Advance Steel Project: Petrom City

Petrom City

Software used: Autodesk Advance Steel

Project location: Bucharest, Romania

Design Office: Profesional Construct Proiectare SRL

Project description:

Petrom City is a unique project in Romania due to the technical innovations used at constructing the building, the process of ecological rehabilitation of the land, as well as to its architecture and working environmental branding in line with the company values.

The construction is developed on 100,000sqm and is composed of several buildings: Oval Office, Headquarter, Parking Garage, Computer and Data Centers and technical buildings. The project was done in cooperation with an Austrian design company, and all detail drawings and statical calculations were done by Profesional Construct Proiectare company.

Facts and figures:

  • The total gross floor area of Petrom City is of 100,000 sqm
  • The total gross floor area of the offices is of 70,000 sqm
  • All the surfaces covered in glass (facades and interior walls) have 13,000 sqm

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