Vernet Behringer choose Advance Workshop to promote their new range of CNC Machines for SME Fabricators

Vernet Behringer are holding open tech-days at their Dijon offices on 26th and 27th November to showcase their new HD-S compact marking-drilling and milling machine specifically targeted at lighter jobs by small to medium steel fabricators.

Vernet Behringer choose Advance Workshop to promote their new range of CNC Machines for SME Fabricators

The compact size of the HD-S alone makes this machine an attractive proposition for any SME steel fabricator looking to progress their business and take advantage of more automated processes. But the real power of the HD-S comes with its versatility. With a capacity of 400×300 mm and capable of milling, marking, drilling and scribing of H-beams, channels, flats, angles and hollow sections the HD-S delivers real value in all areas.

It was this versatility that Vernet Behringer’s Export Sales Manager Yannick BEAUCHAMP wanted to demonstrate when he invited GRAITEC along, with its steel fabrication management software – Advance Workshop, to connect with the HD-S machine and put it through its paces.

Mr Beachamp stated:Our Tech-days enable us to meet with interested parties from all over the world and show case our machines. The new HD-S is designed for smaller steel fabricators and we wanted to highlight its full range of possibilities; to show how such a compact machine could deliver high performance in a real-world scenario. We choose to invite GRAITEC, a leader in the structural market, to use Advance Workshop software to drive the HD-S so that visitors could explore its full range of capabilities in a live working environment.

With other machines on display including the FG Evo for drilling, milling, marking and deburring plates and gussets, the new RD-X plasma cutting robot arm and the HD-X Evo multispindle drilling-milling machine, Vernet Behringer open days are very well supported and more dates are planned next year to meet demand.

GRAITEC staff will be on hand to discuss Advance Workshop during the event.

GRAITEC launches NEW Steel Fabrication Management Software, Advance Workshop

GRAITEC is excited to launch its new Steel Fabrication Management Information System (MIS) – Advance Workshop 2016.

Advance Workshop: Steel fabrication production management software

Advance Workshop 2016 is an extremely versatile, well-rounded fabrication management solution (MIS), perfect for optimizing, controlling and managing every aspect of the process with high levels of accuracy and quality. Designed to give steel fabricators complete control over every stage of production including inventory management, traceability for quality control, human resources and CNC processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs – ultimately optimizing total business performance.

Advance Workshop manages digital manufacturing and production data, derived directly from the BIM model and uses this to simulate a “virtual workshop” ensuring all aspects of the production process are optimized, promoting a controlled and efficient steel fabrication facility.

This flexible software has the ability for full integration with high-end ERP systems and supports all major 3D steel BIM software including Autodesk® Advance Steel, with built-in drivers for major equipment manufacturers to completely support a BIM to fabrication workflow. More so, the bi-directional link available via the Advance PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel, enables real-time production status to be tracked and graphically represented by color in the project model as each part progresses through production.

Advance Workshop includes several tools designed to assist throughout every aspect of the workshop process:

  • Simplified data management: Load, sort and manage project BIM and DSTV NC data with ease, from any CAD system
  • Automated job allocation and routing: Automatically detect, assign and route jobs across production facilities, including CNC machines, assembly, painting and loading
  • Streamlined process reduces errors: Built-in customizable templates with full support for barcoding helps minimize disruption and errors by tracking parts at every stage of production
  • Complete inventory management: Keep track of steel sections, sheets and fitting and even workshop consumables, reserve materials and manage supplier relationships
  • Optimize materials and minimize waste: Intelligent bar nesting reduces waste whilst increasing productivity as complete projects are processed and nested in seconds

Available in five convenient packages, including a lightweight DSTV viewer, Advance Workshop is professionally designed to meet the demanding needs of any sized steel fabrication business or steel service center. Visit the GRAITEC website for more information.

Manuel Rosolen, Production Manager at MAEG, comments:We chose Advance Workshop because of its capabilities as a tailor made solution for the Steel Fabrication industry. Advance Workshop allows us to be more competitive, with increased efficiency and material optimization for huge cost and time savings on our 90,000 ton annual production.

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC CEO adds:GRAITEC has spent almost three decades delivering professional technology and expert services to the steel industry and as a market leader, it is natural that we continue to deliver high-end fabrication solution to our customers. Advance Workshop MIS solution is a great way for us to show our commitment and add more value for our customers. GRAITEC is always quick to react to market needs and new industry trends, and with BIM adoption accelerating around the world, the need for intelligent and fully integrated BIM-to-fabrication solutions will become a necessity. Advance Workshop will be there managing high volume capacity and ever tighter deadlines.