Service Pack 2 of Advance Steel 2011 is released!

Service Pack 2 of Advance Steel 2011 comes with a set of corrections and enhancements and provides the following advantages to end-users:

Advance Steel: Professional Steel Detailing Software Solution for AutoCAD

  • More efficient modeling: Service Pack 2 brings a powerful set of enhancements with various automated and parametric connections provided by default within Advance Steel. Such enhancements help users to model their 3D models faster. Enhanced update of all documents
  • Enhanced update of all documents:  As a core functionality of Advance Steel, a modification in the 3D model automatically updates all documents affected by the modification. Service Pack 2 improves the management of user modifications done directly on the drawings before the automatic update completes. Productivity and drawing consistency are consequently improved.
  • Better collaboration: Advance Steel delivers the highest level of communication with other solutions in a BIM environment. Service Pack 2 extends possibilities of BIM exchange thanks to a set of new formats requested by our worldwide community of users.

Any customer under maintenance contract can download Service Pack 2 from the GRAITEC Advantage web site:


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