Advance Steel User meeting in Czech Republic

GRAITEC announces that a User meeting was organized by its Czech subsidiary, AB Studio, on June 7th for the Advance Steel users from Czech Republic and Slovakia. The meeting took place at the Institut Slavonice s.r.o. in the historical city of Slavonice.

Jiri Bendl – Managing director of AB Studio – opened the meeting and presented an overview of the business in Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in the rest of the world.

With AB Studio and GRAITEC SA staff in attendance, the day provided an excellent opportunity to go through detailed presentations of the major features of the new Advance Steel 2011 release, to celebrate the project winners of the latest user contest and also to present some recent impressive projects done with Advance Steel around the world.

This meeting also gave the opportunity to have a presentation of Advance Design and Advance Concrete, which are part of the GRAITEC Advance suite, the structural BIM solution.

Between the different presentations, all participants took some minutes to climb the historical Slavonice old tower, and after the lunch break a tour was organized to visit the modern workshop and the production halls of PKD s.r.o., one of the major users of Advance Steel.

The User meeting was a big success with more than 50 participants and everyone is looking forward to the next User meeting.

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