GRAITEC reports 46% year on year growth at 68,7M€

GRAITEC, international BIM and CAD software developer for AEC, and international Autodesk® Platinum Partner in US and across Europe, is delighted to report extremely positive results for the fiscal year ending 31st December 2015 with turnover reaching 68.7 million Euros. This figure represents an impressive growth in turnover of 46%, supported by an EBITDA ratio of 8%. This progress was mainly achieved through organic growth across all GRAITEC offices and supported by a new range of GRAITEC product developments.

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC CEO comments:We had an amazing year in 2014 with a record increase as a result of organic growth and acquisitions of four companies. I am pleased GRAITEC has continued this progression throughout 2015 with the highest recorded revenue and EBITDA in the history of the company. We have more than doubled our revenue in 2 years. This is a clear sign that customers support our strategy and value the unique services we provide. They trust our products and appreciate the high level of professionalism delivered by our local experts.

2015 key facts

International Autodesk Platinum Partner covering:

  • Europe: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania.
  • USA

Strategic acquisitions:

  • TotalCAD in Houston, TX, USA – Autodesk Platinum Partner
  • StorCAD, Bratislava, Slovakia – BIM technology provider and Autodesk Gold Partner
  • New GRAITEC office in Florence, Italy, after acquiring assets from an Autodesk VAR

New products launched:

GRAITEC Apps and add-ons available to try and purchase from the Autodesk Exchange App Store

Product performance compared with previous year:

  • GRAITEC products up by 21%
  • Advance Steel and Advance Concrete up by 16%
  • Autodesk products up by 70%

Expansion of GRAITEC Group:

  • Now operating from 29 offices globally in 12 different countries
  • 370 employees including over 150 engineers and 70 developers
  • Providing technical support across all industries

Francis continues:GRAITEC is now the only international Autodesk Platinum VAR operating in the US and across Europe. This is a first for any Autodesk partner and clearly sets GRAITEC apart and places us on the path to achieving our strategy to deliver Autodesk and GRAITEC technologies worldwide. From a financial perspective, we expect to grow again in 2016, despite the business model transformation recently introduced by Autodesk which sees customers switch from a perpetual license model to a rental model via Desktop Subscription, GRAITEC has a robust and well-established plan that has already resulted in us leading the market in DTS sales, but of course we will also continue to grow the GRAITEC Group through additional acquisitions worldwide.


GRAITEC reports 46% year on year growth at 68,7M€GRAITEC strategy is to become a global leading BIM provider, combining Autodesk and GRAITEC technologies in order to provide real benefits to customers. The recent acquisitions of StorCAD in Slovakia and TotalCAD in the USA have promoted GRAITEC to the unique position of a truly international Autodesk Platinum Partner across two continents covering the United States and Europe. With the inclusion of a new office in Florence, Italy, GRAITEC Group now operates from 29 offices in 12 different countries worldwide and is well on the path to achieving its ambition and sending a strong message to the market.

GRAITEC has continued its investment in R&D throughout 2015 and strengthened its offering to its Revit®customers, and refocusing once again on its structural roots. The PowerPack for Revit® 2016 (a productivity add-on pack with over 70 tools and 1000s of Revit families), adds even more functionality and introduces a wide range of reinforced concrete tools, whilst the release of two BIM Designers focuses on its Advance Steel customers with the Ball Post Railing Designer and Steel Structure Designer.

GRAITEC has a clear strategy to grow its customer base and offering the PowerPack free to its subscribed customers is a major incentive, incomparable to any other Autodesk Partner, and is set to change the way customers view and value what is offered by their partner. The PowerPack for Revit® and PowerPack for Advance Steel are also available to purchase separately and can be downloaded as a either a free trial or full version from the Autodesk Exchange App Store, however GRAITEC customers who hold a valid subscription of either product will receive the PowerPack as a loyalty benefit.

Simultaneously, GRAITEC has begun to establish itself in the MIS industry with its new development of Advance Workshop, Steel Production Management System, targeted at SME and Enterprise, multi-national steel fabricators and steel service centers, for optimizing and controlling all aspects of their process workflow.