How does Quick Draw work

Starting with version 2010, Advance Steel provides a setting that, when active, will improve working speed while modeling in shade mode. This option is called Quick Draw and can be found on the Standard toolbar.

It has two settings:

  • Quick Draw OFF. This is the normal shade representation without any speed improvement. All objects or features will be represented normally.
  • Quick Draw ON. When this setting is turned on, Advance Steel will run faster when modeling in shade mode. This is due to two representation modifications made to AS objects, which improve the shade speed, specifically for large models. These modification are:
    • – Holes will no longer be visible on the element. The feature will still be displayed, but the hole will not. This does not affect the detailing, and the bolt even if apparently collides with the plate/beam, it will not, as the hole still “exists”, it simply is not displayed.

How does Quick Draw work

    • – Round surfaces on tubes lose the smooth curved surfaces appearance. See the comparison in the following figure:

How does Quick Draw work
Switching between the two representation of Quick Draw can be done by simply clicking the button, the model does not require a regen, which makes it possible to use this option for fast modeling in shade mode and then switching quick draw off to view the model at the maximum rendering capabilities of AutoCAD.


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