GRAITEC BIM Connect for Revit now available on Autodesk Exchange App Store

GRAITEC is delighted to announce its file collaboration and interoperability app for Revit, BIM Connect 2016, is now available as a free download directly from the Autodesk Exchange App Store.

GRAITEC BIM Connect for Revit now available on Autodesk Exchange App Store

This powerful, free extension for Autodesk® Revit® from GRAITEC provides bi-directional, intelligent Structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) model sharing, including the transfer of FEM results data, between GRAITEC Advance BIM Suite (Advance Design, Arch, SuperSTRESS, …) and Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Autodesk® Revit® MEP, Autodesk® Revit® Structure and Autodesk® Advance Steel products.

Sharing both the geometrical shapes, including dynamic concrete-section mapping to Revit Families, together with analytical FEM results, creates a new pathway of intelligence-driven BIM workflows which assures a more robust “platform” ready to utilize the high-level of automation promised by next-gen BIM technology.

GRAITEC BIM Connect also supports multi-discipline and multi-platform workflows, enabling import and export of recognized industry BIM and collaboration formats; IFC, CIS2, SDNF and PSS, to support interoperability across a wide spectrum of disciplines and at any level.

BIM technology is changing how buildings, infrastructure and utilities are planned, designed and built. It is now essential to have intelligent BIM workflows in place to retain the integrity of models and associated data. Using BIM Connect as part of an intelligent BIM workflow makes it easy to link Revit models with its counterpart analytical model from GRAITEC Advance Suite.

GRAITEC BIM Connect for Revit now available on Autodesk Exchange App Store

BIM Connect enables a BIM workflow between GRAITEC Advance Suite and Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® Advance Steel

The GRAITEC BIM Connect 2016 app is now available as a complimentary download from the Autodesk Exchange App Store, an extensive online market place for third-party add-ons and extensions to Autodesk products.

GRAITEC BIM Connect compatibility

  • BIM Connect supports the transfer of building performance FEM results and is fully compliant with Autodesk® Revit® and Advance Steel 2016 versions.
  • Import and export major industry formats – IFC, SDNF, CIS2, PSS – from a single interface.
  • Bi-directional links between Advance Design and Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® Advance Steel.
  • Transfer all materials, concrete sections, curved walls, foundations and beams.


Download the free BIM Connect 2016 app here.


Carl Spalding, GRAITEC Product Strategy Director comments:The uptake of BIM is growing at an exceptional rate. But as companies adopt new technologies and skills they will also need to evolve their primitive, siloed workflows in order to realize the full potential of a truly intelligent BIM workflow. GRAITEC BIM Connect enables users to collaborate effectively with accurate BIM models but goes way beyond geometry to include building performance intelligence. Enabling access to constructability intelligence beyond the realm of the structural engineer office, promotes a process where design decisions can continue to be taken with confidence throughout the design phase. More importantly, this opens up new opportunities to take advantage of unrivaled automation offered by the next generation of BIM technology to come.


GRAITEC BIM CONNECT – From Advance Design to REVIT

Graitec BIM Connect is the latest BIM technology available from Graitec enabling structural models created in GRAITEC BIM software to be exported to Autodesk REVIT applications.

In this example a Reinforced Concrete structure with several steel members, was created in  ADVANCE Design. The structural elements are organized into different groups, each one representing a different level. This model also contains a number of different load cases which are also grouped by their load type.

Notice that all the frames, slabs and walls are concrete while the vertical bracings are defined with steel cross sections.

Using the standard transfer functions available in all Graitec Software, this structural model will be exported using our unique Graitec BIM *.gtcx format; a light-weight file  which can be shared with other systems using our free GRAITEC BIM Connect technology.

With Graitec BIM Connect installed in Autodesk Revit Suite and available under in the Add-Ins Tab you can see that the same file can be quickly transferred to Revit.

After the transfer is complete the structural model is imported preserving all its original geometry. Especially important to notice is that all the sections have been automatically converted to their corresponding Revit families defined in the Autodesk Revit Suite, creating a true Revit model. The loads & load cases have also been fully transferred.

Graitec BIM Connect allows model data to be shared in both directions so an Autodesk REVIT model can also be imported into any GRAITEC Advance Software.

Even more powerful is the unique ability to synchronize these models across different applications – only possible with Graitec BIM Connect.

GRAITEC launches GRAITEC BIM Connect 2013

GRAITEC BIM Connect is a software add-on for Autodesk REVIT and part of the GRAITEC BIM solution. With GRAITEC BIM Connect, Autodesk REVIT users can quickly connect their REVIT models to the GRAITEC Advance suite and then optimize the design of their structures in accordance with U.S. and EUROCODE standards, produce effective and error-free general arrangement drawings, fabrication drawings, BOMs, and NC files both for steel and concrete structures.

With version 2013, important features have been added:

  • Automatic installation from ADVANCE Setup;

GRAITEC launches GRAITEC BIM Connect 2013

  • New GTCX file format;
  • Export of the folded plates and poly-beams;
  • 6000 profile mapping lines, including profile rotations added for North America and UK;
  • New specific ribbon tab added in Autodesk REVIT, to include all commands (Export, Import, Synchronization, Settings and About).

GRAITEC launches GRAITEC BIM Connect 2013

Many new improvements have been included to speed up performances and allow more response for handling big projects:

  • Time decrease for model import into Autodesk REVIT, regardless of the number of plates;

GRAITEC launches GRAITEC BIM Connect 2013

  • Correct import and rotation for curved beams and curved foundations;
  • Import of bent or curved walls, regardless of the format;
  • Automatic recognition of concrete sections, regardless of the file format and with no mapping required.

Using GRAITEC BIM Connect 2013, you can also import/export to other BIM file formats such as IFC, SDNF, CIS2 (already certified), PSS and KISS.

You can read here the full documents of new features and improvements for GRAITEC BIM Connect 2013. Please feel free to give us your feedback to help us improve other functionalities of the software.

Get your FREE copy of GRAITEC BIM Connect 2013 from here

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