Advance Concrete 2011 SP1 – Improved performance and stability

With Advance Concrete 2011 Service Pack 1, most functions’ speed was significantly increased compared to the 2010 version. Among these improvements: 

Advance Concrete 2011 - Start up speed   Start up speed  
The Startup speed is significantly improved. With SP1, AC starts ~3.5 times faster than AC 2010.
Advance Concrete - time to load an existing file decreased with SP1   Loading files  
The time to load an existing file decreased with SP1. Loading a file is 2 to 3 times faster than in AC2010 (the effect is even more visible with large files!).
Advance Concrete - Creating a new AC DWG file faster   Creating a new AC DWG file  
Creating a new empty AC DWG file is ~10 times faster than AC2010.
Advance Concrete - Faster reinforcement drawing creation   Creating reinforcement drawings  
The reinforcement drawing creation is ~3.5 times faster than in AC2010.
The performance test was performed with several basic structural elements with predefined reinforcement styles.
Advance Concrete - Faster reinforcement list update   Reinforcement list update  
The reinforcement list update speed is ~3 times faster than in AC2010.
Advance Concrete - Export drawings and layouts to DWG   Export drawings and layouts to DWG  
Export up to 20 types of views and layouts ~1.5 times faster than in AC2010.

Why is ‘Copy 3D model’ powerful?

With the “Copy 3D model” option, Advance Concrete provides a more rapid and efficient work environment for the user to create reinforcement drawings. To create a complete reinforcement drawing involves not only creating the reinforcement bars, but also creating the symbols and the dimensions lines relative to the formwork.

Using the “Copy 3D model” option the user has the advantage of copying all the specific symbols along with the reinforcement bars. Another advantage is that the copied reinforcement bars are automatically displayed in all the other plan views. Using this option, the user creates a correct 3D model, avoiding many copy errors.

All the reinforcement bars must be created along with all the designated symbols and the formwork dimension lines. The “Copy 3D model” option can be used for all the similar structural elements from the drawing. The user must choose a reference point and then copy the multiple entities for each structural element.

The following figure shows a reinforcement drawing for a wall with an opening. The reinforcement plan contains reinforcements, reinforcement symbols, dimension lines and altitude symbols.

Advance Concrete - Why is 'Copy 3D model' powerful?

For the reinforcement of the walls for the rest of the stories, the “Copy 3D model” option was used. The user selected all the reinforcement bars, reinforcement symbols, dimensions lines and all the altitude dimensions. The 3D copy allows the user to create the 3D reinforcement assembly avoiding all the errors that can occur when using the AutoCAD “Copy” option. In addition, by using this option, the user instantly creates the definition bars and the corresponding distribution bars.

Advance Concrete - Why is 'Copy 3D model' powerful?

In conclusion, by using the “Copy 3D model” option, the user can create reinforcement drawings in a shorter amount of time because the manual insertion of the symbols and dimension lines is avoided. Also the reinforcement 3D model is correctly created.