Reuse reinforcement cages in Revit with brand new feature of Advance BIM Designers 2019

Good news! The 2019 version of Graitec Advance is coming soon. Until then, we invite you to take a look at the new super-useful feature of the Advance BIM Designers 2019  built to increase productivity and offer a better control while working with reinforced elements in Revit

“The Reinforcement Cage” tool allows you to create templates  and reuse reinforcement cages for identical or similar hosts. Before creating a new reinforcement cage from an existing template, the new feature allows you to decide how the adjustments of the cage in the template will be applied to the new hosts. The settings can be done separately for the longitudinal and transversal reinforcement. Once you set the parameters, it’s done.

Flexibility and reusability are the strengths of the new version Advance BIM Designers.

Click here to see why and how the new feature works.


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