The High End Steel Detailing Solution used in the construction industry in Turkey

In October 2011, ÇEKA Ltd, a market leader in steel formworks, has chosen to use GRAITEC Advance Steel. By using GRAITEC solution for modeling and detailing the steel structures since version 7.1, ÇEKA decided to speed up the time allocated to its projects with the new integrated intelligent functionalities. Thus, the engineers feature the Multi-User solution, which allows them to work simultaneously on the same project by assuring a secure data transfer between all 10 working stations. 

GRAITEC Advance Steel - The High End Detailing Solution used in the formwork construction industry by ÇEKA Ltd. in Turkey

Zerrin Kutay, Vice President of ÇEKA Ltd.: “The market demands more and more complex formworks and faster than before. Engineering design is a critical step in our production process and Advance Steel has been an integral part of our success since we first started using 5 years ago on a limited scale. We have now decided to extend the Advance Steel to all levels of engineering design and we are confident in Advance Steel’s continuing contribution to our success in capturing market growth.”

Ionel DRAGU, General Manager of GRAITEC Romania : “We are strongly confident about this cooperation with ÇEKA, which certainly will be the first step to our extension in the Turkish market. Moreover, we will be glad to share the success stories of ÇEKA, due to the use of Advance Steel.”

GRAITEC Advance Steel - The High End Detailing Solution used in the formwork construction industry by ÇEKA Ltd. in Turkey

About ÇEKA: 
In Turkey, the year 1976 in which ÇEKA has been established, the construction industry was not acquainted with the industrial formworks. In those years, limited number of companies which were in search of new technologies had worked with ÇEKA. 
Since then, ÇEKA is serving the growing demand by increasing the production capacity and introducing newer technologies in design & productions as well as complementary services like the sub-contracting, steel formwork rental services, along with offering products of the firms that ÇEKA represents. Within the range of limited firms, which use their own patent, technology and design, ÇEKA dwells on the design and production of more practical and more economical formworks. ÇEKA formworks, the result of 30 years of construction site experience, are designed within TS, DIN and ACI norms and been used by the constructors in Turkey and abroad. 
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