Advance Steel Project: Bridge and Skylight in BULGARIA Mall

Bridge and Skylight in BULGARIA MallSoftware used: Advance Steel

Construction Office: Beta Consult-1 LTD,  AVV Engineering

Project location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Project description:

Bulgaria Mall is a mixed-use retail and office project with approximately 130,000 m2 of total build-up area. The shopping center includes four underground (parking and a hypermarket of approx. 5,600 m2) and four above ground levels with retail and entertainment. The parking provides more than 1,100 lots with very convenient entrances to each underground parking deck. The office part, which consists of an office high-rise tower and an office building, will exceed 25,000 m2 of rentable area. The mall has one of the biggest skylights in Central and Eastern Europe.

Eng. Vasil Vasilev, AVV Engineering, talks about Bulgaria Mall’s skylight project: “At first, when I saw the architectural idea I thought I can`t do it. The shape was very complex (it is a combination of truncated cylinder with two spheres in both ends). Most important, designing the steel structure was to form a flat plain between main frames and purlins (not to twist the quadrangle, because the glass had to be also quadrangle, not to cut it to triangles).”

Using Advance Steel, the design office was able to create an easy to assemble structure, with joints bolted with minimum quantity of welds.

“All elements fitted perfectly, because we provided NC files for the fabrication of the elements. After assembling the whole structure, the contractor cheered us for the flawless drawings, which wouldn`t be possible without using Advance Steel“ continued Eng. Vasil Vasilev, AVV Engineering.

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