Advance Steel – Stairs and Railings review by CAD Digest Magazine

Advance Steel offers an extensive library of smart objects, automatic joints and specific tools for creating not only standard structures, but also stairs, railing and miscellaneous steel work. CAD Digest, one of the most popular online sources for CAD, CAM & CAE articles and testimonials, reviews the ADVANCE Steel – Stairs and Railings feature set.

For this review, the author created two sets of stairs, one straight andone spiral, describing each step of the process – drawing, editing stairs properties, adding, removing or modifying landings or handrails – highlighting the efficiency and ease-of-use of the software: “I was impressed with how easily Advance Steel creates stairs to my specification, and the ease with which I could modify their properties, along with associated components.

With Advance Steel, it is easy to create, modify and customize all types of stairs, landingsand railings. Using the software’s advanced tools, with a few clicks defining the height, the tread width and the direction, the entire stair can be created.

Other benefits of the stairs and railing feature of Advance Steel include the large library of predefined objects and the automatic creation of all necessary documents (including NC files). “GRAITEC includes a large library of stair tread types, and I had the option to define my own types and save them as templates for future use. I recommend anyone looking for an efficient way to design and document miscellaneous steel projects to consider GRAITEC’s Advance Steel Software.

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3 thoughts on “Advance Steel – Stairs and Railings review by CAD Digest Magazine

  1. What a bunch of pathetic wankers you are, not posting the comment I left!
    Just shows that truth hurts! TEKLA RULES!!!!!!!

    • Dear ‘Frank Spencer’
      Thank you for your posting your comments on our blog. The 3d orbit you refer to was deeply tested on our side and it works without any problems and we are not aware of any known crashes. In your case it could be an isolated issue, provided from different aspects like installation, video driver compliancy, computer performance, etc. Our strong advice is to contact the nearest / closest Graitec office who will be glad to help investigate the issues you mentioned. For support in the UK please contact 0844 543 8888 or email

      We have also looked through our support log for these companies and there is no trace of orbit or crash issues.

      Also, we have searched through the customers we have and we could not find a Frank or a similar email. So, once again, please contact our UK support to solve any issues you might have.

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