Cluj Arena Stadium

Cluj Arena stadium aims to be one of the most modern stadiums in Romania. The project must be completed this autumn.
The construction is at the location of the old Ion Moina stadium. With a capacity of over 30.200 seats, the developers say this is more than a stadium: it is the biggest sports and leisure center in Romania, with a shopping and dining area as well.
The initial project underwent several changes: the total capacity of the arena has reached 44.000 m2 (from 22.000 m2) and the running track will have eight lanes, not six, as initially expected.

It is more than a stadium; it is the new landmark of the city, in which we managed to capture the passion, the emotions and most of all spirit of fair-play” Mr. Florin Dico

Construction company: Dico and Tiganas Office Design Cluj-Napoca
Design office:
Cluj-Napoca Technical University,
Dico and Tiganas Office Design Cluj-Napoca,
Bogart Construct Cluj-Napoca,
DAS Engineering Group

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