EnergyPlus simulation with ArchiWIZARD

1.    EnergyPlus engine

The EnergyPlus module in ArchiWIZARD provides access to dynamic thermal simulation covering the building envelope, inertia phenomena, glazing, sun shading, and occupant comfort analysis, from the same energy model used for bioclimatic simulations and RT2012/RE2020 regulatory calculations.

Based on the American «EnergyPlus» engine, EnergyPlus is a powerful and comprehensive computing engine that allows to go further in the fineness of the simulated phenomena.
In ArchiWIZARD this EnergyPlus module allows, among other things, to guide architectural choices, optimize projects, energetically audit projects, with high accuracy.

2. Creation and verification of the EnergyPlus model in ArchiWIZARD

Compatible with all CAD solutions on the market, ArchiWIZARD translates the digital model into an energy model, which will be the basis of all energy and environmental calculations. As part of the thermal and dynamic simulations, an EnergyPlus energy model is generated from the ArchiWIZARD model. In other words, the ArchiWIZARD model data is translated to fit the EnergyPlus calculation engine.
The ArchiWIZARD model data that will be translated for dynamic simulation are:

  • Parameters from the building envelope and the model
  • Scenarios

In addition to the ArchiWIZARD model data, the management of the solar masks and the duration of the simulation must be configured in the EnergyPlus module :

Management of solar masks
Simulation time

To start a dynamic simulation, after setting the input data, the EnergyPlus model must be created:

Creation of the EnergyPlus model

After the EnergyPlus model has been created, it is possible to check its consistency directly in the ArchiWIZARD 3D interface.

Model verification interface

Color code :

  • Green : environment (solar masks)
  • Blue : Bay
  • Volume in purple : Temperature controlled areas
  • Volume in blue : Buffer space

3. Variant manager and results

The module is accompanied by a simulation and variant manager, as well as an integrated result viewer to exploit live simulations in the ArchiWZARD interface.

EnergyPlus results interface and 3D view

ArchiWIZARD produces all input (.idf, .epw) and output files for EnergyPlus simulations for an easy interoperability with third-party applications using EnergyPlus.

Learn more about ArchiWIZARD here


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