Advance Steel Project: Exhibition hall

Exhibition hall “P” in Brno Exhibition Center

Project location: Brno, Czech Republic
Software used: Advance Steel
Design office: OKF s.r.o.


Project description:
The biggest exhibition hall in Central Europe with a free standing area of over 20000 m2 (steel frameworks of 2400 tons) holds a modern exhibition hall and a new entrance to the exhibition center. The steel load-bearing skeleton is composed by trusses with frame installations on both of its ends. The west-facade, made of glass supported by the steel sub-structure, represents the window-case in contrast with the simple geometry of the latest generation sandwich-panel cladding.
The analysis model used for the structure design was continuously updated with Advance Steel. The Advance Steel model was used for creating the steel structure documentation and also for creating the fabrication drawings of the steel structure, which integrate a significant amount of cladding sub-structure parts.
One of the main benefits of using Advance Steel for this project is that the tube diagonals were manufactured directly from the 3D model exploded to ACIS solids.
Also, the documents created with Advance Steel dramatically contributed to the short creation time required for this project.

Technical information:
Weight of the steel structure: 2 400 tons
Bund-up area: 20 000 m2


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