GRAITEC signed a new partnership for China with DMS Software

GRAITEC announces a new business partnership with DMS Software Co Ltd, a company located in Beijing, China. The partnership agreement signed between the two companies entitles DMS Software Co Ltd to promote, sell and support GRAITEC’s 3D BIM Steel Detailing Software, Advance Steel, in China.

GRAITEC pays attention to the Chinese market regarding its abilities and services in the steel industry and the increasingly major role that China plays on the international scene. GRAITEC upholds granting means and energy toward the Chinese market to achieve goals with higher efficiency and trust in the software used.

GRAITEC is partnering with DMS Software Co Ltd in China for promoting the innovative solution Advance Steel

DMS Software Co. Ltd is the only nationwide authorized reseller for Autodesk plant software and services which establish the company legitimacy in the precise field of steel detailing, BIM solution and Building operation. Over the years, DMS Software Co Ltd has built its network thanks to a dedicated staff, numerous contacts throughout the country and a solid background making it a respected company that can count on client satisfaction.

This new partnership between GRAITEC and DMS Software Co Ltd. has promising business opportunities and growth in China, as well as substantial investments from GRAITEC to develop the industry.

GRAITEC and DMS Software Co. Ltd share the goal of bringing to the market competitive technology solutions that will increase their customer productivity for steel structural design, modeling and detailing.

Pascal Bergougnou, Managing Director of GRAITEC Asia Pacific, comments: “We have been working constantly this past year to expand our partner network and reach. With the appointment of DMS Software in China, our Value Added Reseller program is enriched with a company that combines the knowledge and contacts within their local markets with a comprehensive appreciation of our technology solutions.

Zhao YANG, Marketing Specialist of DMS Software Co., Ltd adds: “We see many very positive benefits in GRAITEC’s products that we believe will be very attractive to our Chinese customers. Based on our experience in steel we are convinced that Advance Steel is the leading steel detailing software and an important step towards a BIM Structural process.

DMS Software Co Ltd is dedicated to the Plant and BIM industries to serve as a complete solution provider and consultant who meets all the needs from the customer. It focuses on introducing or developing the most suitable software solutions to the Chinese customers and thus consequently pushes forward the development of the quality and efficiency of the industry in China. From its knowledge DMS can provide services such as technical support, consulting, training and implementation and software customization. DMS offers a complete combination of digital plant solutions, including process simulation, P&ID designing, instrumentation, electrical designing, drawing and journal sheet generating, 3D simulation and conflict detection, project content management, and facility maintaining and management systems.
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One thought on “GRAITEC signed a new partnership for China with DMS Software

  1. Congratulations for this new partnership! I’m sure GRAITEC will have a lot more opportunities coming up for their projects, expecting a lot of business for them to cater again. This is a great advantage in this industry!

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