Advance Steel Project: Mugam Evi Concert Hall

Here is a great example of GRAITEC’s versatile modeling BIM software ADVANCE Steel : Mugam Evi Concert Hall

Project location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Design Office: NCA Container- und Anlagebau GmbH

Project description:
The concert hall consists of 500 tons of steel. A specific feature of the project was the creation of the whole steel construction. The construction mainly consists of three-dimensional rolled pipes. Additionally each single pipe had elliptical-shaped radii on two levels. The parts of the steel construction had to be connected in an elegant way, to give the building a perfect façade. First, the steel parts were prefabricated in the workshop of NCA Container- und Anlagenbau GmbH. The Steel parts were finally welded together, to have a smooth connection between the main bars.

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