Advance Steel Project: Steam Cracking Furnaces

HEURTEY Group is the World largest independent group with a presence in 34 countries. Heurtey is an expert in design & fabrication of Process Fired Heaters Refining, Petrochemical and Hydrogen Industries.

In September 2009, the HEURTEY Group won a major contract in the Petrochemicals sector on behalf of Total Petrochemicals. This contract covers the supply of two ethylene cracking furnaces for the Gonfreville plant in Normandy and is part of a modernization project of the steam cracker during next turnaround scheduled in September 2011. Heurtey Petrochem has used technology from Shaw Energy and Chemicals (Stone & Webster) to complete this turnkey contract, which includes on-site assembly work.

Advance Steel Heurtey Steam Cracking Furnaces Advance Steel Heurtey Steam Cracking Furnaces

Heurtey Petrochem Romania is the main detailing design office of the HEURTEY Group, fully involved in this project, with 30 engineers and technicians specialised in the mechanical design of furnaces and trained in the use of GRAITEC Advance Steel 3D design software.

The two furnaces, pipe rack and steel structures are prefabricated and manufactured by Beta-Heurtey, the Group’s Romanian fabrication workshop.
Delivery of the furnaces is planned for July 2011.

Location: Gonfreville Refinery, France
Design office: Heurtey Petrochem SRL Romania
Beneficiary: Total Petrochemicals
Technology: Shaw Stone & Webster

Advance Steel: 2 Steam Cracking Furnaces


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