Robobat present BIM in Practice Seminar at the BUDMA International Fair, Poland

Over 1,000 exhibitors from 33 countries around the world, gathered recently at the 2nd annual BUDMA International Construction and Architectural Fair, bringing together representatives from across the construction industry.

Robobat present BIM in Practice Seminar at the BUDMA International Fair, Poland

The Construction Fair, held in Poznań, Poland from 10th to 13th March, showcased technology solutions, innovative practices and the latest industry trends alongside specialized exhibitions, seminars and presentations.

Highlights of the fair included an Architectural Forum in collaboration with the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, exhibiting technologically advanced products and structures; specific Civil Engineering Days focussing on such issues as construction law, and the current hot topic of public building energy saving regulations throughout the EU.

Autodesk Platinum Partner, GRAITEC Robobat was delighted to be invited to be part of the “BIM in Practice” seminar held at the BUDMA International Fair, on Wednesday 11th March 2015. This presentation was supported by four engineers from leading Autodesk distributor; DATech based in Krakow, participating as workshop leaders, whose exceptional levels of expertise were further reinforced by positive participant evaluation.

GRAITEC Robobat session comprised presentations of own and Autodesk products and solutions, including customer experiences from construction giant SKANSKA and the creative engineering firm, BuroHappold. This seminar proved incredibly popular with almost 70 professional engineers attending and more than half seeking additional help and advice from GRAITEC Robobat after the seminar.

Since the acquisition of Robobat by GRAITEC just six months ago, this leading BIM specialist in Poland is developing innovative software solutions to support the delivery of GRAITEC structural BIM solutions worldwide.

The BUDMA International Construction and Architectural Fair is held annually in Poznań, Poland. Click here for more information.


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