GRAITEC Group reports +20.3% organic growth for 2012 and +125% profitability

GRAITEC, an international developer of 3D BIM Design-Build and Structural Design software for the construction industry, reports a turnover of 30.8 million Euros for the fiscal year ended December 31st, 2012. GRAITEC revenue organically increased by +20.3% compared to 2011. The Advance BIM suite had a +30% increase in turnover and Advance Steel had a +54% in turnover compared to 2011.

Key 2012 figures:

GRAITEC over performed the initial forecast of 29M€ for 2012:

  • Turnover of 30.8 M€, an increase of 20.3% compared to 2011.
  • The consolidated EBITDA increased +125% compared to 2011 reaching 5.4 M€.
  • 74% of the turnover international

GRAITEC Advance software results:

  • Advance Steel increased +54%
  • Advance Suite increased +30%
  • BIM Structural CAD Solutions +45%
  • Advance Suite represents more than 50% of Graitec Revenue

GRAITEC Advance is the complete BIM software solution, from design to detailing, intended for the international market.

Region Focus

Western Europe, in a difficult context for construction, GRAITEC grew in 2012 by 24% in Western Europe.

  • GRAITEC Germany led the Western European growth at Graitec with 21% increase in turnover. Each and every solution sold by GRAITEC Germany performed in 2012, from Advance Steel that registered a +26% growth, to the special performance of Advance Bridge 175% growth, and adopted by the key regulation organization in the industry. The Structural Analysis business, after a difficult 2011, is back on track and showed in 2012 a strong dynamism with 84% increase in turnover.
  • GRAITEC France, in a context of leadership and high maturity, delivered expectations, a solid 2012 with a turnover growth of 13%. GRAITEC France continues to reinforce its strong market leadership in the Structural Analysis solutions market. However, the 3D Structural BIM CAD became more and more strategic and represented 50% of Graitec France Growth.
  • GRAITEC Italy (B&B), exceptional performance of the Italian subsidiary based in Noale and acquired in 2011. In less than a year, GRAITEC Italy B&B has positioned Advance Steel as the standard solution for the steel market, with 245% growth in revenue and almost 150 licenses delivered to exclusively new customers.
  • GRAITEC UK had a great 2012 with an increase of 42% of the Advance Steel turnover, and the creation of a new sales office in the Midlands. The business indicators are showing an over 70% new business ratio and an initial attached rate of 97%.
  • Adris, as a dedicated Autodesk reseller, has over performed the industry standards with 32% growth in turnover and an improvement of its margin rate. Adris not only got certified in several fields, but reached the Autodesk UK Top 3 ranking and is leading the European VAR community in growth.

Eastern Europe, in a difficult context for construction, GRAITEC had some fantastic performances particularly in Russia with 64% growth.

  • GRAITEC Czech Republic (AB Studio) has shown a great capacity to sustain its level of activity and business, as leader of the AEC industry in Czech Republic. AB Studio continues to reinforce the presence of GRAITEC solutions in the Eastern Europe region and delivered +39% growth with the Advance BIM suite.
  • GRAITEC Romania delivered a solid performance in 2012 growing the business by 24%. The complete Advance BIM suite is offered to the Romanian market and every solution performed in 2012.
  • GRAITEC Russia continues to gain market share on the market and establish year after year Advance Steel as the standard solution for the Steel construction industry. The growth achievement is impressive (+64%) and the contribution of GRAITEC Russia is more significant year after year.

GRAITEC North America, 2012 shows an increasing contribution of the North American operations, the sales and technical organization controls the business and delivers over expectations. GRAITEC North American operations grew by 54% in 2012 with an impressive +108% for Advance Steel. The growth, market share and customer acquisition has been massive in 2012 but it is only the beginning for GRAITEC and we have great prospects for the future.

GRAITEC ASIA Pacific is definitely ramping up with 87% growth in 2012. Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and India are leading the GRAITEC growth in this region. GRAITEC reinforces its investment in the region, creating GRAITEC India to drive the Indian operations and offer proximity and local support to our customers.

2013 Outlook

GRAITEC wants to continue its market share acquisition as a global player of the BIM and Design-Build industry. GRAITEC will reinforce its international development, with new offices in USA and probably Brazil and the consolidation of the Asia Pacific operation through GRAITEC offices in India and Singapore supporting our resellers. The GRAITEC strategy remains to acquire customers and market share proposing the full 3D BIM GRAITEC Advance suite. Advance Steel will continue to drive the growth of our 3D BIM Design-Build solutions and consolidate its market leadership in growth and new business. The European Construction forecast is concerning and taking this factor into consideration we will target 15% turnover growth in 2013 and an operational profit up 40%. To support this growth, GRAITEC will recruit approximately 20 new employees who will contribute to the expansion of the company. A new release of the 3D BIM Advance suite is planned during Q3 2013 to better address some key markets and the requests of our customers.

Francis GUILLEMARD, CEO of GRAITEC, comments:
2012 was a fantastic achievement for GRAITEC. In a very difficult economic environment, GRAITEC has delivered very solid growth month after month. In 2012 we focused on our organic growth and decided to make a pause in our process of acquisition. This makes our performance even more remarkable. Our BIM Structural CAD solutions are clearly driving both the internationalization and the growth of GRAITEC. They benefit from a very unique positioning on the market and give the expected answer to the new challenges of the construction industry, such as Design-Build or BIM processes. In this field GRAITEC is definitely acquiring new market shares faster than any competitor.
The GRAITEC solution Advance Steel grew by more than 54% in 2012, this is an amazing success considering the Advance Steel growth rate in 2011 was 40%. This exciting growth in a traditionally slow growing market is positioning Advance Steel as the leading solution in growth, on the market. In 2012 we sold close to 1200 commercial licenses to more than 700 customers, 6 new users join the Advance Steel community every day. It’s important to notice that the vast majority of those users are new users we migrate from 2D solutions to the benefits of 3D, BIM and Design-Build.
In 2013 GRAITEC will continue its growth, and continue its international expansion driven by Asia Pacific and North America. GRAITEC is also actively working on potential new strategic acquisitions to reinforce its technical leadership or support new markets penetration. I rely on our strategy, teams and solutions to make of 2013 a great milestone in the GRAITEC history.

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