Successful Advance Steel User Group in Salt Lake City

From June 09 to 11, GRAITEC’s First North American Advance Steel User Group held in Salt Lake City was an impressive success.

This first edition gave GRAITEC the unique opportunity to gather the core group of its Advance Steel customer base and to develop strong relationship with them. Hugo Michaud, GRAITEC General Manager Americas welcomed all attendees and shared the main objective of this event which was to “offer the most advanced training with our high experienced AS specialists.” Indeed, 30 attendees from 25 companies based in 16 states across the US and Canada came to the User Group to learn more about Advance Steel features and GRAITEC team was ready to face this challenge.

It has strengthened customer confidence in the company and Autodesk Advance Steel. All participants gave excellent feedback of the event, particularly the high level of GRAITEC experienced speakers and were very pleased to meet Autodesk representatives.Hugo Michaud, General Manager Americas at GRAITEC

Hugo Michaud was pleased to welcome Autodesk’s team during this event. Michael Gustafson (Industry Strategy Manager, Structural Engineering) gave a presentation about Autodesk Vision and talked about the future of Autodesk Advance Steel in the industry. Then, he was followed by David Naylor (Advance Steel Technical Specialist) who held a complete training about Advance Steel 2016 new features and Stairs & Railings. Their presence and active participation strengthened GRAITEC’s customer confidence in the software.

During three days, Olivier Gervais (CAD Technical Supervisor) and Tommy Moussis (Technical Specialist) held advanced training on other topics: Management tools database, Custom connection, Plateworks etc… Question and Answer sessions also gave the attendees the opportunity to bring their drawing samples and discuss about their specific needs or issues.

Very impressive event you all. It had a very personal touch to it. Great job.Michael Gustafson, Strategy Manager, Structural Engineering at Autodesk

Many clients were eager to learn more about Drawing Style Customization. To meet their needs, GRAITEC specialists held advanced training on how to be more efficient with Drawing Styles. Creation of labelling strategies, views and object presentations, dimension strategies and association of dimension strategies & the drawing styles were all covered.

GRAITEC was excited to introduce its new Steel Fabrication Management Information System (MIS) – Advance Workshop 2016. Pascal Beauregard, GRAITEC Local Product Manager, held a presentation about this extremely versatile, well-rounded fabrication management solution. Then, attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the new features of GRAITEC Advance PowerPack, the powerful extension for Autodesk® Advance Steel.

Thank you for organizing this successful conference, it was very nice meeting the whole GRAITEC team, and hope to see you next year!Khaled Aboughanem, CAD Manager at JNE Consulting

This successful event clearly shows their enthusiasms toward the solution and GRAITEC professionalism. Mathieu Binette GRAITEC Regional Manager, Western America comments: “The user group objective was to offer an advanced training in order to meet all clients’ needs. Through this success, GRAITEC is now considered as the Advance Steel specialist partner in North America!

All attendees gave excellent feedback of the event and they are waiting for the next year edition!


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