The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Chooses Advance Design America

Advance Design AmericaGRAITEC Inc, software and service provider to engineering, construction and architecture industries, is pleased to announce that its structural analysis and design software known as Advance Design America was selected by The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) to replace their current Canadian Bridge Analysis System (CANBAS). Therefore, a three-year agreement with a four-year renewable contract was signed.

The objective of the tender was to replace the Ministry’s CANBAS with a new system for the purpose of analysis and design of bridge structures. With fifteen years of knowledge and skills in bridge design and construction methods, GRAITEC Inc has demonstrated its expertise by winning this tender against major players in the industry.

The current CANBAS is a legacy application developed over 30 years ago on now outdated and non-standard Information and Information Technology architecture. GRAITEC Advance Design America solution has demonstrated the capability to create and analyse structural computer models for standard bridge structures(concrete slab on pre-stressed girders, concrete slab on steel plate girders or box girders, post-tensioned cast-in-place decks), concrete rigid frame and substructures in accordance with the requirements of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC). Most importantly, Advance Design America has the design code checking capability against CHBDC so that the Ministry will have viable software to design the most common type of bridges.

GRAITEC’s North American team responsible for all Structural Analysis & Design solutions, comprised of experienced Canadian engineers, has convinced the Ministry with its professionalism, expertise and its superior technology for analysis and design for bridge building in accordance with Canadian codes.

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GRAITEC Inc, is a Canadian company specialized in software development for structural engineering and drafting and is also an Autodesk Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner in America. It offers a complete range of services to maximize clients’ use of its software: Training, Technical support, CAD/Design projects and Custom software development. GRAITEC’s complete structural analysis and design software Advance Design America (ADA) integrates all Canadian design codes for steel, concrete and prestressed concrete and composite structures, including CHBDC code for bridge design and evaluation.

GRAITEC Inc is part of GRAITEC Group, founded in 1986, which is a long standing global Autodesk Partner and independent developer of high performance BIM Solutions for the AEC industry. With over 330 employees, the group operates through 11 countries and 26 offices worldwide.

Over the years, GRAITEC’s North American team has served and supported the following clients: – Ministry of Transportation of Quebec
– Ministry of Transportation of Saskatchewan
– Stantec Engineering Consulting Firm (15 000 employees)
– CIMA+ Engineering Consulting Firm (2000 employees)
– SNC-Lavalin (40 000 employees)
– Roche Ltd (1800 employees)
– WSP (formerly Genivar) over 32 000 employees

About the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario
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Ontario’s highway network is geographically diverse, including urban and rural areas with a total of approximately 39,000 lane-kilometres of highway, over 2,800 bridges and approximately2,000 culverts over 3 meter span. It is the mission of the MTO’s Provincial Highways Management (PHM) Division to ensure necessary planning, engineering, construction and maintenance activities are conducted to provide a high–quality provincial highway network that is integrated with public transportation modes, supports Ontario’s economy and meets the needs of Ontarians for safe and efficient transportation. Each year, the Ministry invests over two billion dollars into capital construction, maintenance and operations of the highway infrastructure.


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