Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE Design

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE DesignThe Jean BOUIN Stadium is a 20000 seater stadium, home to the Stade Français rugby team. More specifically, it hosts the Stade Français office, various sports facilities, reception halls, boxes and shops.

Main challenges of the project:

  • The control of the strain bracing is complex, with strain ground pressure in the infrastructure (5 blocks separated by expansion joints), and wind strain in the superstructure (3 blocks separated by expansion joints). The tilted north side also produces strains in the bracing system. Finally, the bracing is provided by shear walls in the basement and by shear walls and the portal frames in the superstructure bearing in mind the necessity to manage the interface between steel framework and concrete stand.
  • Stands are organized on several levels and are covered by an ultra high performance fiber concrete net (BFUHP).
  • The roofing is supported by a steel framework canopy.
  • The North stand, to a large extent, is based on an infrastructure, with 3 levels of basement (up to 10m of depth) which goes well beyond the stand area.
  • The structure is based on piles, peripheral walls in the infrastructure are “Parisian walls” (piles + thrown concrete) and the last basement is tanked.

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE Design

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE DesignAdvance Design solution:

  • The conception of a 3D finite element model makes it possible to tacklesome of the project difficulties. In addition to the “traditional” calculation method, it allows the taking into consideration of the strain of bracing in the calculations, which remains difficult to integrate by other methods, given the complexity of the project.
  • The relative stiffness between hanging frames and walls make allowances for the strain spreading of these elements.
  • Simplification of the interface steel framework/stand concrete due to a more complete modeling from the beginning of the project. The structure has been modeled with precision and speed thanks to imported dxf files. Wind loads have been analyzed in a wind tunnel study and the lists of values from the study have been imported as text files from Excel

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE Design

Jean BOUIN Rugby Stadium, done with ADVANCE DesignFor a project as big and complex as the Jean Bouin Stadium, with interfaces between different materials and numerous loadcases, a global 3D finite element model becomes virtually essential for facingtime constraints and optimization. Advance Design places itself as an ergonomic and reliable tool from the modeling to the results post-processing step.” Mr Laurent Mahé, Civil engineer – CTE Strasbourg


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