GRAITEC  is pleased to announce the acquisition of TREPCAD GmbH through its German-based company GRAITEC GmbH. The aim of both companies is the connection of TREPCAD, the software for staircase construction to Advance Steel, the 3D CAD software for steel construction, and also the worldwide development of the market segments for staircase construction. 

For 10 years, TREPCAD GmbH has been developing and distributing its software for staircase construction in the German speaking market. The company is specialized in the construction of stairs made of steel and stairs made of a combination of wood and steel. Used by more than 2600 customers, TREPCAD software is easy to use and very powerful and especially well-known by companies specialized in miscellaneous steel, schools and educational facilities.

With this acquisition, both companies want to share their expertise. Their common aim is the connection of TREPCAD Software to Advance Steel, and also the worldwide development of the market segments for staircase construction. By working together with GRAITEC’s large and competent R&D team, the innovative ideas of TREPCAD’s stair and railing solution specialists will be developed faster in the future.

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC CEO, comments: The acquisition of TREPCAD allows the Group to strengthen its leading position in the steel market by supplementing its steel CAD solution software that addresses a complementary market: the metal work companies who need easy and quick tools to generate drawings.

Norbert Schulze-Kahleyß, founder and manager of TREPCAD GmbH, adds: “Thanks to GRAITEC’s worldwide network and its powerful and important R&D Department, we are convinced we will be able to distribute our software internationally.

TREPCAD GmbH was founded in 2004 by Dipl.-Ing (FH) Norbert Schulze-Kahleyß. He started to develop the well-known software for staircase construction “TREPCAD” in 2000. Today the company has 2600 customers in the German speaking market. In 2006 TREPCAD GmbH received the “award for excellent and innovative benefits for their handcraft”. For more information, please visit


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