Boat Mould Structure – Customer project

Nial Ball, Westbury Park Engineering: “This contract was something a bit unusual and was carried out for a prestigious UK based boat building company. I say boat, but I suppose technically they were ships being 35 – 40 metres long! The problem was turning a mould following manufacture in order to release the boat from the mould. Being fiberglass it isn’t such a good idea to have the mould flex and crack the finished boat deck.

The steelwork for the project was designed and built around a 3D surface model supplied by our client and converted for AutoCAD by Graitec. The strange thing about surface models is that the surface isn’t actually there, well not in a solid drawing sense, but I was able to draw a series AutoCAD construction lines from key points on the surface model using XEDGES etc. Once the construction lines were in place the remaining structure was a breeze using Advance Steel. There were no major issues and the model was completed in three days and all drawings were created within the week.”

“The client was showing some concern with less than a week before the first mould had to be turned and released that we were not on site to install the steelwork. It seems that formerly the installation took seven men and two to three weeks as the structure was fabricated on site and in situ. With three days to go before ‘D Day’ our TWO men arrived on site with the pre-fabricated assemblies and in TWO days the structure was erected and we were home in time for tea with a day to spare. Thanks to Advance Steel we knew the structure would fit long before we arrived on site, the structure could be built in manageable sub-assemblies and with bolted joints there was no need for any welding on site.”


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