Reinforced Concrete Frames: Designed and Detailed in Revit® in minutes

Calculating 3D rebar cages for concrete frames

Structural engineers and structural technicians are working together seamlessly to reuse engineering BIM data to speed up reinforcement design and detailing processes. GRAITEC Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers calculate and generate the required reinforcement of concrete frames, (working to international design codes for Canada, US and Europe – CSA, ACI, EC) by using  the internal forces saved in the Revit® analytical model.

One-click to design and calculate reinforcement in Revit®

Engineer’s design report

All the formulas and calculations used to design the reinforcement to the chosen country code, are included in the comprehensive Design Reports, produced by the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers directly from Revit®, for easy validation by the engineer. Other less-detailed Design Report templates are also available to choose from, all of which can be customized.

Automated detailed drawing views in Revit®

The automated production of detailed drawing views and drawing sheets is controlled by a series of Revit® templates and families that have been pre-configured to meet local detailing standards. A variety of templates are available for each region and can be further customized to suit user or company standards, enabling rapid results from the offset.

Create design reports and detailed views on demand in Revit®

Click here to discover more about the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers for Revit® or to get a free trial.


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