Successful Advance Steel User meeting in Netherlands

A user meeting was organized by MATRIX Software, the GRAITEC reseller of Advance Steel in Netherlands on the 29th November for the users from Netherlands and the Flemish-speaking area of Belgium. More than 50 end-users were present at this event which took place in Gorinchem (Netherlands).

The companies Stageco&Breetec explained in details how they successfully used Advance Steel to model in 3D the impressive stage of the U2 Tour.

Matrix software finished the meeting with the presentation of prizes for the 3 best projects in their 2011 Advance Steel User competition.

Marc Verstraten (from Breetec company), winner of the first prize in the 2011 user contest, explains: “Advance Steel was the right software solution to handle the type of complex project for the conveyor for Arcelor-Mittal, and although the project did not use a lot of the standard connections from Advance Steel, it still was possible to create the complete model with Advance Steel objects. As more than 50% of the project consists of folded plates we were especially satisfied with the Advance Steel bending and unfolding capabilities, plus also the drawings that Advance Steel produced more than met the accuracy requirements for this type of construction.
We are very proud to win the first prize in the 2011 user contest. It confirms that smaller companies can produce complicated designs and thereby acurately achieve the higher level of complexity required in so many modern design. We will keep improving our skills with Advance Steel by pushing ourselves and the program further to the limit. 

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