Reuse reinforcement cages in Revit with brand new feature of Advance BIM Designers 2019

Good news! The 2019 version of Graitec Advance is coming soon. Until then, we invite you to take a look at the new super-useful feature of the Advance BIM Designers 2019  built to increase productivity and offer a better control while working with reinforced elements in Revit

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Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers Webinars

Two upcoming FREE webinars exploring RC BIM Designers for Revit® and how they use BIM data to design 3D reinforcement.

Webinar | Next-gen Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers for Revit

Positive feedback as GRAITEC launch their BIM Designers at Autodesk University 2014

The class delivered at AU entitled “Taking Advantage of BIM for Reinforced Concrete Structure” hosted by Carl Spalding, Group Product Strategy Director and Joseph Pais, Analysis and Design Product Line Manager at GRAITEC Innovation, emphasised the potential power of automation possible for creation of Reinforced Concrete Structures from a true Revit BIM model.

As a leading international software provider and Autodesk developer partner, GRAITEC is committed to delivering innovative BIM technology to address every-day engineering challenges. The preview launch of GRAITEC”s new BIM Designers software solutions (available mid 2015) to a class of almost 100 participants at AU2014, received positive feedback across the board. Utilising the power of BIM to transfer engineering data (results and loads) to Revit in order to automate “design-driven” creation of 3D rebar, drawings and schedules introduces positive disruptive changes to an otherwise traditional and manual process.

Due for release in 2015, GRAITEC BIM Designers are a new range of Revit performance extensions; powerful software designed to enhance and utilise analysis, intuitive modelling, automatic drawing and report creation directly from Revit using “single button” operations.

Watch a recording of the GRAITEC Class delivered at AU2014 or learn more about the GRAITEC BIM Designers at


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Mim Claridge
GRAITEC Innovation