GRAITEC ADVANCE Workshop in Cyprus

GRAITEC, a major software provider for Engineering and Construction industries, and KJP Trading, the local reseller for Cyprus, joined together for the GRAITEC Workshop: “10 Reasons to choose GRAITEC Advance Steel”.

The seminar was held at Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia, on October 6th, 2012, where more than 50 draftsmen and engineers attended. The participants, former or current StruCAD users, must decide what the best alternative is for them, technically but also in terms of cost.

GRAITEC has responded to the needs of StruCAD users, which face a difficult situation and must decide quickly what is the most intelligent, profitable and, at the same time, sustainable solution for their requirements.

This is the first workshop organized by GRAITEC in collaboration with the local reseller in Cyprus, KJP Trading. The main focus of the presentation was pointing out the advantages of using professional steel detailing software, such as ADVANCE Steel, in the modeling and detailing of steel structures.

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The participants were delighted to discover the ease-of-use of ADVANCE Steel compared to StruCAD and they expressed their desire to evaluate it at once, as this conversion campaign will only be available until the end of this year.

10 Reasons to choose ADVANCE Steel

  • Proven track record with more than 10,000 seats worldwide: Trusted market confidence;
  • Rapid adoption rate resulting in +50% growth in licenses in 2011: Tried and tested solution;
  • Increased functionality / productivity: Tools for all market sectors: BIM, Structures, Off-shore, Bridges, Architectural, Sheet-metalwork;
  • Works as a standalone application or with AutoCAD: Flexibility for users to choose the platform that suits them – no need to have AutoCAD;
  • Low initial financial outlay: Best value system on the market;
  • Lower on-going cost of ownership: Premium support & maintenance less than half the price of other systems;
  • Easy to use and short learning curve: 5-day foundation training course; 3-day transition training from StruCAD, includes full training manual;
  • Quick and easy deployment: Set up company drawing borders in minutes;
  • Interoperability: DSTV NC files in all versions, IFC, SDNF, CIS2, GRAITEC BIM, KISS, PSS;
  • Support and Helpdesk service rated 98% excellent or good by our users: Dedicated team ready to help you by phone, email or remote assistance.

GRAITEC ADVANCE Steel:Your solution for the future!

”Right after the first discussion with GRAITEC representatives, I decided to use BIM GRAITEC Advance. It was not an easy choice as I was an advanced user of StruCAD for years also being the reseller of this program in Cyprus. Still, the force of ADVANCE Steel and the interactive technical support, adding the chance to use this software with which so many unique projects all around the world have been realized, gave me confidence to choose and recommend GRAITEC Advance solutions. I believe that all my customers will have the same reaction and they will continue their work beside a solid company – GRAITEC.” J. ANNIVAS, General Manger KJP Trading.


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