Desktop Subscription (DTS) – Disruption or time for a reality check?

Desktop Subscription (DTS) - Disruption or time for a reality check?

, Group Product Strategy Director at GRAITEC, speaks about Autodesk Desktop Subscription:

“[…] Let me ask you…what makes your company stand out from the crowd? What makes your company better and more successful than your competitors? Not hard is it…the people. Better yet, you! Oh, not the new software then?!

Speaking of software, CAD eventually defeated the drawing board. In a fraction of the time, BIM too will defeat CAD. It’s an inescapable reality.

Anyone who knows what they are talking about, will tell you that truly successful BIM implementation requires a great deal of knowledge, covering an enormous variety of ever changing workflows, processes, software, technology and legislation.

Today, Autodesk offers the most extensive array of design, BIM, detailing data management and visualization software technology ever. Making this full range of software available via a Desktop Subscription model, at a fraction of the initial upfront cost, affords companies the opportunities to react faster, do more in less time and become infinitely more versatile.

But the real question is, how will companies actually be able to take full advantage of all this technology without the appropriate skill set to use it effectively? Surely it’s time to take a reality check? […]”

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