New features of BIM Designers 2019 highlighted by Autodesk specialists

Earlier this month, Village BIM – a blog specialized on BIM software solutions – published a review centered upon Graitec BIM Designers, a collection of advanced apps for automating structural design-to-detail BIM workflows developed by Graitec. The review is highlighting the undeniable impact of BIM Desiger’s workflow upon cost reduction.

The author presents the main features of BIM Designers used in Autodesk Revit environment. Several functions are also described: copy of the rebar from one host to another, details diagram, variable distribution / tranversal distribution tool and handling of visibility of reinforcement

The article notes that the latest version of BIM Designers (2019) can model continous beams by defining a single multi-span element or by defining multiple single span and independent collinear beams. This feature offers greater flexibility through correct calculation and drawings regardless of modeling method.

Another improvement integrated in BIM Designers 2019 release is mentioned, namely the enhanced cooperation between BIM Designers and Graitec Arche. The already-existing functionality of exchanging data using data files for Reinforced Concrete elements (beams, columns, footings) by using ETO files (Arche/Effel exchange files) has also been improved with the ability to import data for many elements simultaneously.

For more details about the new features available in BIM Designers, check out this document.



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