expansion is as a result of our continued growth both in the UK and globally. In addition to the incumbent strength of our Analysis and Design technology, SuperSTRESS, our best seller is our 3D BIM software for steel engineering and detailing, Advance Steel. It is through the demand and success of our Advance Steel software that has enabled us to expand at such a rapid pace and our new office, strategically located in Staffordshire, will provide easy access from all the major road networks and airports.”

Graitec UK is extremely pleased to welcome James Flatt to the team as the Regional Sales Manager heading up the Midlands office. James began his career in the construction industry working as a draughtsman for a large steelwork fabricator. In recent years he has worked for several major software companies supplying 3D modeling and BIM solutions to the market. James’s knowledge and experience will be valuable asset to both GRAITEC and its customers.James Flatt, Regional Sales Manager at GRAITEC UK

James Flatt adds: “I’m absolutely delighted to have joined GRAITEC at such an exciting time for the company. Seeing growth of +45% in 2011 compared to the previous year speaks volumes in terms of the direction in which we are going. The new standalone version of Advance Steel is receiving very good reviews and should be considered a viable option for steelwork fabricators and detailers alike.”

To help support and further develop the fast rate of growth we are experiencing in the UK market, GRAITEC UK has also contracted theconsultancy services of Wayne Rawson through his company – Wayne Rawson Consulting Ltd. Wayne has been in the steelwork industry for over 30 years and has worked at senior level with several large industry-specific software providers. His knowledge of the steelwork industry and steel detailing software solutions in particular is proving a great addition to Graitec team. He has already been instrumental in helping numerous companies with advice and business planning through to software deployment when they are considering an upgrade of their existing CAD software to Advance Steel as their preferred steel detailing software solution.

Wayne Rawson, Wayne Rawson Consulting Ltd. Wayne

Having worked with suppliers of steel detailing solutions over a good number of years, I understand both the capabilities available within the CAD products in the market and what detailers really need from a steel detailing solution. Advance Steel is an excellent 3D multi-material modelling system that offers a very serious alternative for companies using older software systems that are looking for a highly competent and flexible software solution with increased capabilities, backed by a very successful organization growing at an incredible rate

Formally Integer Software Ltd (est. 1984), Graitec UK boasts an integrated range of structural design and analysis software used by 90% of the top 100 UK engineering consultancies and offers a wide range of quality services from professional training to custom software development to ensure customers get the best from us and our software. Importantly its support service is rated extremely highly by its customers and it is imperative that the company ensures this level of service is maintained from our Midlands office. The appointment of James combined with Wayne’s experience and the full backup and support of its established technical team will ensure its quality services are continued.

GRAITEC UK new office in Staffordshire GRAITEC UK new office in Staffordshire


GRAITEC has made the finals for the 2012 Construction Computing Awards

GRAITEC has made the finals for the 2012 Construction Computing AwardsThis year, we are delighted to announce that  GRAITEC has made the finals of the Construction Computing Awards in the following categories:

–> Construction Computing “One to Watch” Company 2012 (companies that are going to make a real impact in the industry) – GRAITEC UK;

–> Construction Computing “One to Watch” Product 2012 (new products in 2012 that are going to become “big” in the next 12 months) – GRAITEC ADVANCE Steel 2012 – Standalone;

–> Structural Design Product of the Year (accurate design of overall products and individual joints, whether working in steel, concrete or other materials) – GRAITEC UK – SuperSTRESS;

–> Product of the Year (the product which has impressed you most throughout 2012) – GRAITEC UK – ADVANCE Steel;.

–> Company of the Year (the company which has impressed you most throughout 2012) – GRAITEC UK.

Featuring more than 20 different categories, the Construction Computing Awards reward the technology, tools and solutions for design, construction, maintenance and modification of commercial buildings, residential and social housing and civil engineering projects of all types and sizes.

Voting started on September 13th, 2012, and will close on November 8th, 2012. You may cast your votes by registering your personal detailsand selecting your favorites here.

The Winners Ceremony will take place at Hotel Russell in London, on November 22nd, 2012.

Stay tuned for more information and don’t forget to show your support for our company and products.

SuperSTRESS gets Advance Design Cross Section module

SuperSTRESS continues to be a favorite among UK engineers offering simplicity to complex problems. With the release of SuperSTRESS 8.0C, as well as speed and performance improvements, SuperSTRESS gets a major update and now includes a new Cross Section Module expanding the functionality of the already ‘feature rich’ program. The new Cross Section module is already in use since several years in Advance Design (the structural analysis and design GRAITEC solution) and was proven and acknowledged by the market.

The new Cross Section Module calculates the section properties of any shape you wish to create, this can be done from an arbitrary contour, using standard circular, square, rectangular and polygonal shapes or even using any section from the Steel Section library. The lx torsional calculation can be done using an analytical or numerical method so any section’s torsional property can be calculated. These sections can then be independently saved and brought back into SuperSTRESS for inclusion in the analysis.
The Cross Section module is able to calculate the section’s characteristics for any composed section (multiple contours), having an option to consider the relative rigidity in case of heterogeneous cross sections (multiple materials), ex. standard reinforced concrete or mixed steel – concrete sections.

For reinforced concrete sections, the module is going further, providing the option to define manually / automatically the reinforcement for any concrete shape, including user defined polygonal shapes. The sections defined in this way can then be verified with interaction curves, or simply used in FEM analysis on linear elements with corrected rigidity. For steel sections, the user is able to define calculations points for normal stress (Sigma XX) in a simple and intuitive interface.

If you would like to find out more about SuperSTRESS 8.0c or upgrade your license speak to a member of the Graitec UK team on 0844 543 8888.

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