SSMB Magazine Anniversary Issue: GRAITEC – Providing advanced technological platforms for steel structure detailing

“Steel Structures & Metal Buildings” is an Indian journal designed to promote and encourage companies from the steel building field and to showcase the latest projects and innovations in the industry. May’s edition is a special anniversary issue, which includes industry viewpoints concerning Indian building and construction, international and Indian case studies and best structures of 2010-2012.

One of the main focuses of this issue is answering one important question: How do specialists perceive the growth of the structural steel industry in India from a technological point of view? Being one of the magazine’s “Brand to watch out for”, GRAITEC was also asked to make a statement on this matter. And who better to do so than Pascal Bergougnou, Managing Director at GRAITEC Pte, in Singapore, managing the Asia-Pacific area.

Despite its rapid growth, India, the 7th largest country in the world and one of the oldest civilizations, still has a developing economy. However, presently, India is one of the largest exporters of computer software products. It exports software solutions to over 90 countries worldwide, and “has established a good reputation as a structural steel detailing partner with many companies because of its executive support and willingness to be flexible as business needs change”, Pascal Bergougnou declares.

The Asia-Pacific region has major business opportunities as it continues to mature in BIM technologies. With the ADVANCE portfolio, GRAITEC has the opportunity and challenge to target these markets and contribute to the international development of the group in the BIM market. GRAITEC is committed to meeting clients’ needs in the growing construction-engineering sector, always promoting performance and efficiency.


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