GRAITEC announces +20% turnover growth for Q2 2012

GRAITEC announces 19.7% turnover growth for the second Quarter of 2012, compared to 2011. The year to date growth reaches a consistent 20% for first half of the year.

After a very successful 2011, at the end of Q2 Graitec’s turnover, margin and profitability grew by +12% . This positions  Graitec as the industry’s fastest growing company.

The performance of Graitec, North America, Asia Pacific, Russia, Germany and France have been absolutely remarkable during the first semester. Graitec’s turnover more than doubled in key regions, demonstrating the capacity of Graitec to expand its business outside more traditional markets. This demonstrates a great capacity to sustain a fast rhythm of growth for example Germany + 40% year to year, Italy +13%  and France +11%.

The Graitec Advance Suite is a global structural BIM solution for construction professionals.  Graitec have achieved an amazing growth of +34% in 2012 compared to 2011.

“This is a great performance that demonstrates the growth capacity of GRAITEC solutions but also their fit to the market, customer needs and BIM environment. I’d like to highlight the fact this growth is driven by the international Graitec subsidiaries such as North America or Asia Pacific “, comments Alexandre Tartas, GRAITEC COO.

Advance Steel: BIM software for structural steel engineering, detailing and fabricationAdvance Steel, after an strong 40% growth during Q1 2012, continues on an even more positive trend growing by 60,6% during Q2 every territory has contributed to this success.

For Alexandre Tartas : “Advance Steel illustrates quarter after quarter the dynamism and the relevance of Graitec Advance Suite positioning in the construction industry. Graitec reinforces its positioning of specialist solution provider for highly qualified professionals in the construction structural field. Advance Steel standalone is contributing to the great performance of Advance Steel and customer feedback is absolutely fantastic. GRAITEC has during Q2 addressed many requests from StruCad users demonstrating the relevance of Advance Steel for their most advanced needs “.

Advance Design: BIM software for FEM structural analysis including international eurocodesAdvance Design continues to benefit from a high adoption rate especially in the French market that recognizes GRAITEC Advance as the very best structural analysis solution on this market.

“The quality of the solution provided,  such as the comprehensive international codes and the service provided by GRAITEC have highly contributed to the great first half of the year result for Advance Design with 21% growth”, says Alexandre Tartas.

Advance Concrete: BIM software for structural concrete engineering, detailing and fabricationYear to date, Advance Concrete performs with a 16% growths compared with 2011.

Alexandre Tartas explains : “Great improvements have been realized in Advance Concrete to better answer to customer and market expectations. Graitec R&D team continues to work to meet expectations. We have a great confidence in our team, to bring the best in class solution to the market and make Advance Concrete the leading solution for 3D reinforcement. “

Alexandre Tartas concludes : “Q2 and more generally speaking first semester 2012 have been a great success. But it is only half of the GRAITEC 2012 road to 29 million Euros. However, with14,5 M € turnover (about 17,71M USD) we can realistically  expect to be on or even above target in 2012, this is very encouraging. Every employee can be proud of  their contribution to this result.


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