Advance Design Performance Benchmark

The Advance Design finite element analysis engine is evaluated in this study.

The Advance Design FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis engine is a powerful tool that allows users to study complex structures, by dividing them into mesh units, where for each of the deformations, efforts and stresses can be solved by using known equations of elasticity.

Considering different sized models (real projects from customers), a timing comparison of mesh operations and the FEM engine is made between:

  • Advance Design 2010 version (with Service Pack 3) and
  • Advance Design 2012 version (with Service Pack 2).

As it can be seen from the following table, Advance Design 2012 (with Service Pack 2) has better times for mesh operations, but also for the total duration of the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) than Advance Design 2010 (with Service Pack 3) – see the “Deviation” columns which show the decrease of times.

Between the chosen Advance Design versions, differences in the analysis model may appear (especially regarding the number of loadings) due to revisions made in the windwalls rupture algorithm.

Note: Tests were realised on a desktop computer with the following configuration: Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Win 7 x64

On larger models, notice the improvements with the meshing operation, as the necessary time for it was decreased by 86.2 %. Also, the total time necessary for running the FEA analysis has been reduced by 22.9%.

In conclusion, Advance Design has succeeded to manage large models with over 214 000 mesh nodes and over 1 285 000 degrees of freedom (DOF), and its possibilities are extended.


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